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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Atheists - Refuting those who Deny Allah!

I keep getting responses from people who are from other faiths and creed who out of their sheer circumstances of being born into and growing up in a faith that is not Islam, deal with their positions in life and eventually find their way out of their reality and seek out Islam, their birthright to be amongst the Muslims in worshipping True God, Allah the Almighty.

Every now and then, I'd meet an atheist. One who does not acknowledge God. Who believes that they simply came into being out of nowhere!

They were not conceived in their mothers wombs! Their mothers didn't get impregnated by their fathers! They are the miracles of life!

For all their socalled being intelligent and ascribing logic and reason to each and everything that they encounter in their miserable lifes, God doesn't make sense to their idiotic heads!

One such vermin is this atheist calling herself Shalini or Shalu. No matter that I have been restraining myself from responding to her insults and taunts, she is one dogged demon in the truest sense of the word!

She posts her nonsense at her cockeyed and screwed up world of asking where is God?

The Prophet Eesa @ Jesus Christ Son of Mary Alaihis Salam advised us not to cast our pearls before the swine and so I kept myself away from her.

But as her ingrained sense of bitchiness gets the better of her, she'd always send me comments and insults which I do not even bother to open or read and delete them straightaway, knowing the type of unsavourable comments she posts to me!

Even those who try to have a meaningful 'dialogue' with this filthiest piece of atheist scum do give up and end up attacking her as you can see in this reply by a blogger called Rachel to her!

Atheists are extremely arrogant and apart from denying God, they harass and harangue those who submit to the Almighty!

People like them were burned at the stakes in the Dark Ages! Justice back then was swift and devoid of redtape in dealing with such filth.

I want you the reader to share with me your thoughts as to how best to deal with this vermin?


Jason said...

To be honest, I am somewhat offended. You see, I am an atheist. However, I never claimed that I am a miracle of life and was not conceived in my mother's womb. I have no idea where you obtained your information from, I don't want to know either.

Yes, there are some people who are just plain arrogant and pathetic, who happens to be atheists, but there are also religious people who are just as bad. Just because of one bad apple is it necessary to condemn all those who share the same belief?

I feel sorry for you though for coming across such religious bigots. I mean, I too have the same unfortunate experience, and it's not very pleasant.

But instead of hurling insults and calling names, I choose to wish you a good day ahead.

Because this atheist here thinks it's a nice thing to do.

Have a nice day.

mahaguru58 said...

Jason my man,
I am not directing my words to you personally for I know that different people have different stories to tell about why you are an atheist!

I am reacting this way based on my being so pissed off at the particular vermin I have so named!

I know that each and every atheist have their own circumstances as to why they choose to deny God.

If you go through my writings, you will see that this posting is directed at that particular atheist!

I appreciate your understanding that my experience in dealing with that vermin is the reasons why I speak so vehemently against her!

My contention in so saying that atheists are 'miracles of life' for so not acknowledging that they too are created by God Almighty is based on the reality of Life.

My writings are directed to that particular scum in my latest post!

DuLyon said...

I think this proverb is apt :

"Bodoh tak boleh diajar, pandai tak boleh diikut"

I have several atheist friends. They are decent about it, as long as religious ppl don't try to rub religion into their faces. We do discuss about religion and God but we are not arguing for the sake of winning, we discuss.

Arguing with the type of ppl I describle in the proverb is an excercise of futility and insanity :)

mahaguru58 said...

Well said Blogger dulyon!

I totally agree with you.

Tis also the very reason why I try to stay clear from that individual no matter what!

The proverb you mentioned fits her to a 'T'. :)