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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Islam is your birthright - Part 2

As I promised, I'll answer the question that is the # 1, most asked subject by the Non Muslims; 'Why do the ladies in Islam need to cover themselves?'

Let me relate to you an incident that took place back in Penang.

I was riding my motorcycle along Northam Road which is now called Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah along with several other motorcyclists who were Chinese.

As we reached the road opposite Citibank, a Chinese lady in very skimpy clothes crossed the road before us.

I quickly turned away in self consciousness remembering the injunction by Allah SWT to us 'believing men' not to look at such a sight! :)

Yeah, I did see her but quickly diverted my sight to the traffic ahead. She was wearing a tight pair of skimpy shorts that exposed her posterior a bit and was wearing that thing I hear is called a 'tube' which also exposed her upper part of her chest!

Astaghfirullah hal azhim! The things they do nowadays! Hehehehe...the Malays have a saying 'Seram bulu roma!' Hahahahaha..means my body hairs stand right up ..either of fright or something else!...hehehehehe..

Okay back to the story!...I couldn't help noticing my fellow motorists reactions upon seeing the 'sexy' lady crossing before us!

Each and everyone of them were practically straining their necks as much as they could taking in the very attractive sight before them! Almost a 180 degrees around I would say!

Knowing a bit of the Hokkien dialect which is widely spoken by Penang Chinese, I shouted out to them over the drone of our motorcycle engines as we chugged along on our ways.

'Hello ! Peng yu aa! Lu lang kua hamiq?' Which means 'Hello friend! What were you looking at?'

One of them closest to me replied, 'Aiyaa! Lu bo kua aa? Fuyoo!!! Free 'show' maa!' in mixed Hokkien and a phrase of English thrown in! It meant ' Aiyaa! You didn't see? That free show?'

Hehehehe... call it animal instincts or a manly trait but we all sort of shook our helmeted heads and rode on grinning about the whole scenario we all just witnessed!

Further down the road, we encountered a Malay lady dressed in jubah and tudung labuh who crossed the road as we came close to her!

I purposely cried out to the Chinese guys who didn't give her a second look , ' Hei ! Peng yu! Hami su lu bo kua chi le chabo lang eh? which meant 'Hey ! Friend! Why did you not look at the lady just now? to which he replied 'Kua hami? Be sai kua hami pun eh!' meaning 'Look at what? There's nothing to see !'

To which we all laughed aloud and carried on riding our bikes to our destinations.

With a wave of my hand signalling goodbye to them, we then rode away from each other once I reached the Bagan Jermal roundabout on my way to Batu Ferringhi to meet a moneychanger friend of mine, Haji Mohd Kamil of Ruhanmas Trading.

This is the incident I recall which brings to mind the reasons why Almighty God, Allahu Akbar who knows us His Creation best , tells us what to do and how to live our lifes.

I told this story to the Belgium visitors in the picture above and they all agreed that it is true that an exposed woman does attract the attention of men for that is just the natural instincts in mankind.

I then asked another visitor, a Korean man who was nearby and asked him a very challenging question!

I asked him as to what he will look at when he sees a woman? This sort of got the fella by surprise and he sort of got blushing and laughed! He said he didn't know to which we all laughed.

I then explained that when a man looks at a woman, the first thing he would do is to look at her face. If the face was attractive enough, he would not look at other areas and would focus on just that.

If the woman wasn't attractive enough by her looks, he would then look at her bosom area which is another natural attractive aspect of a woman's physique.

There's nothing to be shy in admitting that men all over the world do have a common trait that is to ogle at a woman's attributes in the bosom area!

Those who say no are either hypocrites or something wrong about their manliness! Straight to the point! No beating around the bush! Let's call a spade just that!

If that area isn't that attractive due to a less developed womanly physique, any natural full blooded male would then focus his attentions to the posterior of a woman!

A well developed 'Jennifer Lopez' type of posterior will naturally cause every normal man to look at that part of a woman's physique!

Allah the Almighty takes care of the wandering eyes of a man by giving him this commandment in the Holy Qur'an,
God's Last Testament to all Mankind in :Surah An Nuur Chapter 24 Verse 30 :

Click on the picture below to see it in a larger size!

'Say to the believing men : They must lower their eyesight (from looking at the exposed aurat of women who are not halal for them ) and guard their private parts (from sinful acts) ; verily that is much more better for them, verily Allah is all Aware of what they do'.

Followed by Verse 31 :
and Say to the Believing Women that they cast down their looks (from looking at the exposed aurat of the men who are not halal for them )and guard their private parts (from sinful acts) and do not display their ornaments except what appears thereof, and tell them to wear their head-coverings over their bosoms, and to not display their ornaments except to their husbands or their fathers, or the fathers of their husbands, or their sons, or the sons of their husbands, or their brothers, or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or those whom their right hands possess, or the male servants not having need (of women), or the children who have not attained knowledge of what is hidden of women; and let them not strike their feet so that what they hide of their ornaments may be known; and turn to Allah all of you, O believers! so that you may be successful.

This commandment by Allah, our God and Creator is because He knows what's in our hearts and our minds. This sexual attraction that exists in each and every humanbeing, male and female is a natural instinct that transcends all ethnicities, all creeds and all social standings.

Be us kings or commoners, rich or poor, young and old, smart and stupid, no matter who we are, each and every one of us are susceptible to our passions, our emotions and our lusts.

No matter where we are or in whatever position, we are faced with this state of choice to control ourselves especially in these times when women display themselves so shamelessly with total abandon.

What more of those unthinking ones who post pictures and videos of themselves in the internet , viewed by billions of people, strangers and those who are haram (forbidden) to them?

A blogger accuses me of being a moral police! Yes, if only I had the authority of a policeman, I'd make sure that none out there whom I come across will be left to destroy themselves due to their ignorance!

The irony is that in today's gone crazy society, the more we try to help to correct them, the more we will be accused of being an extremist and a bloody fundamentalist! A renegade! A killjoy! Spoilsport! Hrmmmmmmph!

O Allah! You know me best! I am not perfect not ever will I be! I have mountains of sins to answer for myself and to which I implore you to forgive me and cleanse me of my mistakes.

My remaining seconds of my life will be utilised to improve myself and those whom I am responsible for. I will invite all (Mankind) to Your Way with wisdom and beautiful preaching and reason with them ( disbelievers and faultfinders) in ways that are best and most gracious!

Insya Allah! I swear before You who created me and all of us humanbeings!

Wallahi wabillahi Rabbil Alameen.


Meriza said...

Salaams mahaguru58,

Ha ha ha! If we women could actually those 'chatter' behind our backs, surely we know, it isn't always our 'faces' that the men see, eh?

I don't personally wear the hijab but I make it a point nowadays to dress decently.

Used to wear like a 'tart' when I was younger, but nowadays after I have decent respect for myself.

Anyway-lah, a woman should be respected for her virtue (and brains). Her beauty - bonus for her husband only lah. :)

mahaguru58, you sudah makan lebih asam garam daripada ini budak2 yang suka cakap2 banyak sahaja. Tak payah layan lah... saya yang sudah kahwin ni, more appreciative of Islam's code of conduct than I was when I was single and 'prowling'. It takes experience, and different priorities to buka our mata to see what is actually good for us. :)

Carry on what you are doing, and don't worry about the small small things. People usually will come to know about these things when they are a lot older with more heavy responsiblities (like marriage and children). When you're young and single, you tend to act more like a smart alec and know it all, sorry kids, but this missus here, can't take you seriously if you don't have this thing called Respect for the Elders.

Eh, panjang pulak.

Have a nice Ramadhan, u mahaguru.


mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam O Cheerful One!

Blessed be thee who knows how to appreciate my thoughts and insights into preserving the chastity and modesty of women everywhere.

Islam is unlike any other faith or creed.

Islam is not something that was concucted after a pretext of becoming an 'Enlightened One' just to take advantage of those who are ignorant and naive.

Our Lord and Creator who knows us best sent His Final Messenger to conclude all of His 124,000 prophets and messengers over time with His Final Revelations, His Complete Manual to us Mankind on 'How to live our lives and How to Judge between Us'.

As a wife , you now know how your honor and your chastity depends very much on how you come across by your manner of dressing and sense of behaviour towards others who aren't 'halal' to you.

In these times, there are many, many sick individuals out there who love nothing better than to make other's wifes as part of their conquests!

This abominable animal behaviour stems from the neglect of certain women nowadays to guard their modesty and we all know how many today indulge in cyber relationships which almost always end up in committing adultery with those whom they flirt and commit zina with their minds.

It all stems from failure of us humanbeings to obey Our Lord and Master to the letter.

The human eye is the window to the brain which is the best computer anyone can ever come up with.

It stores visual images which are burned into the memory banks permanently and which in turn are fanned on by uncontrollable urges and lusts brought upon by not controlling their raging nafs.

We both know all these are true and that's the main reason why I who am going to turn 48 this 3rd of October,feel that it is important for me as a Caller to Islam to write and share about why we mankind who Believe in Allah and in His Qur'an are enjoined to cover our modesty and to advice others to do the same.

Your continuous words of support are a boost of energy to me to continue in my mission.

May Almighty Allah bless us all with His Taufeek and Hidayah and Protect us from going astray! Ameen.

I take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and wellwishes to you and your very lucky hubby!

May Allah bless you both with an evergrowing loving relationship!

Tell him Mahaguru58 says so!

Have the best Ramadhan with your loved ones dear sister Meriza and keep in touch!

May this forthcoming Eid ul Fitri be a memorable occasion for us all. Insya Allah!

All my warm wishes to you dear sis!

Write as long as you want! I love reading them. Thanks!

I appreciate feedback such as yours and others who know what they are talking about.

Widens my horizon and adds to my knowledge!Jazakallah dear Meriza!

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta'ala wabarakatuh.

laugh said...

saya rasa dkwah cara ini pretty kewl. Jangan terlalu keras nanti tidak ada orang mahu ikut. sebab itu di Malaysia pendekatan tidak memaksa supaya ramai wanita memakai tudung akhirnya mejadi sebaliknya.

mahaguru58 said...

You got that right Aween!

We all know that there are so many out there putting on a charade of being so holy moly yet at the slightest opportunity , fling off that piece of cloth aside and engage in forbidden activities thinking that no one knows what they are doing!

So many today forget that each and every living being and creation is on Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala 's candid camera 24/7 around the clock and that no matter where anyone goes and tries their level best to hide from anyone's view , they can't escape being monitored by Ar Rahman!

Each of us have two ascribed Malaikats @ Angels recording each and everything we say, we think and we do. Malaikat Raqib recording all our good deeds and thoughts being on our right shoulder whilst Malaikat Ateed records all our screw ups and our evil deeds and he's on our left shoulder.

That's the reason why we say salaam to the right and left of us when we complete our solat.

The hijab worn by a believing woman sincerely in accordance to submit to the commandment of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala earns her blessings for each follicle of hair she covers on her head and removes a sin from her accounts.

This is a matter learned in Tasawwuf.

Humanbeings aren't created for idle sport by Allah SWT. We are given a choice as to submit to Him and earn our due rewards in the Hereafter or we can do as we please and suffer for our actions both here on Earth and in the Hereafter.

Those believing women who have acquired the Knowledge and realise the unique high position that Islam bestows on them, will cover themselves because they treasure their self dignity and would not want to end up degrading their selfs by allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry or in our local case any Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy to ogle and lust after them without having the due rights to do so!

Remember, the fruit that is exposed to the elements gets withered and shrinks away to nothing whilst the guarded fruit is kept juicy and sweet, available only to it's rightful owner!

I am sure you get my message!

Stay 'kewl' Aween!

May Allah SWT protect you always!

Ameen. :)

warrior2 said...

mahaguru58, I think something is not right with your writing. Let me explain.

You claimed that the first thing that a man looks at a woman is her face and if the face is attractive he will not look at other parts etcetc. You gave the exampleo f the chinese lady and the hijab moslem lady where you narrated that nobody among the motorcyclists gave a hoot to the covered lady.

My point is that, ofcourse you didnt say whether the 2 ladies are pretty, but the chinese lady got a deep stare because she was wearing skimpy sexy clothes.

so the chinese lady is either pretty or have big bosom or awesome bottoms and the malay lady is JUST not pretty. when the chinese men commented free show, they were not referring to the face!

what i am trying to arrive at, it is not just the face that a man looks. it is definitely not correct to say that when a woman is beautiful men dont look at other parts!

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum bro w2.

U have a point there brother.

I concur that men do look everywhere!

Yup, the Chinese guys were referring to her exposed assets! :P

The Chinese lady was 'sexy' and so got ogled but the Malay lady escaped ogling because she was modestly covered. End of story.

I do admit that I don't recall seeing her face as I was riding along as she crossed us.

Your point is taken.

Have a blessed Ramadhan bro.


Meriza said...

oh i know very well where man have they eyes prowling when they see a woman. for a man to deny that he is sooo-modest not to see the women's assets; either he's gay or he's lying. no hetereosexual man would deny seeing the opposite sex's assets which the man don't have.

don't try to over-intellectualize this matter. a man, is still a man.

laugh said...

dear mahaguru..
since ppl call u mahaguru, i expect much from u. it is about 9/11 and WTC.

Without bias, from your opion, who is behind the tragedy? Was it AL-Qaeda mastermind Osama or the conspiracy theory that led by Zionist/freemason.

and I just pergi satu website/forum yang membincangkan tentang surah At-Taubah ayat 109-110 yang firmannya (see 9-11 at the middle of the numbers):

"Firman Allah;" Adakah orang yang membangunkan bangunan di atas dasar takwa kepada Allah dan keredhaan-Nya itu lebih baik, ataukah orang yang membangunkan bangunan di tepi jurang yang (hampir) runtuh, lalu runtuhlah ia dengan yang membangunkannya ke dalam api neraka? Dan (ingatlah) Allah tidak akan memberi hidayah petunjuk kepada orang yang zalim. Keruntuhan bangunan yang di bina oleh mereka sentiasa menjadi penyakit syak dan keluh kesah dalam hati mereka, sehingga hati mereka hancur-luluh. Dan Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha bijaksana. (At Taubah:109-110) "

Apakah maksud ayat tersebut? Adakah ayat tersebut memberi petunjuk tentang siapakah meruntuhkan bangunan WTC.

Quotation yang selebihnya daripada forumer berhubung ayat tersebut adalah seperti yang berikut:

Jelas di sini menunjukkan bangunan itu diruntuhakn oleh mereka yang membangunkannya. Oleh itu umat Islam tidak boleh menurut agenda Bush yang menuduh pengganas Islam melakukannya. Berikut adalah antara keterangan jelas mereka menggunakan "metal termite" sejenis baham kimia yang memusnahkan kekuatan tiang pada bangunan WTC sebelum perlanggaran itu dilakukan.

so what is your opinion..??

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum dear Aween,

I believe that the WTC Twin Towers destruction was an inside job by the US Government.

I suggest you to visit to get an insight as to what many scientists and learned Americans have come to report that the destructions of the WTC was preplanned by the US authorities themselves as even buildings nearby which were not hit by anything simply imploded and came down on their own.

This can be seen in the many videoclips shown on the website itself.

The reaction shown by US President George Wacko Bush Jr when he was informed of the 'attack' wasn't that of a man who was 'shocked' to hear something as grave and serious as it was.

He displayed the demeanour of someone who had already known what was to take place and he calmly went on with reading an 'upside down' storybook with the schoolkids he was visiting.

If Al-Qaeda had attacked the WTC without American Intelligence knowing about it, Bush would have been immediately been whisked away by the Secret Agents and taken into protective custody.

Instead, he went on with his 'charade' and after a few more minutes only did he leave the place.

As to the verses 110 and 111 in Surat At Taubah, Al Quran al Kareem, it is a continuation of the subject of Munafiqs raising masjids for ulterior purposes in verse 107.

Allah SWT warns us not to fall prey to the evil work of misleading the Ummah by the Munafiqs by raising up masjids but preach not according to what Allah SWT and His Messenger has left for us.

There are masjids such as these present where innovations and the methodology they teach within is not in line with the true teachings of Islam.

This is what the verses 110 and 111 actually expound.

It is not related at all to what happened in 9-11, New York, USA.

It's just a coincidence that the verses are expounding on the matter of buildings, etc.

Regarding the matter of the steel structures of the WTC buildings crumbling down from the 'jet fuel' , please refer to the articles in

You will get a clearer picture, Insya Allah.

As for my id as mahaguru, it is a stage I am working towards. Hehehehe.

I am officially 48 today, born 3rd October 1958.

Do do'a for me to be able to go for my Hajj with my darling wife in a year or two, Insya Allah. :)

Pro-rights said...

ok, no issue with the modesty verse but i came across various Arab-english translation regarding the fabric entity that cover the bossom,.. namely shawl,head-covering,veil. My question is, how come one Arab word could be translated into three different english words ? Is this translator doing?

mahaguru58 said...

Yes. Translators tend to do that.

Another example ; the Arab word for 'Razq' which can be translated into 'sustenance, blessings, upkeep, needs, etc.

All carry the same meaning. Just as the one you referred to above.

As long as the meanings do not stray too far away, it is acceptable and understood to be what is being referred to.

Almighty Allah Knows Best.