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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Harun Yahya - One of the best Islamic Websites Online

Harun Yahya, a name synonymous with the world's best known websites for the highest quality of audio, video, books, articles, presentations and all forms of Islamic media available for free downloads and online study and research about Islam, the Way of Life that Allah the Almighty God has revealed to us, Mankind, the Children of the Prophet Adam Alaihi Salam.

Adnan Oktar, the Turkish man pictured here is the author and creator of countless websites under his pen name of Harun Yahya is a gem amongst mankind for his great efforts in Dakwah al Islamiah!

No other Islamic websites are as excellent as his websites which offer free downloads of his media!

His websites are so well designed and of the highest quality and standards. Truly magnifique!
Visit one of his websites here :

Harun Yahya is truly a blessing to all those who yearn to seek the Truth about Islam, the birthright of those who are rationl and realise that there is no other God but Allah and that all the Prophets sent down to Mankind through the ages have been teaching the same religion that is Islam, a faith that doesn't discriminate between the races, sexes, social standings and lineage!

Everything you have always wanted to ask and to know about is answered in his websites!

I have yet to come across any other Da'ee of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as dedicated as this man who has done so much for the Dakwah World of Islam online as Brother Aktar Odnan here!

May Ar Rahman bless this Missionary of Islam extraordinaire for his commitment to see that the whole world gets to learn for free from his efforts! Ameen ya Rabbul Alameen!