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Thursday, October 12, 2006

DAP Young Malaysians Forum : 'Set Pak Lah Free!'

Last night, MENJ and myself attended the DAP organised 'Young Malaysians Forum' with the topic of " How to Set Pak Lah Free?" at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall at Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur.

The event was attended by Malaysia's Major Bloggers such as :

The hall was packed with the Malaysian public and latecomers like MENJ and me who broke fast at my place , settled maghrib prayers and only then made our way to the forum, had to settle for the seats outside the small hall but got to see the proceedings via a live feed projected on a wide screen in the lobby outside.

As you can see, the forum's audience were made up of all ethnicities and faiths. They were mostly concerned Malaysian citizens who wanted to know what the Malaysian Major Bloggers had to share with them about the nation's leader being where he is today.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the man being discussed last night and each blogger had his piece to say about what the Malaysian Prime Minister needs to do to free himself from the redtape and political doldrums he seems to be in at the moment.

The forum went on without a hitch and at the end of the session, those of us who have known each other online made contact with each other and exchanged jokes, phone numbers and so on.

Jeff Ooi was very approachable and we took this snap of us. The press were all after him and the man was kept busy answering the reporters questions. I proposed an idea to Jeff asking him to see if we Malaysian Bloggers could come together and set up a Malaysian Bloggers Association?

I seriously think it is important for us to have a legally registered association that can look after and protect us bloggers from any unnecessary harassment from any sources as a result of our bloggings. Those of you who feel like me , please email me your show of support and contact details. We will set this up if all are all for it!

We took a group photo of us after the forum. L to R : Teresa Kok (DAP MP for Seputeh), MENJ, Mahaguru58, Lim Kit Siang, Sharizal, Ronnie Liu, Carbon Copy.

Lim Kit Siang was very happy to see us all and he voiced out a wish to set up another forum just for bloggers!

I second that motion! What a forum it would be ? I look forward to it. I am sure you will too. The SB now have a very clear photo to keep! :P

This is a photo of me with the Malaysian Parliament Head of the Opposition!

YB Lim Kit Siang, Senior Mentor and Former Secretary General of the DAP, Democratic Action Party of Malaysia!

He told me that he reads my blog and enjoyed my transcript of Tun Dr.Mahathir's speech at the Century Paradise Club in Taman Melawati, Hulu Kelang a couple of months back!

Lim Guan Eng, his son is in the next photo.

We exchanged views about Islam, this and that and I even shared with him about why the DAP needs to learn about the Truth of Islam and not misunderstand the real deal about the Faith of Islam and not make any conclusions about Islam based on what they see being practiced by both UMNO and PAS!

We discussed the reasons why certain things aren't allowed in Islam and we all came to a conclusion that a dialogue between the DAP and those of us who are sharing info about Islam should be held soon to clear the confusion plaguing most people about Islam. Insya Allah!

I met Shin Shin and Elizabeth Tan, both established bloggers who were very pleasant to be with and we shared stories.

It is good to meet fellow bloggers like this and God Willing, with such meetings and exchanging of information, we can all dispel the doubts and misunderstandings that arise out of the lack of personal contact and communications.

Malaysians can learn alot from such gatherings and we need to make the effort to go to such forums and meetings whenever we get a chance to do so. To all those whom I got to meet last night, I wish each and everyone of you the best in your blogging and thank you very much!

You can view the photos in a bigger view by clicking on them and then click the + sign. Enjoy!


anthraxxxx said...

MENJ posing with YB Lim Kit Siang? Wow that's a rare sight haha.

Friend from Texas said...

Mahaguru said:
...and not misunderstand the real deal about the Faith of Islam and not make any conclusions about Islam based on what they see being practiced by both UMNO and PAS!


I applaud you for trying to spearhead something like this. Regular joes like yourself taking the initiative to counter those who politicize religion are critical for Malaysia's future.

You have my support and best wishes on this.

I believe I once mentioned that you come across as a man who is striving to build bridges and counter misconceptions. I still hold to this opinion.

Keep up thegood work!

kaki bangku said...

You should have been on the panel too...

mahaguru58 said...

Greetings dear Brothers,

MENJ did so only because I was there and at the spur of the moment!

He is not exactly the type to go pose with the DAP leaders based on his leanings with PAS.

I on the other hand do not differentiate between friends and foes.

To me, deep down in our hearts, all of us who are bloggers actually do fight for the same causes ; albeit on different platforms and labels.

Circumstances dictate to us as to how we come across with our viewpoints and train of thoughts.

Basically, everyone just wants to see this nation be a better place to live and protect each others interests for the sake of continuity of our norms and traditions.

If we are to reflect back as to how , our present lifestyles have changed and progressed from the time of our forefathers, we would really appreciate what we all enjoy today in terms of development and all the facilities in the advancements of science and technology that most of us take for granted.

As FFT says, I am making efforts to promote a better understanding between all the present ethnicities and faiths.

At times, I will come across as being very defensive of Islam and do not budge from my stand on it.

This is because I have come to learn the truth of my Faith and hence persevere in protecting it.

It is better to build bridges and come to a common understanding about the do's and don'ts of each others faiths rather than resort to mudslinging and throw insults at those who do not know the real situation behind our individual's standpoints.

The DAP are just as any other citizens of this great nation.

They are just scared of losing certain rights and privileges that have been enjoyed by themselves and their predecessors by any new rulings or decisions taken by the authorities.

You can call it as the 'kiasu' or 'kiasi' syndrome.

I do believe that the DAP are left unclear as to the truth regarding certain aspects pertaining to Islam and whatever unfounded fears they have about the faith of Islam is due to their not getting the true picture of Islam based upon their observations of what PAS and UMNO say and do with matters that are related to Islam.

Hence, my invitation to the DAP leadership for a dialogue between those of us in the Islamic Information and Dakwah efforts to help clear any confusion or misconceptions they are having about Islam.

As to Brother Kaki Bangku'statement about me not being in the panel, it's alright.

The DAP have yet to know me in person before this although YB Lim Kit Siang confessed to being one of my blog readers as I do read his writings, maybe after this personal meeting between us , we might be able to sit together and discuss matters that are important and do hve an effect on all our lifes as fellow Malaysians in the future.

Just pray that we get to do this .


Thanks for all you gentlemen's wellwishes and support.

Take care and have a nice day.

mahaguru58 said...

Thanks for changing of your logo. Really appreciate it bro.