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Friday, September 08, 2006

Malaysia's Most Wanted -PDRM needs to keep us informed!

With the rising crime in our country, I think it's high time that the Royal Malaysian Police Force take advantage of the multimedia broadcasting facilities available today and publish or broadcast the identities of the nation's Most Wanted Criminals who are at large by way of utilising all channels of media!

I remember that there used to be wanted posters of criminals displayed in the public notice boards before each and every police station in our country.

I don't see them anymore. Why is that? The police can only get wind of the presence of such felons amongst our midst if the public get to see and learn about their identities from such wanted posters and information displayed in those notice boards.

I have an idea. Now that television sets are quite cheap and affordable and also the prices of dvd/vcd players are down to just about a RM100.00 each, perhaps PDRM@ Polis DiRaja Malaysia can have a set in front of each police station, playing 24 hours a day, showing the faces and details of each wanted criminal still on the loose out there to the passerbys.

The TV stations who can waste millions of ringgits covering celebrity weddings live can perhaps help out the PDRM by broadcasting during Prime News faces of these wanted criminals and fugitives on a daily basis of upto 10 faces in one slot.

TV is the best medium to be used for it reaches the entire nation including the neighbouring countries and perhaps Thailand,Singapore and Indonesia would like to link up with our TV stations and network through Bukit Aman in disseminating the pictures and information about their wanted felons who might have slipped into our country to escape persecution at home.

Rapes, robbery, murder, snatch thefts, burglary are all on the rise and we surely could use a better alternative in our spreading of information about these dangerous criminals running loose in our midst!

I also take this opportunity to address a very annoying situation where suspects and criminals being brought to court are allowed to cover their faces with their t-shirts or enveloped in jackets etcetera!

Whether they are innocent or not, they should be identified to the general viewing public and the PDRM should think about employing the American system of handcuffing the suspects with chains around their waists to their backs and with a restraining neck cuff to disallow these criminals to bend down and hide their ugly mugs from the TV cameras!

Be brave if you are innocent is the motto of the day and there's nothing to be shy about if you haven't done anything wrong! Eventually, people will still get to learn about it and know whoever is the culprit!

Those who commit rape and incest with their own families are the worst kind of sickos out there and they must be exposed! All those shows of being holy moly is just a disgraceful attempt to pull a fast one on the general public and these culprits and perpetrators must not be ever shown an iota of mercy!

I wish that the PDRM and the TV stations of this nation will consider my suggestion. It is very important to ensure that we know who these wanted criminals are and by displaying their identities to the entire nation through TV broadcasts and localised permanent displaying of such felons at large in front of each and every police station in our nation will help the PDRM catch the fugitives and help the people of Malaysia and neighbouring countries live in peace by apprehending all these dangerous criminals on the run.

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