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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pandan Indah Bazaar Ramadhan - Recommended!

Scene at the Pandan Indah Ramadhan Bazaar.
Better choices, reasonable prices.

The general atmosphere here was so much better than at Desa Pandan.

The spacious spaces allowed people to walk around in relative safety and comfort. Not crammed with shoppers as at yesterday's spot.

I was actually worried of snatch thieves or pickpockets who would be lurking around in such crowded places.

This is the famous Tepong Pelita I told you about in Pandan Indah's Ramadhan Bazaar.

Crowds queue up to buy her delicious Tepong Pelita which she sells 3 for a ringgit. Try it for yourselves.

You'll be back for more, I can guarantee you that.

Nasi Dagang Seller


She's Jess said...

What is tepung pelita? :p

By the way, find any putu piring there?

Always see the huge crowd there but never have the chance to stop by...

mahaguru58 said...

Well, it's sort of like a soft custardlike dessert where this sweet delicious traditional malay delicacy is prepared using cornflour I think and also cocnut milk plus some chopped chinese turnips all poured into a rectangular container made of banana leaves.

I don't recall seeing putu piring there ; I might have missed it trying to keep up with my missus who's always walking off whilst I'm snapping some pics or shooting a video!:P

anthraxxxx said...

there's a famous putu piring shop operated by a Baba Nyonya couple in Jalan Tengkera, Malacca.