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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mat Rempit - Time to teach these menace on our roads a lesson!

I refer to the latest outrageous and criminal acts of the nation's current social menace @ the motorcyclists who are known as 'Mat Rempit's' as reported here

Enough is enough! Too many lifes have ended up smashed and plastered on the roads and highways of this nation due to the irresponsible and now blatantly 'kurang ajar' fiends who are getting too big headed due to the recent allowances and attempts to legalise their road rages by Putera UMNO!
Throwing rocks and stones at police stations, harassing policemen to the stage of hounding them to a state of mob mentality and now throwing firecrackers at police stations!

What more are the police waiting for? I hope the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan will issue an all out action directive against these hooligans on our nation's roads immediately!

No more pussyfooting with these rude now turned violent criminals who are getting too bigheaded because the police have been giving them face! No more!

These are the stones : Penang Police Chief, Datuk Christopher Wan Soo
Kee showing the stones thrown by the Mat Rempits at the Kubang Semang Police Station, Bukit Mertajam, yesterday!

Whack the fellas into obedience and confiscate and destroy their bikes! All these is happening because there are those in our society who love to 'fight' for the rights of the underdogs and the criminally insane such as these useless nincompoops glamourised as 'Mat Rempit's'!

Spare the rod and this is what you get! Social menace such as these crop up when the authorities fail to nip these problems in the bud or are restricted from carrying out their duties as they ought to by the actions of NGOs and pressure groups who always like to interfere in the uniformed personnel's daily tasks and duties!

When NGOs and ill thinking ministers go and spoil the balance between policing the public and asking for this rights and that rights, the current problem of criminal elements getting out of hand is what we get!

Those who are rooting for the rights of Mat Rempit's will be singing a different tune if they should end up as another victim of those fiends on two wheels! Only then will we see, the very same folks up in arms over the criminals!

Time to get tougher on the Mat Rempits and their likes! No more! Or are the authorities waiting for a policeman to be killed by them before taking stricter actions?

Related story in the Malay Mail :

They steal, then ask for more

A group of Mat Rempit snatched the handbag of a woman and later had the gall to ask for more money for the return of her belongings.

The 29-year-old victim, identified only as Ho, was walking with a male friend to her car at Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar, at 3am on Sunday after having supper at a restaurant there when seven men on motorcycles surrounded them.

“They circled us a few times before one of them touched my chest,” she said.

Ho, an architect, said she became distracted by the gesture and lost grip of her handbag.

The men seized the chance to grab the handbag and sped off.

After she regained her composure, Ho called her phone that was in the handbag.

“I could not believe what I heard when they asked for RM10,000 for the return of my identity card and other personal documents.

“Not only did they steal from me but they even had the gall to ask for more money!” said Ho to The Malay Mail.

She had RM500 in the handbag.

“I don’t mind losing the money but I hate the hassle of getting my documentation done again.

However, several calls later, Ho and the group still could not reach an agreement and the
‘negotiation ’ turned into an argument .

She said she called the group later and was told that they had thrown her belongings into a river.

Brickfields Deputy Police Chief Superintendent Arjunaidi Mohamad confirmed the case and said police are monitoring it.


Does society want these animals to keep getting out of hand or do we support the PDRM in smashing down these scum before more people get injured and killed?

Support the Police Force of Malaysia because they are the only authority who can do something about this spiralling crime!

We would be forced to take the law into our own hands , form vigilante groups and go see to it that those who harass and terrorise us will be able to ride no more, walk no more and be no more of a threat to us, the citizens!

Sometimes, we have to be cruel to be kind! In this case, no more compassion to Mat Rempits! They deserve severe concussion and haemorraging of some blood vessels! Really!

Give it to them! I am sure that most of us will agree except the so called humanrights folks!

They love being robbed, raped and killed by the marauding criminals in Malaysia, don't they?