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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's my Birthday -48 years ago on 3rd October 1958

48 years ago, on this date, 3rd of October ,1958 and according to the Islamic Calendar on Friday, the 19th of Rabi'ul Awwal, 1378 Hijrah, I was born in a pre war house in Jalan Perak, Penang Island.

My birth was registered in the Registry of Births, at the Penang Maternity Hospital and named Zainol Abideen.

I grew up in a Malay seaside village called Jalan Kota Giam located in East Jelutong, Penang.

Born a year after Merdeka, I grew up in a post Colonial era where the atmosphere still smelt very much British.

I went to the Jelutong English School at School Lane, just after the Jelutong Wet Market is located. I walked to school. Passing across several other kampongs and across the Jelutong Town.

I excelled in English and Bahasa Melayu. As a Libran, I do admit having a passion for the Arts & Literature, although I eventually ended up in Pure Science.

Secondary school saw me studying in Sekolah Menengah Abdullah Munshi, in Jalan Caunter Hall, which has now been renamed as Jalan P.Ramlee, our late National Artiste.

After school, went to work as a Moneychanger's Assistant, then went on to work in Singapore from 1980 to 1986.

Returned home to Penang in the last months of 1986. Got married in 1987 and got 2 instant sons. Figure it out. :P

Had my own son born to me in 1988 and a daughter in 1992. Stayed patiently married for 14 long years and got involved in Islamic Dakwah activities since 1989.

Got divorced in April 2001. Left everything I had to my name and emigrated to KL.

Remarried on 16th March 2002 to a wonderful spouse and loving wife. Still struggling to regain my footing financially and have a very understanding wife to thank for.

Am still involved in Islamic Dakwah online and offline. Have come to meet many wonderful people in my life here and back home in Penang.

Have been blogging as Mahaguru58 for a few years now and have my fair share of supporters and faultfinders! :D

I do appreciate each and every bouquet or brickbat thrown at me. It keeps me on line. :P

Am committed to achieve my short term and long term goals as a successful Program Consultant and also in Landbanking.

The going's tough at the moment but I am thankful to Allah the Almighty for still giving me a break every now and then.

Have a wonderful client who is very supportive to me in my Landbanking business. Am working with a reputable Chinese University affiliated Global Hanyu & Culture Center to help bridge the current divide between the Malays and the Chinese both here in Malaysia and China.

In short, things are in motion and I am one who never gives up come what may till the second the Archangel of Death, Saiyidina Izra'el Alaihis Salam comes to collect my soul.

Till then, I will be doing all that I can to share whatever morsels of information about Islam that I have come to learn and share it here in my blog.

I know that I will never be perfect and will slip up now and then due to my ego or oversight. I do know that there will always be some souls out there who will point it out to me, God bless them.

I do appreciate those who support me and send me comments and advice. Thanks be to you all.

The most I am thankful to is my present and God willing, eternal spouse and most beloved wife who is a gem above all gems to me for her understanding, her patience and her willingness to bear with this now turned 48 year old Jack of all trades and hehehehehe..supposedly Master of some! :P

Please pray for me that I remain vigilant and realistic as to who I am and not fall prey to my ever active ego! Insya Allah.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala Forgive me of my mountains of sins and Guide me to a fitting end in my life here as a Muslim.

To those whom I have done any mistakes especially when blogging here, those hearts whom my words might have braised and caused any distress or hurt, I seek your Forgiveness as well.

Wabillahi taufeek wal hidayah, Wassalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

Your brother in Islam,

Zainol Abideen a.k.a Mahaguru58.

Peace be to all and May we all have a Blessed Ramadhan and Insya Allah a Joyous Aidil Fitri!



The Malaysian. said...

A very happy birthday and may God bless you with success, long life and good health.

mahaguru58 said...

Ameen! Thank you dear Brother for your wellwishes.

May God bless us all with good faith, good health, the necessary amount of wealth, and a bountiful life that is just enough to let us live our lifes without want and unnecessary troubles.

Ameen. Thank you once again sir!

anthraxxxx said...

Happy birthday brother mahaguru :D

mahaguru58 said...

Thank you brother! I am honoured to have you visit me again!

What happened to your blog? It's missing in action.

May you too be blessed with the best that life has to offer. Ameen.

Take care bro. God be with you!

zaidi said...

A'kum wbt...Dear Mahaguru

Happy Birthday to you, I really enjoy reading your blog very much, may god give us strength and patience and perseverence in this life and grant us to be among the blessed ones in the hereafter insya allah.

may be your next wish would be witing your own biography eh..anyways keep on writing/doing da'wah

La-breithe mhaith agat!(happy birthday in irish gaelic)


PabloPabla said...

Many happy returns of the day!

mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Dear Brother Zaidi.

Syukran Jazillan dear Akhi for your wellwishes and Do'a for me.

Ameen ya Rabbal Alamin Ya Ghafar!

May Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim grant us the Hasanah of this Earthly Life and in the Hereafter and Spare us from An Narr! Amin!

Insya Allah, I will one of these days get to it.

As for now, I find blogging as a useful way to share whatever little I have come to learn about Islam and have a dialogue with those who want to know about it.

May Allah the Almighty guide us all in our quest to correct our mistakes, seek pardon for our sins and to seek salvation doing so, Amin!

Thanks once again brother Zaidi.

It's always a pleasure to hear from you.

Email me and send me some photos of your surroundings in Eire!

Do include a snapshot of yourself.

If you should ever return to Malaysia and be in KL, give me a call. 6-016-3969881.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta'ala wabarakatuh.

mahaguru58 said...

Thanks Brother 'pablopabla' for your wellwishes to me!

Ameen O Lord, grant us this.

Have yet to know you by name but I believe we are both able to appreciate and correspond with a likeminded humanbeing even if we aren't in the same faith.

You come across as being among those whom Allah the Almighty has referred to as being those who are the closest in faith to us.

May Allah guide us all to His Salvation! Ameen.

Thanks once again brother.

Take care! God be with you.

cyzrael said...

Happy Birthday and May Allah bless you and provide u the strength to continue this da'wah.

Your blog and thoughts have been useful to me as another source of knowledge. Thanks!

Good Luck! =)

zaidi said...

Insya Allah, Mahaguru..


Meriza said...


Happy birthday mahaguru.

You will do just fine, InsyaAllah.

I give you my kind words for doing the dakwah for Islam. Life is meaningful if only we strive for the sake of Allah. Other than that, it is meaningless. I know. Even if one devote their life for the sake of money, when old age takes over him he will know that it was not all worth it.

So, live your life because of God. I hope you will be better and more patient each day, because in the end, that will give you peace, in your old age, and insyaAllah when you die.

I may sound a little young to talk about death, but I've been around old people for a while, and I know. Dah tua tua, rasa lebih menyesal, and lagi lembut untuk buat perkara yang baik. It's a natural progression...

Enjoy your life and be happy mahaguru. Remember that we say, Alhamidulillah to God at least 17 times a day. Live life like you mean it.

May Allah Bless you.


mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam O Cheerful One! :)

Jazakallah for all your kind and wise words dear Meriza.

I appreciate them very much and wish the same for you and your darling hubby!

Do share with me all that you feel is worth our time and do keep in touch always.

Honored to have you here. Thanks for your do'a my dear.

Really glad to have friends like you to keep me in check. :)

mahaguru58 said...


Always a pleasure to hear from you.

Insya Allah, we can share with each other anything that is beneficial to learn and know.

How is life over in Russia?

Have you tried sharing info about Islam with the Ruskies?

mahaguru58 said...

Looking forward to your emails Brother Zaidi.

Till then, do take care of yourself!

May Allah watch over you always!


anthraxxxx said...

Thanks for the kind words brother mahaguru, infact i always read your blog on daily basis because I find it interesting.

Oh my blog? Well for some reasons, I decided to hide the blog link in order to protect my privacy hehe.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother anthraxxxx,

Life as we know it is very short.

We are today living in an era where everything moves faster than what our forefathers experienced.

Take me for example.

In my mind, I still feel as if I am still young and even act like one but when I look in the mirror, I see grey hairs where once it was jet black!

The living spirit inside is forever young but the physical exterior is really showing changes.

Whatever we have come to experience in our lifes is best put to writings and preserved as a testament to our existence here on Earth.

Knowledge that you have come to gain is best to be shared with others so people can gain and learn from it.

No point in us taking it with us to the grave.

In fact, in Islam, the learned ones who hoard the 'Ilm that they have come to acquire but did not share them with others will be the very first persons to be sent to Hellfire because they were stingy with all that they had come to learn but kept it just for themselves! God doesn't like that!

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam said' Teach others from what I have shared with you even though it be just one Ayat!'

There are many Hadiths from the Final Messenger Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam where the Prophet reminds us not to keep information worth sharing just to ourselves.

When learned enemies of Islam were captured in war, they were asked to teach the Muslims of the Knowledge of reading and writing in those days to secure their release.

Such is the importance of sharing good, useful, relevant information.

So, my small request to you is to share your thoughts and good information with the world.

It is good for you. :)

Anyway, the Choice is entirely yours.

Wishing you the best in all good things that you do, I remain your friend and brother as we are all the Children of the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam.

Take care bro and keep in touch.

May Peace be upon you.Ameen.

Pablo said...

The one and only God teaches all of us about LOVE. We are all, His creations. So, it saddens me when people choose to be god instead and start mocking others without realising that they are mocking god's creation with the same action.

Thank God you are one who is willing to share in peace and love.

laugh said...

errr.. not to forget from me..
happy birthday to you. May Allah SWT bless u and ur family.


mahaguru58 said...

Thank you Brother Pablo,

Islam itself means 'Peace' in Arabic.

Ar Rahman Ar Rahim is another testament to God's Merciful Characteristics.

As a servant, my duty is to help spread the word of God to my fellow mankind.

With our common understanding of striving to spread peace and goodwill to others, we can do our part.

Anyway, thanks for your wellwishes.

mahaguru58 said...


Thanks a lot for your wellwishes!

Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen.

Pleasure to have you as a friend and commentor in my blog! Terimakasih!

Selamat Berpuasa Aween!

Semoga sukses selalu !

Friend from Texas said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mahaguru!

Hope you have a great year ahead!

mahaguru58 said...

Thanks for the wellwishes bro.

I hope so too! :)

U can grant me a birthday wish by easing up on us , will ya?

Hehehehe..anyway, thanks once again.

U know the parable' Thou shall reap what thou soweth!' so whatever we say or do will come back to us one of these days.

Your wellwishes for old MG58 is very much appreciated.

TQ and Take care!