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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Allah, God Most Supreme, Most High!

This is a poem I wrote to express my Glorification of Allah, God Most Supreme!

There is nothing as satisfying for me as a servant created by the Almighty God than to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Him who has seen fit to shower me with the gift of writing down my thoughts and my viewpoints about Him and about Islam, His gift to all Mankind.

Picture here shows a group of our fellow Muslims who were visiting from China. Picture taken last year at the Isetan, Suria KLCC .

See, how their faces radiate with the Peace and Tranquility they have found in Islam! Glorious!


Oceans teem with those who praise your Magnificence,

From the tiniest plankton to behemoth gigantic whales,

With every swirl and heaving of the ocean's opulence,

Thy creation so perfect right down to the smallest scales.

Who is there that can deny your supremacy?

Almighty, thou reign over both the heavens and the earth...

Until those who doubt thee develop such intimacy...

To acknowledge Thy Greatness since their creation and birth

Almighty Lord, Most Forgiving and Most Compassionate,

Thy Benevolence graces the spiritual lives of so many...

Gracing the needs and wants of even those who are obstinate

Enriching souls of renegades who keep the Devil's company

Truly, my Lord, your Compassion knows no Limits...

Blessing lives of Kings, commoners and even mountain hermits

When Man comes into realizing Thy Greatness and Mercy

In his heart, you reign Supreme and grant him ecstasy.

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A poem I wrote a few years ago. Brings to mind , the Supreme Majesty of Allah, Our God Almighty .

Nothing is as important as realising the Greatness of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala Who creates and nurtures Life as we know it.

From the microscopic living breathing organisms to the gigantic behemoths of the oceans and the Earth , He has created them so finite and in Perfect harmony with the rest of the Creation on Earth.

For those inclined to reach out to the rest of mankind, savor the greatness of Allah's Being as manifested in His Works and discover realms after realms of His Magnificence in all that you see.

Wa Lillahi Ta'ala Hi Rabbal 'Alameen. Subhanallah Walhamdulillahi Wa la Ila Ha ill Lall Lahh, Wallahu Akbar!!!

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