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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Jehowah's Witness Reverts to Islam!

The world is witnessing more and more people turning to Islam and claiming their birthright to submit to Allah the Almighty!

Despite the orchestrated 9-11 WTC tragedy by the Government of The United States of America where many of their own scientists and researchers have exposed that the WTC was brought down by explosives imploded from within each and every floor so that the buildings came down on their own footprint!

The utter merciless willful slaughter of 3000 over innocent office workers who happen to be fellow Americans and other foreign nationals by the Bush regime speaks volumes of the extent to which they are prepared to expend innocent lifes of humanbeings just so that they can create a 'legitimate' excuse to wage war against 'Al-Qaeda' and invade Afghanistan and Iraq under the pretext of destroying the 'terrorists' at their 'home base'!

The whole world swallowed such mass media manipulations of the Bush regime and they were all taken for a ride by the maniac in the White House!

George W. Bush Jr is an evil man! He willingly let the events leading to the 9-11 tragedy take place by covert operations and he simply does not care about massacring millions of life of people, both Americans and others to gain his objective of securing the oilfields of Iraq, the second largest oil reserves in the world!

Despite all the subsequent Islamophobia that ensued from the scapegoating of a faith that in itself stands for Peace and Justice, people like this brother @ Dr.J.Nicholson of London, England saw through all the framing of the Muslims for a crime they did not commit and started investigating the faith.

Once the seeker starts realising that this is the Truth he or she has been searching for, embracing Islam becomes the natural thing to do and many millions of people all over the world and especially in the USA itself are claiming their birthrights to live in peace and salvation by their uttering:
'La ila ha ill lall Laah! Muhammad Dar Rasulullah!' meaning ' There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger!'

May Peace be upon us all! Ameen.

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