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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bloggers need to refrain from using the 'F' word!

I cringe everytime I see the 'F' word being used as part of the title of the posts that a few Bloggers use here in pinging their writings to the Petaling Street Project!

Can't you substitute that filthy term for a more appropriate word that carries your intentions through or use !$%^&** whatever ?

Please spare a thought for those of us who are fasting here. We need to stay clear of reading such offensive words or think about it during Ramadhan mind you!

Using that word does not elevate your social standing to be that of a professor or whatever!

Just reveals how shallow you are by using such words to express yourself!

Please consider self censorship when pinging your posts to Petaling Street Project.

Wonder why such pings are being allowed in the first place? Does PPS condone this ?

The very sight of such posts turns me off and disgusts me!

I swear too but I don't use the filthy word in the first place because it just ain't right!

We bloggers surely can show the world that we can be critical and loud but surely we all can also be a tad civil and stay morally righteous when we are sharing our views here, won't you all agree?

Let's show the world and our readers that we as the Malaysian Bloggers are mature and reasonable when we blog.

Failing that, it's just gonna make those of you who use that word seem so stupid and cheap, not worth reading your thrash in the first place!

Can we agree on that, please ? At least , spare us some thoughts, those who are fasting. Thanks!