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Saturday, October 28, 2006

'Debat Perdana' between PM Abdullah Badawi and Tun Dr.Mahathir?

Will Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi be willing to face up to Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad to settle once and for all , the current 'cold war' between them by taking part in a historic 'Debat Perdana' with his predecessor and constant nemesis live on RTM1?

Reading today's New Straits Times online report where PM Abdullah Badawi complains of not being able to present his side of the argument with Tun Dr.Mahathir due to limited time,

I think that a debate between them live on national TV will settle their feud once and for all, putting to rest this ongoing 'drama swasta' between both of them!

On his two-hour meeting with his predecessor on Sunday, Pak Lah said he had maintained silence during the first 1½ hour as he wanted to give Dr Mahathir a chance to express his feelings on the administration of the government and his leadership.
"I wanted to reply but I didn’t want to interrupt because eventually he would say that I’m wrong. So I waited for him to stop talking before commenting one by one on the issues ranging from the police state, Umno, family interference and the economy and finally on the crooked bridge.

"I was satisfied that Tun had expressed himself. However, I am slightly disappointed as I had many things to say and to reply to what Tun had expressed but I had to stop because of the limited time."
Does the PM have the guts to face up to Tun Dr.Mahathir man to man, face to face and answer each and every issue being put forth by Tun?

Let's all wait and see! No rhetoric..action please!

A blogger sent me this link to download many files associated with Tun Dr.Mahathir's feud with Pak Lah . Click here to get them :


akhdur said...

That it has come to this is a poor reflection of the state of politics in Malaysia. How immature that a feud between two men cannot simply be settled privately.

Why is it that Abdullah Badawi has to be made answerable to Mahathir? Mahathir has for so very long dodged issues brought up against him, usually with a blank face and an idiotic reply that he "doesn't know".

I don't understand why Abdullah Badawi is being made to indulge Dr Mahathir in his desperate attempt at regaining popularity. There are better things to do than listen to Dr Mahathir talk.

mahaguru58 said...

I am not a spokesman for Tun Dr.Mahathir.

I do however write as a Malaysian citizen who sees the fumbling AAB as the weakest man to ever be at the helm of this BN Government.

As for Tun's saying he doesn't know, well that's his choice.

We all know that isn't the real deal with him.

You can't dismiss away Tun Dr.Mahathir.

As long as he still lives, he will be vocal about things.

It's your choice not to listen to him.

As for those of us who do, well, it's our prerogative ,right?