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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

'O You Hindu Awake' by Dr.Chatterjee MA , PhD.(USA)

I came across this very eye awakening book by a Dr.Chatterjee MA. PhD. (U.S.A) who exposes quite a lot about what has taken place in the world of the Hindus.

You may download the PDF book here

I mean no disrespect to our Hindu brethren ( aren't we all the Children of Prophet Adam AS)
but as a Caller to Islam, I read a lot and this book by Dr.Chatterjee does explain quite a lot about why things are like that in India and even at times, it surfaces here in Malaysia.

I would appreciate if we could have a meaningful dialogue and sharing of info about this book.

If there are any of our Hindu brethren reading this, please by all means share your thoughts with us in a manner befitting us , mature adult reasonable human beings.

The author explains in a very clear manner about many things. Those who do read this book, please comment only after reading through the entire book and please refrain from commenting too harshly for if such comments turn up, I am afraid I won't allow them through.

This is a Comparative Religious Study sharing of info. Let's have a meaningful read together.

May God Almighty guide us all. Ameen.


CK said...

First find out who is this Dr. Chatterjee.. and where is this Mother India publication...

You all are reading fake document...

mahaguru58 said...

Brother ck,

What a shame that you don't have a profile or blog to back up your allegation that the book is a fake!

Such a charge should come from a bona fide blogger or writer brother.

I would be more than happy to expose the said book as a fake if you could identify yourself and furnish me with the proof.

You would do us all a big favor if you could back up your refutations with solid hard facts about the book or the said writer bro.

Would you be able to do that?

I await your prompt reply. If you are shy about disclosing your true identity, you can just email me at and we could take it from there.

Till then, thank you and take care.