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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bloggers need to refrain from using the 'F' word!

I cringe everytime I see the 'F' word being used as part of the title of the posts that a few Bloggers use here in pinging their writings to the Petaling Street Project!

Can't you substitute that filthy term for a more appropriate word that carries your intentions through or use !$%^&** whatever ?

Please spare a thought for those of us who are fasting here. We need to stay clear of reading such offensive words or think about it during Ramadhan mind you!

Using that word does not elevate your social standing to be that of a professor or whatever!

Just reveals how shallow you are by using such words to express yourself!

Please consider self censorship when pinging your posts to Petaling Street Project.

Wonder why such pings are being allowed in the first place? Does PPS condone this ?

The very sight of such posts turns me off and disgusts me!

I swear too but I don't use the filthy word in the first place because it just ain't right!

We bloggers surely can show the world that we can be critical and loud but surely we all can also be a tad civil and stay morally righteous when we are sharing our views here, won't you all agree?

Let's show the world and our readers that we as the Malaysian Bloggers are mature and reasonable when we blog.

Failing that, it's just gonna make those of you who use that word seem so stupid and cheap, not worth reading your thrash in the first place!

Can we agree on that, please ? At least , spare us some thoughts, those who are fasting. Thanks!


suanie said...

on the other side of the coin, if faith is so easily shaken, then there must not be much of it present in the first place?

but that's me, i am a live and let live kind of person, people can do whatever they want as long as they don't murder/steal/rape/etc.

mahaguru58 said...

Aiya Suanie,
As a Muslim, my faith and those like me are solid as a rock and can never be shaken!
What I am asking for is just simple courtesy maa.
Look, Life is full of all kinds of !#%^ but that doesn't mean one has to go wallow in it!
Bloggers are supposed to be people who can write and share with others about what is important to them and anything else we want to discuss or speak about!
It doesn't mean we have to be so 'hamsap' about it , do we?
Those who want to write a filthy pornographic novel, go ahead and do their own pc and for their own screwed up viewing pleasure...not to be published and pinged to the whole wide world, right?
Maybe society has got so accustomed to all the swearing and using the 'F' words in their daily life that they have become so dull and insensitive as to know how to speak, write and voice out their opinions as decent people do!
Is common courtesy no longer a trait of the Asian people?
Have we lost all sense of tradition and good manners that we have to absorb and express ourselves with a smattering of such vulgar language?
I don't know about others but I sure appreciate good language and decent manners of expression unless and until there's a really gone case of you have to give it to the person ; then and only then would it be understandable that so and so had no other option but to vent out their frustrations in the only manner that the offending party understands or will ever respond to!

So please do not misunderstand my call for common courtesy and the strength of our faith!

We could just mind our own business and let society go to hell but then we would be answerable to God Almighty as to why we didn't advice our fellow mankind about such things!

Prevention is so much better than cure my dear and I really truly hope that you wouldn't be jumping to any conclusions about our commitment to our faith before knowing what it is I am really talking about here!

I know you mean well and are at heart a good soul but I think there are many aspects of Islm which you have yet to learn about and should know about before making any conclusions!

God willing, we might be able to clear the misconceptions we have by decent dialogue between us all.

Who says we can't discuss?

There are parties out there who love nothing but to want to interfere in Islamic affairs but they are not discussing it with us!

We, Malaysian Muslims are just watching out for ourselves but we do care about you the Non Muslims , hence this dialogue and communication attempts by me and other fellow Muslims.

Have we ever interfered in the teachings of Christianity,Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism,Bahai'sm?

I don't think so.

So, please be clear about my asking the Bloggers to consider using good forms of language to be just that and do not associate it with strength of faith in Islam or whatever.

Hope you get that clearly. :)

Have a nice day Suanie. @};-

Halian said...

Freedom of expression allows people to voice out their minds freely, but when filth comes out as the result, it reflects what a person has in his head, his upbringing and sense of respect to others.

The usage of F word shows the disability of a person to choose the proper word to express themselves.

Maybe bloggers just include that word in their blogs to sound cool, liberal and radical. What can we say, it's their right to degrade their own image in public sphere.

mahaguru58 said...

You speak the truth Blogger Halian.

It is good that there are bloggers like you out there.

Makes me feel that there's still hope for a sense of decency to prevail in our Malaysian Blogosphere!

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.May Allah SWT bless you, Ameen.

suanie said...

alaa.... i not accusing anyone of not having strong faith la... not even really talking about religion also, but basic human traits. let's look at it this way: if a non-muslim eats in front of a muslim during ramadhan month, then it's the rudeness and discourtesy of the non-muslim. the muslim may get upset at the discourtesy, but my belief is to just shake it off because they did not invite the non-muslim to munch away in front of them. just walk away lor, knowing that the non-muslim in question needs better upbringing, and leave it at that. but some people would harbour ill intentions towards the rude person, which i feel is unnecessary.

one example i would like to elaborate some more (since it's after work hours and i have some time :D):

1. two friends always walk pass an old man's house when going to school. the old man would always be outside watering flowers with a sulky expression. every time the two friends pass by, one of them would always cheerfully call out, "Good morning uncle!", but the old men never deign to reply, just give them a brief glance and turn away continue watering his flowers. this happens every time the friends pass by the house. one day the other friend asked the guy, "why you always greet him but he never reply you, next time no need to be so nice to people la! can even scold him and he wouldn't even reply, haha!" The friend just said, "that's ok, i greet him that's because it's a friendly thing to do since we pass by his house and see him everyday. there may be one day when the uncle will reply my greeting, but even if he doesn't, it shouldn't affect my courtesy."

that was what i meant when i said that the faith should be strong in the first place :) the actions of other people fundamentally should not affect your own behaviour, if you truly believe it in the first place.

it is ideal to want to 'save' other people from the usage of foul words so prevalent in our society these days. some people do use it excessively, but i believe that is the culture they were brought up in, and living in. asking them to stop cursing and swearing on their own blogs is akin to going to someone else's house and telling them to change the curtains, if you get what i mean :)

one can disapprove, object to, yes but at the end of the day it is up to the individuals to find the best ways of self expression.

btw i don't look at you or friends or other bloggers as muslims first, or buddhists first or christians first etc. The difference in religion is not first and foremost in my thoughts when i comment on things etc. i look at things from a personality/humanity point of view, because even two people who share the same faith have personalities as different as the earth and the sky.

how do you define a good blogger? I have been blogging since 1999 (if you take the same concept) and i still do not understand the concept of a good blogger :) my take is that, people are different, that's the interesting thing about blogs, foul language or not. it is up to the individual to look between the words, understand the underlying message, and leave it at that lor.

but that's me lah :D

if any of the above doesn't sound very coherent, forgive me for my brains shut down half an hour ago when my work hours ended. selamat berbuka puasa!

Meriza said...

salam mahaguru,

mungkin ramai orang Islam telah lupa tentang hadith ini:

`Amr bin Shu`aib (May Allah be pleased with him) on the authority of his father who heard it from his father reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: "He is not one of us who shows no mercy to younger ones and does not acknowledge the honor due to our elders".
[At-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud].

Commentary: The words "he is not one of us'' here mean that he is not following the way of the Prophet (PBUH). To show compassion to youngster means showing kindness and generosity to them. On the same principle, it is essential for the young that they respect the elders, the learned and the pious.


I see that people nowadays, especially those rajin berblogging, memang sangat KURANG AJAR. Where are the times when we respect older people and others as well? I was recently flamed at another blog for saying out sincerely the Truth.

Laa... ni ikut style omputih lah ni. Diorang mak bapak pun tak respect. If only people know how screwed up their society is, BECAUSE of the morally corrupt values they have, maybe diorang akan jaga sikit mulut tu.

I believe in karma mahaguru. What goes around comes around. When these people are older, perhpas they will feel the younger ones being rude to their faces, and inside their hearts they want to give them a TIGHT SLAP! That's what they deserve.

Demokrasi konon.