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Monday, October 09, 2006

Speak Mandarin and Get Ahead in Life! Really!

Do you speak Mandarin? A popular question that interviewers here in Malaysia are asking the job applicants!

Yes, you can speak Bahasa Malaysia very well! Ahh..and your 'Manglish' is passable! But if you do not know how to speak in Mandarin as well, better be prepared to kiss that job interview goodbye!

The reality is that if you do not know how to communicate with your employer if he or she is
Chinese, then there's a very limited opportunity
for you to secure that job opening!

The majority of the employers in the private sector of Malaysia are Malaysian Chinese. If you want to have an edge over the other job applicants, then naturally, you would want to have an 'ace up your sleeve' so to speak.

What extra capabilities do you have that will make the interviewer shortlist you and prefer you over that cute, fluttering eyelashes graduate or that handsome good looking fellow holding a Masters or whatever?

Communication skills nowadays is the clincher that can make or break your chances of getting that secure job you have been looking for all this while!

No matter whether you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, Caucasian, is important that you equip yourself with the best Hanyu @ Mandarin language skills!

Call 6-03-21711776 and speak to either Miss Wan Ting or Miss Ying Kuan to book your free trial class today.

Tell them Mr.Zainol recommended you. Book your seats early so that the ladies can slot in your appointment accordingly.

You don't have to pay a sen! Just turn up early! Where else can you get to experience such a trial class which can be the turning point in your life!

Look! Even if your present job doesn't need you to converse in Mandarin, imagine the tremendous advantage Mandarin can give you in your social life, business networking, dakwah activities and general life?
You only stand to gain many more benefits!

You will gain more friends, be the life of the community and will be sought after very much by all those who come to know that you can speak fluent Mandarin as well apart from the Malay and English that you know.

Your life will definitely improve by leaps and bounds! Believe me!

Call that number! Book your seats. Bring your friends along! Or your boyfriend or girlfriend, or sweetheart, darling, sayang or whatever! :D

It's the first step you need to take in order to master Putonghua, the best standard of Mandarin in the Chinese world!

Another thing, if you are concerned about whether you will be any less Malay or whatever your ethnicity is, don't waste your life worrying about it!

Learning Mandarin is acquiring another communication skill. You will always be yourself, your skin won't change color, I promise you ..unless you get Michael Jackson's tips on that! :P

All my best wishes to you. Xie xie. Zai jian.

'Hendak seribu daya ; tak hendak takkan berupaya'!


kumango said...

Have you started learning Mandarin at the centre?

mahaguru58 said...

I am learning Mandarin on my own with guidance from the centre.

I am sharing the info about the centre to open up the opportunity to those who read my blog here.

Book your trial class seats to find out whether our Hanyu classes are suitable for you.All the best.

Selamat Berpuasa.

Billy said...

Aiyoh, Bro MG, at least you are better than me. I am of Chinese descent and yet I can't read nor write Mandarin. Friends tend to address me as OCBC (not the bank)- Orang Cina Bukan Cina or "Banana" - yellow on the outside white on the inside, because I am an English-speaking Chinese. I still remember my first trip to Taipei many years ago. When my Taiwanese friends learned that I could not speak nor write Chinese, they thought I must be an alien from another planet. I have many times tried to pick up the language but have been quite unsuccessful. Maybe the left side of my brain is not communicating with the right side.

On the other hand, I have a Malay student (I am a part time lecturer as well as a consultant) who spoke and write proficient Mandarin as he was schooled in a Chinese school from Std 1 till Form 5. He is a marketing executive with a Chinese hardware company and doing extremely well. He even told me that many of his customers who are predominantly Chinese, love to deal with him as they found him rather unique. He is in fact the top salesman in the company. There were a few occasions when his boss was reluctant to give him a raise. All he did was to tell the boss that he had received a better offer from a competitor (which he did not) and immediately, his boss would give him a good pay rise to ensure that he stayed on.

mahaguru58 said...

See, I have been telling all the Malays that they stand to gain much more when they get to learn Mandarin instead of sticking to just one lingo in their skills department!

Najib was talking about 'Melayu Glokal' this and that before!

Suddenly he makes a 'U Turn' and asks that Malaysian Chinese employers stop asking for Mandarin requirement when taking in new employees!

Hello! Is he paying the salaries of those new employees?

It is the prerogative of the Malaysian Chinese employers to ask for anything they want!

They are the ones paying the employees salaries !

Ikut Suka Aku' lah! would be the apt reply from the Malaysian Chinese bosses!

Another thing, how does Najib expect the Malays to go 'Glokal' if they know only the Malay language?

No more Glokal lah..better stay local!

Your Malay friend is reaping the rewards of mastering Mandarin and he earns quite well, eh?

Well, good for him! I hope more Malays come to learn Mandarin from the centres here in KL's Wisma Selangor Dredging, East Block, 4th Floor, Lot E-04-C. Tel :03-2171 1776.

Call the number, try out the trial class, sign up your way to success!

Billy said...

Hi Bro MG, once again, many thanks for your kind response. Just to add a little more to what I have said earlier.

I used to be a banker and there was this one male Malay teller based at our Rawang branch who took the initiative to write down greetings in Cantonese or Mandarin on a sticker label and have it displayed infront of him on the teller's window.

If he happens to service an elderly Chinese lady, he would either say, "Cho san, ah poh" or "Chow ann, ah poh" both mean "good morning, grandma". Or if he had not seen that customer for sometime, he would ask in Cantonese, "Ah Pak, leh ho mah?" (Grandpa, how are you?). These old folks would just get thrilled that a Malay staff bore such courtesies. I have two other tellers who are Chinese but the queue at his counter always seem to be the most popular with the customers. Whenever, the old ladies walked into the banking hall and upon seeing him, there is always that gleam of joy when they would called out to him, "Zainal, Zainal" to get this attention and he would smile and greet them at the same time. There is a Chinese kampong located at the back of the branch, and there would be times when this staff get invited for a cup of tea with one of the families. Then came one day when we need to transfer him to our city branch. Immediately the residents petitioned in against the transfer order and said that if this guy get transferred out, they woudl tranfer all their deposits to a competitor bank located nearby. We rescinded the tranfer order.

I find this hard to believe if I had not seen it with my owns eyes; and it only goes to show language can, not only bring people together, but heal the soul as well, without being forced to do so.

anthraxxxx said...

hahaha i'm another malaysian chinese banana who can't write and only recognized certain chinese characters. But I can speak mandarin although I'm not a pro speaker since I'm more fluent in the cantonese dialect. Can't thank my course mate enough for polishing my mandarin because I'm extremely horrible in mandarin before I entered college. Not to mention I also picked some hokkien along the way because most of my coursemates are from Johor hehehe.

mahaguru58 said...

Just being me in speaking as I feel about all these unnecessary brouhaha stirred up by the news media lately concerning the Mandarin language requirements issue that was bandied about by the country's racist politicians a few months back!

The famous hadith about the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam asking us Muslims to ' Go Seek Knowledge even if it takes us to China' @ 'Utlubul Ilma Walaw Fis Sin' is referred to.

A thousand over years ago, the Prophet's maternal uncle Sa'ad ibni Abi Waqqas was despatched by the 3rd Caliph of Islam, Saiyidina Othman bin Affan, Radhiallahu Anhu to preach Islam to the Emperor Tianhuang Dasheng Dahong Xiao of the Tang Dynasty in the year 650 CE.

The Emperor allowed Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqas to settle down in Gaozong and allowed the Muslim delegation to build the first mosque there and gave consent to Sa'ad ibni Abi Waqqas to teach Islam to the Chinese.

I figure that eventually the Muslims learned Mandarin and used the language to teach the millions of Chinese who are now descendants of the early Muslims in China!

The Chinese embraced Islam a thousand years before the Malays here in the Peninsular.

Mandarin builds bridges to Knowledge and Success as proven by China's continuing legacy of Muslims living there symbolising a union of hearts in the Faith towards Almighty Allah!

Malays here in Malaysia can tap into 6000 years of ancient valuable traditional culture that merited the enjoining of seeking knowledge there by the Greatest Messenger of God, the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

I myself am studying it on my own and will soon go full swing into mastering it.

I am a bit busy with my work hence am studying it when I am free.

Those who have time should grab the opportunity to learn from the masters coming from the world famous and historical Shanghai Jiao Tong University,who are our Laoshi!

Billy said...

And come to think of it, the population of Chinese Muslims in China now numbered 25 million, more than the total population of Malaysia.