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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Harun Yahya - One of the best Islamic Websites Online

Harun Yahya, a name synonymous with the world's best known websites for the highest quality of audio, video, books, articles, presentations and all forms of Islamic media available for free downloads and online study and research about Islam, the Way of Life that Allah the Almighty God has revealed to us, Mankind, the Children of the Prophet Adam Alaihi Salam.

Adnan Oktar, the Turkish man pictured here is the author and creator of countless websites under his pen name of Harun Yahya is a gem amongst mankind for his great efforts in Dakwah al Islamiah!

No other Islamic websites are as excellent as his websites which offer free downloads of his media!

His websites are so well designed and of the highest quality and standards. Truly magnifique!
Visit one of his websites here :

Harun Yahya is truly a blessing to all those who yearn to seek the Truth about Islam, the birthright of those who are rationl and realise that there is no other God but Allah and that all the Prophets sent down to Mankind through the ages have been teaching the same religion that is Islam, a faith that doesn't discriminate between the races, sexes, social standings and lineage!

Everything you have always wanted to ask and to know about is answered in his websites!

I have yet to come across any other Da'ee of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as dedicated as this man who has done so much for the Dakwah World of Islam online as Brother Aktar Odnan here!

May Ar Rahman bless this Missionary of Islam extraordinaire for his commitment to see that the whole world gets to learn for free from his efforts! Ameen ya Rabbul Alameen!


Miss said...

serious? harun yahya is also a name synonymous with extremely poorly-researched and unapologeticly biased 'comparitive religion' 'researches'.

mahaguru58 said...

The difference between Harun Yahya and you dear 'miss' is that he has his work before us and you have nothing to prove him otherwise!

The onus is on you to prove your allegations against a Da'ee who is world famous for his efforts for Islamic Dakwah!

You don't even have a profile to show for yourself.

Where is your proof that he is biased and poorly researched efforts to show as you claim?

You must either be jealous of him or plainly biased against him!

The whole world acknowledges the works of Harun Yahya!

What have you to offer in contrast?

suanie said...


That was me, and I didn't realise that this blogger google beta thing is so screwed up, and I didn't realise that it took my gmail email address as identity. which i never use for commenting.

so now that i have a profile, it improves my credibility?

but if that's what you wanted, ok, it was me.

trust me, i am seriously not jealous of harun yahya, and not biased. i went through his website, read a lot more of his works than i cared to, but all in the sake of research and finding out more about this person who didn't even understand enough buddhism to write a 'comparitive' piece?

more substance in your allegations please? thanks.

mahaguru58 said...

Hahahahaha! Aiya! Siu chier !..Hamisu gia miss ey miya eh?

Tan aa! Wa reply hor lu! :P

mahaguru58 said...


I invite you to do this. Go through his writings on Buddhism which you find to be not accurate and share with me.

I will counter check with him and let you know. Game?

You and me, we are bloggers. We share our thoughts on matters that concern us and which we feel strongly about.

Brother Adnan Oktar @ Harun Yahya is a well established Comparative Religious Study author and hs published countless books and articles which are widely read and accepted throughout the world!

If you accuse him of writing nonsense about Buddhism, then prove him wrong!

Only when you can give a credible explanation about what you say he has lied or wrongly attributed to the subject, can your argument be accepted.

The onus is on you to prove him wrong!

Go ahead. Show us your facts!

suanie said...

it's part of my gmail address. didn't know it would be used instead of my normal blogger account.

wait la har. got other things to do for now.

mahaguru58 said...

From Harun Yahya's Book on Islam and Buddhism:

"As we mentioned earlier, Buddhism also foretells and expects a savior-messiah. Buddha said that 1000 years after him, the Metteya (or Maitreya) would come and bring divine mercy to the whole universe; and with his coming, religion would reach its completion. The following are some examples of this expectation from Buddhist writings from two different countries. First Burma:

Buddha said: "Our cycle is a happy one, three leaders have already lived . . . The Buddha supreme am I, but after me, Maitriya comes. While still this happy cycle lasts, before its tale of years shall lapse. This Buddha, called Metteya, shall be supreme chief of all Men."16

Now, from Sri Lanka:

I am not the first Buddha [awakened one] who has come upon the Earth, nor will I be the last. In due time another Buddha will rise in the world, a Holy One, a supreme enlightened one, endowed with auspicious wisdom embracing the Universe, an incomparable leader of men. . . He will reveal to you the same eternal truths, which I have taught you. He will establish his Law [religion] . . . He will proclaim a righteous life wholly perfect and pure, such as I now proclaim. His disciples will number many thousands, while mine number many hundreds. He will be known as Maitreya.17

The Maitreya being mentioned is none other than Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). God's Last Messenger to ALL MANKIND!

Please do not get overly emotional and read all his writings explaining about the real situation regarding Buddhism and Islam befor e coming to any conclusions. :)

mahaguru58 said...

No worries Suanie,

Take your time. We are not on an assignment here and neither are we on a dateline.

May Allah the Almighty guide us all.

suanie said...


that is all very well if EVERYONE accepts that Buddhism and Islam are inter-connected, like Islam and Christianity.

And that Buddhism and Islam share the same 'prophets' and messengers.

it IS basic knowledge that there are many buddhas within many realms and reincarnations (according to buddhist beliefs). maitreya as the next buddha at the end of the world, is not something the ordinary buddhist wouldn't know, and is not something out of the blue.

every religion has its future messenger etc, why is it necessary to tie everyone together? that's the thing i don't understand lor. cos i really dont see the need, and why not let everyone practise their own thing their own way without having to rile up other people and make baseless comments about their beliefs?

baseless yes because how anyone got the idea that maitreya and prophet muhammad are the one and the same is beyond me.

buddhism rule number 1: there is no god.

buddhism rule number 2: there IS reincarnation.

just by that alone, rules buddhism and islam out from being together gether, yah.

and yes i have read all the pages of harun yahya's article on the buddhism islam thing. i was indeed 'overly emotional' at first, but managed to 'get ahold of myself' before, say I caused the next world war ;)

but having a buddhist background, i don't believe what harun yahya wrote was scientifically researched and unbiased. it's not wrong for me to disagree, right? and he may have contributed lots to the islamic world and such, sell lots of books etc, but this buddhist found seriously flawed contradictions in that article.

so what is the point and purpose of this all? not much, you asked, so i half provided. as a buddhist, i'm not even supposed to be inclined to be bothered by all this, but then i am far from perfect :)

mahaguru58 said...

Well dear Suanie,

Just take your time to learn about all these with an inquisitive mind.

God willing, you will see the light one of these days!

Its not easy to discover that a faith that you have lived in since birth is being explained and shown to be as it is.

I can understand your feelings.

Just do yourself a favor. Just read all that you can from all other sources about the subject.

Email me if you need further info on anything.

Take care.

Meriza said...

Salam mahaguru,

Yes, I have harun yahya's book, but not on comparitive religion. it is a VERY VERY simple book about the qualities of Allah's names. I plan to honor and acknowledge sifat2 Allah, and I hope I succeed.

I like Harun Yahya. Perhaps some people might find him simple. But ever thought that the Truth might be really really simple, anyhow? Young people (esp) are so inclined to complicated so-called intellectualism, but forgetting what they actually means. Science can prove one thing, and one thing. But Allah the Almighty asks us to reflect on the kejadian alam and glorify God's Praises. Perhaps this is what most people do not understand? The hidden meaning of kejadian alam...

It takes a lot of humility to acknowledge this. I like Harun Yahya. Just one book I have, simple but truthful. That's what matters.

Salam mahaguru. Been having feverish nights nowadays.

Hope we can meet up some day... me you and hubby.

Salam again.

mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam dear Meriza,

Sorry to hear that you are going through a bout of fever.

I pray that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala heals you promptly.

We can't have our Cheerful One not being so! :)

To the topic :

Harun Yahya is a boon to the world of Islamic Dakwah.

His works have resulted in the Truth of Islam found in the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam being shared and spread to all parts of the world.

Islam is and always has been simple and straightforward.

La ila ha ill lall Laah! There is no God but Allah!

Muhammad dar Rasul lul Laah!

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah!

With that simple but very important declaration a person becomes a Muslim.

From being a Kaffir, one becomes a Mukmin. Kaffir meaning Disbeliever in Allah to being a Mukmin -One who believes in Allah!

The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam spent 13 long years in Makkah al Mukarramah just to get the Qureishi Kaffir Arabs to return to their fitrah of having Iman @ Faith in the One God - Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

13 long years! Imagine that. just to declare and to affirm that There is no God but Allah!

Each and every sane, rational being would know that there can't be 2 Gods, 3 Gods, 4 Gods, and millions of Gods!

God is One! It's the simplest attestment of acknowledging that there is no other Creator except Allah!

When I ask the visitors from all over the planet whom I meet in the mosque as to how many Gods do they believe in, most of them will say 'One!'

I'd tell them there and then that they are already 'half a Muslim'!

To be a complete Muslim, all they have to do is to learn about Islam further and come to learn about the Final Prophet of Islam, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and then declare that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, completing their Faith and Iman and become a Muslim or Muslimah in the truest sense.

Harun Yahya by his efforts in writing and publishing all manners of multimedia online and offline has done a wonderful job of explaining Islam to the masses.

Dakwah needs to be kept simple. Easily understandable and fathomable!

What is the point of having multitudes of Scholars and Ulamaks of Islam with their pretentious facades and scrolls of mastery of the 'Ilm of Islam but they fail to reach out to the people of the world with the simple Truth of Islam?

The learned ones will be the first to enter Hellfire @ Narr al Jahannam for their refusal to share the Truth and Knowledge of Islam with each and every person they come into contact with or as in these times , the global masses of humankind through the Internet and other means of communication!

I come across so many socalled Ulamaks and Learned Muslims who by cause of their evergrowing egos come across with unsmiling faces, hearts turned stonecold because they think they are better than others, who refuse to speak to those whom they consider not fitting to be in their presence!

These 'ulamaks' are arrogant and haughty in character and they complicate matters such as asking for this and that in their daily affairs.

JAKIM, IKIM, JAWI,JAIS and all the other JA's are full of those who are supposed to be the learned ones amongst the Ummah!

How many of them do we see go down to the 'ignorant masses' congregating at all the entertainment spots in our nations and reach out to the people with 'mahabbah' and goodwill?

The idiots would rather go down and catch those committing maksiat in discos and raid hotel rooms in search of those committing khalwat @ adultery /unlawful sex with their police escorts and raiding teams!

Have they done any dakwah efforts to society in the first place?

Holding numerous 'Forum Perdana's and this and that is not the way to reach out to the masses!

The Ulamaks must go down to the public! They need to go speak to the people and address them without barriers of protocol or whatever bloody redtape as we often see being practiced by them in our country!

You won't know how many times I confront the many Imams after their 'khutbah' on the mimbars of the many mosques I frequent.

I ask them why they didn't exhibit the 'mahabbah' and the sifat shown by Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam when being with the Ummah?

Most of them have expressions like those with a severe case of the constipation!

Sour, dour looking faces that scare people away rather than draw people to Islam!

This is the sickness spreading in the world of Ulamaks!

Self righteous, know it alls who complicate matters, who put up numerous barriers between them and the Ummah!

Between Islam and the Non Muslims.

This is what we find taking place in society.

Islam must be explained and taught to the people in simple terms.

Harun Yahya is a fine example of one who does just that!

I support such works and I myself try my best to share whatever I have come to learn about Islam in the simplest manners and terms so that each and every person whom I come into contact with , will understand their birthrights to know and reclaim Islam as their own!

Will be an honor for me to meet up with you and your lucky hubby if Allah so wills, one of these days, Insya Allah!

Get well soon dear sis! Insya Allah!

Have a blessed Ramadhan and keep in touch!

Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah and Syifatu bi iznillah! Ameen.