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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Israel's Massacre of the Lebanese Videoclip

I came across this videoclip posted at showing the devastation and human tragedy that Israel perpetrated against innocent Lebanese civilians and shows how the American and British culprits support for the most brutal violators of justice and fairplay here on Earth, the terrorist rogue regime of Zionists in the Occupied Lands of the Palestinians, the illegitimate state of Israel!

The Muslim leaders and nations are equally responsible for this heartbreaking state of affairs concerning the pitiful fate of the Muslim Ummah!

As long as they remain egoistically divided and are cowards, the Muslims will continue to be massacred at will by the Zionists and their patrons, the USA and EU.

I don't know about you but my tears keep flowing as I watch and watch this clip over and over again.

The scene showing the mangled bodies of those babies is heart wrenching! Ya Allah!

The song being sung as the images flash across just opens up the wounded heart as the impact of the devastation suffered by the people of Lebanon sink in!

We are all living in a heartless era. The perpetrators of all these violence will not come to a good end! Wallahi!

They too will die one of these days and although outwards, their physical selfs might seem cocooned from any retribution, by Allah, their souls must feel the torment of saqaratul maut inflicted by Malaikatul Maut, Saiyidina Izrael Alaihis Salam!

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