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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flabbergasted! UMNO Klang wants Zakaria to stay!

I don't know what to say! Shaking my head vigorously only is gonna make me get a migraine from watching this unbelievable news report in the New Straits Times about UMNO Klang wanting the baddest dude in today's political scene in Malaysia to remain as their leader and 'believe it or not' as still one of the Klang Municipal Councillor after all that he has done!!!
Doesn't this speak volumes as to the integrity of this UMNO Klang's Division and the type of people in it? As they say 'Birds of a feather do flock together!'

This only goes to expose and show Malaysians as to the UMNO Klang characters to be those who are so blatantly displaying their true colors and real make up!

If these are the kinds of people running this country, be prepared to see this nation implode from within just like the WTC Twin Towers and its surrounding buildings that weren't affected at all from any outside attacks yet crumble down themselves in a pretext of being assaulted!

Hello! This is an outrageous show of the corrupt being supported by equally guilty forces that want to shoulder up the ruinous personality of one who has been caught red handed with all kinds of misdeeds like :
  • building a palace in the midst of low cost dwellings of the poor on a piece of government issued land,
  • not getting approvals and permits to build that grandeous 'istana' ,
  • not paying his assessment fees and getting away with it for all these while,
  • building an illegal satay restaurant and
  • doing business illegally all this while,
  • disregarding all those oaths of upholding the truth and trusts placed on him,
  • screwing the authorities with their full knowledge and blessings it seems ( talking about the Selangor State Government's tacit approval of his shenanigans)
and still being wanted to remain as the Klang Municipal Councillor and UMNO Klang leader!!!

Two more years to go! If the Malaysian citizens do not kick out these robbers and philanderers out of office in the next General Election, I can only say that they deserve to be screwed royally by these same ruffians all these 4 and a half decades irrespective of what personalities they are!

Do not complain, do not grumble, do not despair that your costs of living has been rising tremendously all this while and that you find yourselves living a hand to mouth existence!

Do not complain that your income does not even reach your expenses because every 5 years you keep crossing that injust mark of scales and the very criminals who stand behind that symbol, who put up a show of being righteous whereas it has been proven year after year after year that they are righteously robbing this nation blind under a facade of being good whilst the Opposition is always being made out to be the 'Axis of Evil!'

I for one know exactly what I am gonna do come the next GE!

Do you still want to be hoodwinked into voting for the 'Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang' crooks ?

May Almighty God open up your eyes, clear up your ears and free that brain from being brainwashed into believing that all is well in this land and to see between the propaganda being showed down to us through the main media of misinformation!

The recent month of Ramadhan saw me switching channels everytime after the Maghrib Azan came on because the current 'Ampu King' saw fit to broadcast a clip of PM Abdullah Badawi spewing out his propaganda with that raspy, sickening voice spoiling my breaking fast moment with his political spoof!

I don't know about you but it spoiled my moment of breaking fast each sunset for the past month of Ramadhan having to stomach that moment of displeasure listening to the weakest PM in Malaysian history, disrupt my moment of gratitude to God for the successful completion of each day of fasting and listen to his !@#$ being aired daily by Zainuddin Maidin, the current apple polisher par excellence! May they be given their dues accordingly by the Almighty!

UMNO is continuing its tradition of having the worst amongst the political spawn as its figureheads and their continuous saga of misleading the public into believing that they really care for the people is getting exposed by each passing day as a scam beyond words can express!

Believe me, this Zakaria Md Derus expose is just really the very,very tip of the iceberg!

More !@#$ is sure bound to follow! O Allah! Spare us from these fellows! Ameen!

Now, if only the bloody Opposition can get their acts right and give us a viable alternative!


anthraxxxx said...

His (AAB) rhetoric speeches never failed to make me fall asleep.

Maverick SM said...

Unfortunately, there is no viable alternative. DAP is too much Chinese. PKR is a mirrored-image of the same UMNO. PAS would not accept anything less than an Islamic State of which the nation is not yet ready to embrace. Maybe, we need more people like you and Bakri Musa, there must be adequate leaders available to mount a challenge. I don't envisaged any change in govt; probably, if we could have more opposition in Parliament and state level, it would keep the check and balance.

ali allah ditta said...

Budaya UMNO dulu kini & selama2nya.

Nak muntah & sickening!!!!

mahaguru58 said...

Dear Brothers,

As Bloggers, we are people who voice out our views about everything that takes place in our nation.

We do not expect anyone to give us any favors or do we wait with our hopes held high for any government tenders or projects as those with vested interests do out there!

All we want is a just government! A government that is self righting and runs the nation based on the very principles of trust and good governance that we, the voting public expect them to do.

We do not ask for anything that we don't deserve or want anything for free, do we?

We may be poor people with no palatial mansions to our name but in our hearts and in our minds, we are as wealthy as anyone can be with a realisation that at all times we are being monitored by Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala unlike some who think they can get away even with murder!

I believe that we have a role to play in the safeguarding of the rights of the citizens and the needs of this nation to remain a place where we all can live and leave as a viable country for our children and future generations!

If we don't speak out and protect our rights and interests, who else will?

Unlike some who have no other jobs to do except to probe into others' faults and shortcomings, we bloggers do not wish to do that but just want to look out for our nation in general!

Who there is free from sin or faults? None, I am sure!

Not even me or anyone else in this world! We are not faultfinders!

We will support the righteous and the truthful ones!

No matter from the ruling parties or the Opposition!

We will never be quiet when our rights are being trodden and taken for granted that those in power can do as they please or even get away with it!

We,the people will continue to voice out and write as long as we still live and after we are dead and gone, we are sure that there will be others after us!

Viva bloggers! Let the truth be told and justice be returned to the people! Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen!

urs truely said...

eh...what can i say...nothing more to add, really. so let me just say...


urs truely.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother Arif,
We shall persevere in our quest to see that justice is not only done but seen to be done here in our beloved nation. Insya Allah.

I read your blog and am not ashamed to say that I too had tears brimming in my eyes reading your post about missing your mum.

My parents are dead too and I get this choking feeling in my throat everytime I remember being with them.

May Almighty Allah bless our parents souls and give them safe haven besides Him and those whom He has blessed. Amin.

You write well and from your heart.

It is a sign of those who are honest and steadfast in their principles.

May you remain so forever. Amin.

Eid Mubarak to you brother!

May your life be successful as well! Insya Allah.

Meriza said...

Salam all,

To be honest, although I have my own mixed feelings about the present gov, UMNO; still, I can't seem to find a worthy alternative?

PAS? Even terengganu (of all places) gave up on them just after one term.

DAP? No, cannot when the majority is Malay.

KeADILan? Nope either. They are run by the ex'es of the ex-party being outsted, and what they want is to get their share (and dignity) back through Keadilan. From this band of brothers (funny when DSAI isn't the President himself - sorry been awhile since I checked) it's most likely the konco-konco and kroni-kroni of theirs will take what they want from the country. KeAdilan same case with UMNO, just different people.

So, what now?

In my opinion, the Malays and the country are so hard-pressed for a different government, hoping somehow the people in charge now, or those who are standing for politics will change.

What I do know, it is always hard to change others and hard to change what is beyond our control.

I say,

Why don't we, as individuals, individually and collectively change our mindset and ways first? It is really hard to expect the system to change when we outselves believe it, isn't it?

For example, the kroni-kroni, the tarik cable, the perkauman. Well, if we complain about it, and believe in it, hoping that this system (that is already in place) work in our favor. Then why talk about meritrocracy, equal rights, democracy and such?

If you really, really believe in democracy, meritrocacy, equal rights; please show your self, and work against the tide to better your self. There are many people out there who are doing it.

Perhaps if we stop believing in the system and work against it, the system will be diminished after all. Huh?

Just a thought.

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