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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Haze from Indonesia! High time to sue the Indons!

Malaysians are being choked with haze blown in from the open burnings being irresponsibly carried out by the culprits clearing forests in Indonesia!

Year after year, the Indonesians keep doing the same and all that the Malaysian BN Government under the current administration does is make excuses for the Indons and seem to not have the backbone or courage to take the Indonesians to court!

Cock a doodle stories, ho hums, fumblings and incoherent mumblings from the Supreme Jelly Belly running this nation seems to be the order of the day!

Talk about empty rhetoric by our b'leaders!

The paralysis jamming up the responses of this nation's leader is simply choking the life out of us!
What's so hard in taking the right and corrective actions permissible by law against the idiots across the Straits of Malacca and protect the health of this nation's citizens?

The Indonesian Government must be officially taken to task by Malaysia to see to it that those forest fires be extinguished by their Fire Departments and other uniformed personnel and see to it that the culprits be arrested and taken action against immediately!

Malaysians are suffering from the 'tidak apa attitude' being shown by Indonesia and Malaysia's Prime Minister must not be so accommodating when the health of our people is being put to danger by all this unhealthy pollutants being blown across the straits and engulfing our cities and lands choking the life out of us!

When Abdullah Badawi took over as Prime Minister of Malaysia from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he swore before Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to do his best to protect us Malaysians and to take care of this land!

Has he done anything concrete to see to it that we are protected against such irresponsible actions of the Indonesians? No wonder this country is going up in smoke! He doesn't care!!!


anthraxxxx said...

my grandmother's health have been deteriorating and not to mention she has breathing difficulties ever since the indonesian haze made an unwelcome comeback. Damn sakit hati tu. I'm extremely pissed because they always seem to get away with their irresponsible actions.

mahaguru58 said...

Yup, makes us feel so uncomfortable all the time!

Not considerate at all on the Indonesians part!

Makes us wonder what kind of a bloody government they have over there that they can't go and stop those bloody idiots setting fire to their forests?

I need to take showers every now and then just to cool myself down!

Not only do they cause this country social problems with all their illegal immigrants creating havoc here with our society, they export their damned haze to choke us all to death!

The problems further deteriorated with our fumbling fools we have as our leaders!


cyzrael said...

I do believe Malaysia need a better government than the present one..

nik elin said...

I think that its rather unfair to entirely blame our poor Muslim neighbour. Let us analogise them as a poor Muslim family next door with many many children that they just cannot seem to control. You, as a neighbour have adopted some of their wayward kids who haave given you problems in your home, although they came in to help you in your home. Without these workers, our economy will suffer too as they provide us with their labour.

Indonesia cannot control its own people, and most of them are uneducated. Those doing open burnings are probably farmers who have been doing this for ages.

Rather than sit and watch, we have sent our help to stop the open burning, but is it really caused by them? Peat fires are common in dry weather conditions too. Do you think Indonesia likes to choke themselves?

mahaguru58 said...

[30:41] "Disasters have spread throughout the land and sea, because of what the people have committed. He thus lets them taste the consequences of some of their works, that they may return (to the right works)".

Surah Al Rums Chapter 30 Verse 41.

It is clearly stated in the above Ayah that this Earth is suffering from Disaster wrought by the hands of mankind!

I do not agree with your contention that because the Indonesians are poor and because they are Muslims, they have a licence to do as they please!

Being Muslim does not mean they can slash and burn the forests of Kalimantan and Sumatra and cause destruction of this Earth!

Being poor does not mean they have to be stupid as well!

You might mean well with your comment but that is so not right ; defending the wilful destruction of planet Earth by these idiots who don't give a damn about the consequences of their environmental destruction by burning the forests, destroying trees, vegetation, flora and fauna and causing so much environmental damages and affecting the health of so many throughout the region!!!

They are criminals! Do not beat the bush about it!

Being poor Muslims is not an excuse to cause widespread destruction and bringing in sickness and mayhem to millions of people affected by their evil deeds!

Stupidity is not an excuse! They need to stop these arson and environmental destruction!

Just because their forefather used to do it is not a valid excuse to go on burning forests just to make things easy for these selfish brutes and cause all other mankind to suffer!

Their crime affects all mankind living here; no matter whether the victims are Muslims or not!

Allah SWT condemns such people in the Ayat!

Do not dare champion those who go against His Words!

Let them face the consequences of their actions! Period!

PabloPabla said...

I have a strange feeling that our Malaysian companies could be some of the culprits. I don't recall haze situations as bad as this pre-1990. Could it be that ever since our companies start investing big in the oil palm plantations there, they start these open burning?

Anyway, our dear MPs don't have to endure what the common rakyat endure eg. waiting at a bus stop (they ask us to use the public transport remember?), riding a motorcycle, go to school (without air-cond) et cetera. Do they really identify the rakyat's suffering???

zaidi said...

No wonder the incidence of asthmatic cases and other respiratory-related conditions is on the rise. Bear in mind asthma can kill if no proper treatment sought!

The question here is how do we prevent this ? It really is a collective monumental task involving both parties ie malaysian and indonesian government.

No matter how poor they are, and how educated they are, if this were the cheapest way of clearing the land by open burning they would still do it, they don't even care the feelings of other people or other neighbours.

Of course there are other alternatives to each and every solution, the thing is people just don't really care! What can we do?

nik elin said...

From THE STAR Wednesday October 11, 2006

"El Nino from Indian Ocean causing haze

PETALING JAYA: It is unfair for Malaysia to blame Indonesia for the latest haze situation, said a Malaysian researcher with the United Nations University in Tokyo.

C.K. Tan attributed the haze to the El-Nino occurring in the Indian Ocean called the “Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD)”.

The IOD, he said, would cause severe droughts and it would easily lead to forest fires during the IOD year.

As the dry condition continued due to IOD, the haze would be more serious.

MASKED TOURISTS: (From left) Martin Rouijakkers, Tony Roes and Tony Franny, all from Netherlands, having their masks on as they take the Sarawak River cruise in Kuching
Tan, who comes from Penang, studied oceanographic condition at the eastern Indian Ocean including the Indian Ocean Dipole for his PhD at the Nagasaki University in Japan in March last year.

Presently, he is using the Modis Aqua satellite images to monitor closely the development of IOD.

“We shouldn’t simply blame the burning in Indonesia as the IOD causes severe drought throughout Indonesia.

“During the southwest monsoon (May to September), the wind blows towards the northeast and this brings the haze to Malaysia,” he said in an e-mail reply to The Star yesterday.

He said the IOD caused the change of wind direction at the southeastern part of the Indian Ocean and started to blow along the Java and southern Sumatra area.

“This will lead to an oceanic phenomena called coastal upwelling. As the intensive coastal upwelling brings cold deep water to the surface, the temperature along the eastern Indian Ocean drops,” he said.

Under normal conditions, he said, the sea surface temperature at the eastern Indian Ocean would be warmer than the west and the warm temperature would cause more rain on the eastern part.

In 1997 and 1998, he said, the IOD occurred together with the Pacific El-Nino and the accumulation of both effects caused very severe drought in South-East Asia.

He said the Meteorological Services Department had been informed about the IOD.

Meanwhile, a Meteorological Services Department weather forecaster said there would be haze in Malaysia as long as the wind blows from the south.

“In the southern part of the peninsula, the wind is blowing from the west and south-westerly, while in the northern part of the peninsula, the winds are blowing northwest. Any improvement on the haze will depend on changes in the wind direction over the next few days.

“Since the wind over the eastern part of Sabah is blowing from the south, the haze there may continue. The areas that are badly affected are central and southern Peninsular Malaysia,” the forecaster said.

He added that the northeast monsoon was expected in the beginning of November.

“That is usually the trend. Later this week, rain is expected in the west coast of the peninsula and in Terengganu and Kelantan, although the rest of the east coast would generally see isolated rains.

“The coastal areas of Sabah and Sarawak would also see rain, and this should definitely help ease the haze,” he said.

The department had also carried out seven cloud seeding operations in Kuching since Oct 3, and four in the Klang Valley since Oct 6."

You see, Mahaguru, as Surah Hujaraat 12 says, "jauhilah kebanyakan sangkaan kerana sangkaan itu adalah dosa".
What I am trying to point out is that it is not fair to entirely blame Indonesia for the haze.

Further, how do you sue Indonesia? By bringing it to the ICJ? What happens if let us say our poor farmers in Johor were to do open burning, and Singapore now sues Malaysia? The govt may have done all their best and Poor Azmi and Normala may make that visit to Johor to see the situation and fine these people, but Singapore may still sue us. Let us not be so easily swayed by LITIGATIOUS methods.

mahaguru58 said...

Well my dear,
I know that you are a legal eagle and as lawyers are known to be, once you have made up your mind about something, you'd stick to it no matter what!

Well, that's all fine with me but in this case, the Indonesians have been repeatedly been caught setting the forests on fire!

No matter what alibi or excuse you can come up with, it doesn't change the fact that Malaysians are choking as a direct result of those forests being torched and we who are affected don't give a hoot whether Normala Shamsuddin or her beau go a traipsing through the scorched Earth over there!

Why are you being do defensive?

Don't tell me the haze doesn't affect you?

Let's just zero in to the cause and what have you but not those irresponsible fellows setting off fire to the precious forests and burning off the greenery that gives us oxygen to breathe!

It's one thing to be oh so kind and holy moly but when such disastrous actions of the stupid few give cause to harmful degradation of millions of people's health and wellbeing, you have got to get your priorities right!

I do not wish to prolong this 'debate'! I stand by my writings!

Let Allah SWT be my judge but I blame no one else but the Indons!

Period!...Yeah, I'm being stubborn!

mahaguru58 said...

Blogger Akki,
You are right! I gave vent to my feelings of being angry and upset about this haze thing!

I should not call them stupid in general.

I retract that term calling and I am sorry to the general populace of Indonesia that they have been referred to as such by me for the crime of an irresponsible few!

I just feel so fed up of us Malaysians getting victimised by the criminal burning of the forests and being a nature lover, my anger got the better of me.

I am just being me.

I have never claimed myself to be a model Muslim!

I do have my faults and my ever active ego to handle with.That's a daily struggle, believe me.

I do not need to be glorified. I am just speaking my mind which as any other person's , is independent and uniquely my own.

Some will agree with my writings, some like you will not! I do not worry about that!

Even the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam had his detractors during his lifetime ; even to this day, those who do not have any inkling as to the person of Muhammad ibni Abdullah, chose to find faults and ridicule him, the mightiest Messenger of Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

Who the hell am I? I am just a speck of dust compared to the Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

That however doesn't mean that I do not have the right to speak my mind as a Caller to Islam!

Even you Blogger Akki are surely not a 100% perfect and free from sin or mistakes!

If you are, then you will never be amongst us here on Earth!

Thou would surely be amongst the Angels in the Heavens above.

So, do not go around accusing others of this and that as if thou art so holy!

When a Muslim shares information about Islam, it does not mean and has never been implied that he or she is picture perfect and free from sins or mistakes!

Who is? Tell me! None! Even the mightiest Messenger of God, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam is reprimnded eternally by Allah, God Almighty in the Surah Abasa for 'frowning' @ being displeased when the blind Abdullah ibni Maqtum trespassed into the Prophet's meeting with the Qureishi Kaffir leaders!

So, just remember, no one's perfect even you and me.

I admit getting pissed off with the 'Indons' @ doesnt mean it is a racist term!

If you have yet to know me in person, spare me the agony of having to explain to you as to who I am and who I am not!

You yourself sounded so high and mighty in your comment to me whereby I don't feel obliged to entertain you and give you room to come insult me in my blog!

You need to look at yourself in the mirror first before coming in to condemn anyone!

Anyway, your thoughts are best kept to yourself. You don't have to love me ; there's no law stating, please love Mahaguru58! Hehehehehe!

Anyway, let's leave it to Allah SWT to judge whether I am wrong or right in my outburst against our dear lovely neighbours who lovingly send us this haze so very frequently.

Malaysians aren't supposed to be upset when people mess up our environment, right?

When any other nation does anything bad to us, we are as Malaysians expected to do what?

Smile and say 'Kenali Malaysia...Cintai na na na na na na ...and that sort of Pollyana thinking?

Wake up and face the facts that we do have our sovereign rights to live unharmed and unmolested by the irresponsible acts of our neighbouring countries!

Being neighbourly means not to cause any harm or distress to each other; that includes environmental damage that affects 25 million Malaysians excluding you for you so love being hazed! :)

Rounding it up, let me reiterate to you that I am not here to please anyone especially you (since you already have it in your mindset that Mahaguru58 is a real whatever)

We as bloggers take it all in our stride; bouquets and brickbats!

We surely know what you have in your hand and in your heart! No worries ! Just be yourself!

Hope you are oh so very happy defending those who cause the people of Malaysia to choke and get smoked!

I love my nation and my fellow Malaysians except you know who;so feel whatever you wish about me ; it doesn't make any difference (that's my ego speaking!)

Anyway, thanks for reactivating my self defense's been so long since I had to!

Thanks for waking me up!
Xie xie!Syukran!Terimakasih!Merci! Nandri!Bahot Syukriya! Kamsia':)