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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Malaysia's Traffic Cops Blues! To discount summons or not?

To reduce or not? Tis not the question but the implications of such a drastic reduction of fines! Yes sirree!

Our noble Minister of Transportation has been reported to be seen to seethe with fumes coming out of his nostrils and ears at the Cabinet meeting recently if you follow word by word of what has been reported by the mainstream media!
Yeah! The Malaysian Police Force's attempts to slash and reduce the backlogs of outstanding summons by up to 70% has seen the Minister shoot out sparks and shooting out flames in form of terse words to put a stop to this initiative by the PDRM to lessen the Malaysian motorists burdens in this cash strapped times by stamping this idea out cold by Cabinet directive!
Yes, we who travel for free and have outstanding traffic summons piling up in our ministerial names will never allow anyone else to be better than us at anytime without getting our blessings!
Not now or ever!
We will have the road tax paying public screech to a halt as we pass by in our imperial motorcades with the traffic cops blasting away their sirens and shoo shooing the Malaysian public to the roadsides as we zoom past all the traffic red lights etcetera on our way to our airconditioned rezdenvous at 5 star hotels, convention centers and Parliament House without a care or a sen to spend!
How dare you PDRM come up with such a preposterous decision without consulting us, the Ministers in the first place?
How dare you PDRM to even consider reducing the taxpayers burden without asking us, Ministers in the first place?
How dare you PDRM to even dare 'kasihan sama itu public'?
How dare you PDRM to even consider giving big fat discounts in traffic summons fees for we Ministers are the only ones who DESERVE to get such discounts in the first place and travel here and there at the expense of the public roadtaxpayers where we don't have to spend even a sen?
Thats what I see being the hidden ranting and taunting of the PDRM top brass who have been threatened into obliging with the Minister's tantrum!
As it is , the Royal Malaysian Police are being subjugated by every Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy in political power to 'kow tow' to them in every aspect!
I pity our Police Force! Even when they come up with a way to reduce the Malaysian public's burdens in paying traffic fines , they get screwed!
When they go wallop some bloody robbers who caused hurt to the Malaysian public, they get screwed!
If the PDRM go by the book and take any action against any VVIP's and summon them or take action against those fat asses, they still get screwed!
Do you even wonder why at times, one or two of our Men in Blue get so bloody pissed off and run amok at times?
I for one do not blame the once in a blue moon case where out of sheer frustrations and years of pent up emotions, some policeman or woman just loses it all and fires away at the very idiots who try to muzzle them when they are only doing their duty!!!
Hello!!!The PDRM are only Human after all, and God help those who find it out for themselves one fine day!
In the meantime, Dear YB's, enjoy keeping up the pressure against the PDRM if you want.
You might find it out for yourselves that there's only so much some people can take of the bullshit that is being spewed their way!
To the PDRM's officers! 'Bawa bersabar tuan tuan! Nak buat macamana? Depa menteri!'
You langgak pun you kena..depa langgak you, you juga yang kena! Nang bu ti nang, kui bu ti kui!
Not that I condone all those idiots who speed like crazy on our highways and those useless Mat Rempits thrashing our roads with their antics! Those types ought to be thrown into the slammer and be left to rot in jail and have their licences withdrawn if they even have one in the first place!
Malaysia's criminals are getting too pigheaded by all these 'manja manja' human right screwheads raising a din for them!
The PDRM ought to be given the right to flog such animals in public! Spare the rod ; spoil the child or in this case the doongoos raising havoc in our midst!
I saw a nice big rotan cane the other day at the local pasar malam.
Maybe the PDRM needs them now as deterrent measures to nip the rot in the bud of our gone crazy Malaysian society!


your mom said...

i see this as "langkah untuk mengambil hati rakyat" after all those kicks-in-the-ass treatment been published.
umm its good for rakyat, but its hard for government.

mahaguru58 said...

Hehehehe..actually to me it doesn't matter that much as I do not have any outstanding summons against me personally but for those common citizens who commit unknowingly minor traffic offenses such as leaving their cars parked at the wrong places, drive just a little bit faster than the speed limit and other offenses that do not endanger any other motorists life's and vehicles, then the discount would come handy in teaching them not to repeat the same ol' mistakes in the future.

As for those who have prior offenses in their records, no discounts must be given as they are repeat offenders.

Maybe the PDRM and the JPJ can place severe demerit points against their driving records and for the 3rd consecutive major offense they commit, be barred from driving and have their driving licences cancelled and forfeited!

Cases where lifes were lost as a result of their carelessness or Driving Under Influence (DUI) of alcohol consumption, must be severely dealth with and no reduction of the penalties must ever be accorded to them.

But now that the discount has been deferred, no point in us discussing this matter further.

Case adjourned! Next!