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Friday, October 13, 2006

Free Bubur Lambuk @ Ramadhan Porridge at Masjid Jamek KL

I was at the Masjid Jamek Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur today for my Asar Prayers. I came across the Ramadhan Porridge Distribution Center under a tent.

This porridge is called 'Bubur Lambuk' in Malay. Depending on the funds and allocations gathered at the individual mosques, the contents of the porridge vary from mosque to mosque depending on the budget available. The more funds they get will see more chicken meats, and other ingredients added into the porridge.

The Bubur Lambuk at Masjid Kampong Baru KL is the most sought after porridge and it is the most delicious Ramadhan Porridge in KL.

The Ramadhan Porridge distributed at the Masjid India KL is more of the vegetarian type and is a bit yellowish due to the turmeric powder added to it. It's watery and served to all , no matter whether the person coming to get it is a Muslim or not!

I saw several of our Hindu brethren queue up together with the Muslims at the back of the Masjid India where the porridge was being distributed in dozens of giant cauldrons and ladled out without fuss!

The Muslim ladling out the porridge didn't bat an eyelid when giving out the porridge to all including the Hindus. I felt so happy to see that take place!

I wish I was wealthy enough to give out free meals daily to all who came seeking food and shelter!Insya Allah.

It sure feels good when we are able to give to others especially to those who are the needy, hungry and desperates. May Allah grant me enough Razq to fulfill my wish, Ameen.

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