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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea's Nuclear Test-Spawn of USA's Arrogance!

Let's face it! The world today is edging towards a nuclear holocaust! Each and every nation on Earth wants to have nuclear weapons in their arsenal!

None wants to be left out in joining the 'big boys club'! It's the 'in thing' to go nuclear these days!

From the Zionist Israeli's rogue regime occupying the lands of the Palestinians, many EU and NATO countries, India, Pakistan, former Soviet Union republics, to the USA and UK, and the latest, the poor man's land of North Korea!

All this clamouring to be a nuclear power nation stems from a general feeling of insecurity and fear of being invaded and occupied by the USA, UK and their Legions of Doom, the EU bloc.

As long as you have a nuclear warhead capable of inflicting the same amount of devastation upon your enemy and attacker, you won't be bullied by the world's terror # 1 and his gang!

A classic case of 'you whup me; I'll whup you!'. No pretext about it!

The latest Nuke 'Em Club membership applicant is the Asian upstart nation of Kim Jong-II, who for years has been showing the finger to George W. Bush Jr. and his posse.

Doesn't matter that famine is the order of the day in North Korea and its citizens are still living in the Communist system that sucks them dry and feeds the ego and vanity of it's slightly 'off centre' leader!

Doesn't matter that all those money being spent on building up a nuclear power status could be better spent to feed the hungry and improve the country's economy and help it's people, North Korea seems to be a classic case of being forced to beef up it's military because it fears the danger of the world's Bully # 1, invading it's borders and destroying the country as what has happened to Iraq and Afghanistan!

Iraq has oil ; so we can understand why it is being occupied by the # 1 hypocrite 'Operation Iraqi Liberation charade 'freedom fighter' superterror, the US of A!

What the hell has Afghanistan got that the USA is so adamant in occupying the nation? Ahhh...I forgot!

The land base from where it can attack the other Middle Eastern nations! They need the dirt poor Afghanistan nation to be their refuelling depots, tactical and logistics base from where they can launch their fighter jets and bombers from.

They need Afghanistan to be their Operations Base from where they can initiate and execute their bombing missions, reload and reobliterate any resistance arising from the Muslims Mujahideen, having been accomplice and the orchestrators of the 'Afghan Resistance' that drove out the Soviets from Afghan soil before! Devilishly clever Wacko Bush!

So, now we have the North Koreans jubilating over their nuclear capabilities! You can't touch them now! For if you do, you'll get an intercontinental ballistic nuclear warhead on its way to nuke your cities and country just the same!

So, the emergence of North Korea as another nuclear power is the result of the Western nation's bullying of countries that do not have the deterrent nuclear arsenal in their defence capabilities.

Now, anyone wishing to bully and disturb the poor man of Asia will have to consider getting 'whupped' by the North Koreans. We can sort of liken it to a case where they don't mind going hungry and remain free instead of getting fed but then left to bleed by being invaded by the US and it's gang of thieves!

Matter of honor and self dignity taking place over the needs of the tummy! They'd rather go hungry and poor instead of getting massacred by the American State terrorists under its worst gone 'el loco' joke of a President as he has done to the Iraqis and the Afghans!

North Korea's becoming another nuclear power is a direct result of the USA's bullying of the world and the lack of any other nation to take them to task!

The Muslim nations under the OIC are like the eunuchs of old, castrated and powerless to even defend their fellow member nations as shown by the lack of backbone of their current leadership (Malaysian PM) and the missing 'spirit of Jihad' that used to scare away the enemies of Islam in days gone by!

Lebanon got bombed to bits by the Israeli Zionists regime and the OIC just stuck their heads into the sand and their butts way up above ready to be sodomised by the regime and its patrons , the USA and UK proper!

North Korea isn't ready to be a victim like the Lebanese hence their doing what they have done!

If you don't want to be assaulted and victimised by the bullies, you better get yourself armed and loaded with a few nuclear missiles ready to sock it to them if they dare touch you!

As MC Hammer said it 'You can't touch this!'

Now, if it had been Iran who have done this, America would have already launched WW3 on them by today!

Yes, no more threats, no more pretences of using the UN to teach the Persians a lesson!

Teheran would already have been 'bombed back to the stone age ' to borrow Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's sharing of the threat the USA threatened him with if he didn't kowtow to them!

This is the hypocricy of the Bush regime. He will go all out to obliterate any Muslim nation if they ever dare to go nuclear and stand against his plans of world domination!

You do know this, right. Well, that's what I think. Call a spade just that.

North Korea is now 'off limits' to the bullies. Don't dare touch 'em now. Comprende?


Billy said...

A very good Holy Ramadan morning to you, Bro MG - you know when the planes hit the Twin Towers on Sept 11 2001, I was surprised but not really shocked. I have a Malay friend who upon hearing the news that the Twin Towers were attacked, rushed out to inform his Chinese neighbour, and the reaction - his neighbour gave a quick fist down and said "YEESSSS"! What I am trying to say is that, the American's attitude towards other nations does not just bother the Muslims alone, but non-Muslims as well; and it has always been at the back of my mind when is somebody going to take a potshot at either George, Donald or Condy. In a way I am very glad that Kim Jong-Il went ahead with the test. Now the Yanks would have to think twice before they do anything stupid. Well at least Colin Powell did the right thing by not wanting to be re-apopointed to the second term administration after being conned on the Iraq WMD issue where he was made to look like a fool during the presentation to the UN Security Council.

mahaguru58 said...

Chao San Brother Billy! Nee hao?

Hehehehe...Well, we both agree that America today is in a worse off position because of all their arrogance and agressions against other sovereign nations of the world, all these while!

Come to think of it, the rest of the world is actually living in a more free atmosphere compared to the Americans!

They are living in fear, each and every second of their claustrophobic lifes!

They fear stepping out of their country unless they travel in a fleet of warships and armored vehicles.

Recently, here in KL, a bag of thrash that fell off someone's lorry or car saw the American Embassy cordoned off, bomb squad called in and they practically have walled themselves up!

Bloody cowards, don't you say so?

Anyone just passing the American Embassy and looks at them , gives them the classic shiver running down their spine and they are scared that it's a suicide bomber; an Al Qaeda operative, or a Jamaah Islamiah 'terrorist' who's going to blow them up to bits, etcetera!

What kind of a life is that?

To constantly live in a climate of fear and afraid to move about as we all do?

Bush always says that Moslems hate their 'freedom'!

Hahahahahaha! Who's afraid of whom?

The fella won't even be free to go take a shit without a Special Agent checking out the toilet bowl for fear that it might be rigged to blow the joker up with his ass in tow!

Freedom my foot! Hehehehehe...

'Those who live by the sword will die by the sword' so says an ancient parable!

Have you seen how scared the British Embassy are?

They have turned their KL British Consulate into a virtual prison!

This is the 'freedom' they all talk about! Bloody hypocrites!

Years before, they used to be able to strut about the world feeling no one can 'touch' them!

Today, they live in a self imposed climate of fear of others because they have done wrong to the people of the world!

'Berani kerana benar ; takut jika bersalah'!

A Malay proverb that describes their paranoia so very aptly!

They are now 'free' to reap what they have sowed! Que sera sera!...

desiderata said...

wel said, brudder mahaguru:

I believe all the world powers and sub-powers or underlings' ,outhing on the world news headlines today reflect as case of:

You (the big powers) see the speck (of nuclear dust?)in thy neighbour's eye, but don't see the cannon ball or rocket in one's own eyes.

huZmi dahLan said...

Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Comes Back to Haunt United States. This is the title of an article in Washingtonpost today.

With regards to Colin Powell, a loyal person he is (being indoctrinated in the army) was in fact asked to tender his resignation letter through a phone call by Andrew Card, President Bush Chief of Staff. In layman term he was fired. I have posted an article Colin Powell in my blog. Bush does not need him.

The current White House Administration consists of a bunch of people who have no clue what's going on in the world. We would not expect the Democrats either should it comes to power in the next election.

Billy said...

Hi Bro MG, thank you so much for your kind response. Just to add on to what you have written, I have an American lady friend who after September 11 2001, received some long distance calls from her parents in New York coaxing her to return home. Reason? They said she was staying in a "sea of Muslims". As someone who had been staying here for the last 10 years and knowing the region better, she assured them that she was in safe hands. Anyway to appease them, she returned home for Christmas that same year but only to return to KL in February the following year. She contacted me and we did lunch togehter and I asked her why she did not stay on in NY. Reason? America is not what it used to be, especially in NY and especially after 911. She is staying in one of the apartments in Bangsar and felt she was much safer here than in NY where you get mugged, robbed, murdered, etc any moment in the day in the streets. Here she said, she could walk down to the 'mamak' stall and have her usual 'teh tarik' and 'roti canai' without having the fear of being accosted by some questionable strangers, and with a peace of mind. Until today she is still staying here. So Malaysia is not so bad after all, eh?

mahaguru58 said...

We all need to make sure that this country we all live in does its best to contain and control the surging crime rates!

I am all for more effective punishments to be meted out on all those who commit violent crimes in our society!

I particularly would like to see capital punishment be meted out to all those who kill innocent people during the course of their crimes such as the scum who commit snatch thefts and cause their victims to die from injuries sustained as they fall to the roads, get slashed, etc!

Another serious crime I would like to see punished to the severest extent would be all the rapes, sodomy, incest, molestations taking place in our country!

When it is family members and those whom have been trusted by their victims in the first place who perpetrated such vile acts, then I ask that the courts be amended to introduce the most painful punishments we can all think of!

Malaysia has lots of biting ants and other poisonous creatures.

Let's throw the idiots into a nestful of biting ants take bites at their offending anatomical areas and let the insects chomp their way through!

The nation needs to protect its people! Society needs to take care of its own and the Rukun Tetangga, neighbourhood watch reinstated as it was back in the 70s.

We must make sure Malaysia returns to be as safe as it was back in those times.

Your American lady friend knows a good country when she lives in one.

If you had watched the video in my latest posting about America's Brutal Prison System, you'd understand why the USA is more apt to be now known as 'Under Satan's Administration'!

I am sure you can figure out who exactly I am referring to here. :P

We need to nip the problems caused by the riff raff in our society, el pronto!

I hate to see the Putera Umno idiots go and play footsie with all the useless Mat Rempits we see being allowed to terrorise our nation's drivers and motorists on our roads and highways.

They should all be flogged with whips and their bikes be thrown into the recycling jaws of death that churn out bits and pieces of recyclable metal!

That's my ardent wish for the nation! Hell yeah!!!

Let's teach those animals a lesson!

warrior2 said...

One small nuclear test (the North Korean test was of a small yield)dosent make a nation formidable. A test is just a test. Sure they can explode a nuclear device but that dosent mean they have mastered the technology to its fullest in term of having an arsenal of top of the class nuclear weapons. They certaintly have not managed to make the size small enough to be mounted on a missile or a projectile. If you dont master that technology, you will have to deliver it by anaircraft and an aircraft is easy to shoot down.

The north koreans do not have a reliable missile of the ICBM type. They tested one recently but it flew only a few kilometer. The only reliable system that they have is the scud and the middle range missiles which can only reach japan at most.

My point is, NK is still nothing to the Americans. The americans can obliterate NK without any fear of a nuclear retaliation just like they did to afghanistan and iraq, to panama to serbia and to many others.

BTW, bangsar is also a dangerous place to stay. I have read of many mugging, kidnapping, snacth tefts etcetc incidents in bangsar. A good friend of mine together with his wife was kidnapped in thier car and was bashed, robbed of thier money and valuables etc.

mahaguru58 said...

Truely spoken! Bangsar or just anywhere here in Malaysia is no longer safe from vicious criminals in our midst!

It pays to be vigilant and to avoid crime prone areas.

Remember to keep your doors locked at all times and watch out for any valuables easily visible left on your car seats even if you are in the car.

I received an email the other day telling the story of how two snatch thieves on a motorbike, came up to a car stopping at the traffic lights.

Lady driver, Kancil, handbag left on her left car seat. The pillion rider smashed the side window and grabbed the handbag and they rode off to the amazement of the rest of the motorists who didn't manage to go after them!

This email was circulated by the driver of the car just behind the Kancil and he wrote the email out of sheer frustration that nobody could do anything as the traffic was heavy and those culprits just rode off and disappeared!

Crime is rising here in Malaysia.

Each of us have to look out for ourselves and those around us and our neighbourhoods!

The laws of this nation are no longer a deterrent to stop such criminals!

The problem is further compounded by today's society who fear getting into harm's way if they go and volunteer to be a good samaritan!

Many a samaritan have found out the hard way getting stabbed by the vicious thugs out there!

I hope society stops being the Devil's Advocate and try to defend the 'rights' of the criminals especially when the PDRM wallops them when taken into custody!

We should all join in and teach those crooks a lesson to remember!

Hantam sama dia!

anthraxxxx said...

and we have idiots championing for the criminal's civil rights. It made me shook my head in disbelief.

Friend from Texas said...

Hahahah! Your take on Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) cracked me up...haven't had a good laugh in ages.

Anyways, there are still some doubts about whether North Korea tested a real nuke...going by the reported blast magnitude recorded. I have some Korean friends who say that Kim's generals may have just filled a cave with tons of conventional explosives and detonated them all at once.

Nevertheless, taking North Korea's word for it....this poses a very interesting conundrum to the Bush administration. They've based their last 5 years of foreign policy around acting against rogue countries with alleged WMDs. Now, one of the stars of the axis of evil has come out in the open with WMD claims, and a test to boot! To carry on badgering Iran but closing one eye to NK is going to smack of hypocrisy of the highest order.

How the US responds (or doesn't) to this event will be the watershed moment in determining the superpower status of the US going forward.

Brace yourself Mahaguru....we're going to see some big changes in US and global politics soon. With the present Republican gay pedophille sex scandal....I doubt the Republicans will remain in power very long come November elections.

My prediction is, if no full blown war breaks out within the next decade, the US will retract and adopt its previous isolationist approach to global politics and the center of power is going to shift eastwards towards Russia-China.