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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tawheed Ar -Ruboobeeyah - Explained

As a continuation of the attestment of God's Oneness is this most important bastion of belief in Almighty Allah which is called 'Tawheed ar Ruboobeeyah'.

It means to know without an iota of doubt of Allah being the Only Creator and God of the entire Creation.

Tawheed means attesting that there is none other worthy of us submitting ourselves to other than to Almighty Allah.

When we do that , accepting none other but Almighty Allah, we are then known as being among those who are called as the Ummah of Tawheed.

We can't let our belief in Allah waver for even a tiny fraction of a second!

If we do that, have doubts in Allah, we are guilty of committing syirik, which is adjoining something else to Our Lord God Almighty, Allahu Ta'ala.

We should realise that this earthly life is but a temporal stage that each and every living being goes through.

No matter whether it is mankind, animal, insect or plant, tree, whatsoever ...each will pass through a cycle , a stage from one stage and realm of existence into another.

From being created as a living soul without body or form, we are then infused into the embryo @ foetus when God creates us in our mother's womb, then we are delivered from the womb into this mortal world as a helpless infant.

Unless someone cuts that umbilical cord connecting us to the placenta of our mother, we will be kicking and screaming for sheer life and eventually pass away if unattended to.

We then are cleaned, have the umbilical cord cut off, severing the physical links to our mothers but the emotional attachments are always there.

We are then swaddled with cloth, and fed with milk and nurtured according to the prevailing circumstances.

From not knowing anything, we are then raised as a baby; then as a child. Values are taught to us and according to the norms of our individual parents, we will be raised as Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, etcetera.

We are not held accountable for any sins or mistakes we make from our early childhood days till we reach the stage of puberty.

After achieving puberty, each and everything we do are held accountable and good deeds will be recorded and rewarded with blessings and sins will be recorded in our Book of Records by the Angels ascribed to each and every one of us.

Malaikat Raqib recording our good deeds on our Right shoulder and Malaikat Ateed on our left.

Depending on what we are taught or come to learn on our own, our definition of God depends on what has been revealed to us by our teachers and masters.

Some of us are blessed to be able to understand exactly what is being taught and our faculties of reason allow us to understand about God as He has revealed to us Mankind through the Final Messenger and the Last and Final Testament of God to us, the Holy Qur'an al Kareem.

Many go through life not knowing about God or even bothering to learn about their Lord!

It is a paramount duty of each humanbeing to learn and equip oneself with the correct knowledge and information about Almighty Allah so as to qualify oneself as being amongst those who glorify their Lord, acknowledge the Majesty of their Lord and Supremacy of the One who created them in the first place ; to be an Ummah of the Final Messenger of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala , Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, Khatamun Anbiya iwal Mursalin!

Insya Allah!

Muslims need to be knowledgable and seek the Truth about our Rabb by reading and studying the revealed Risalah of Islam that our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam has left for us by the Revelations in the Al-Qur'an al Majeed and in his numerous Hadiths.

In many verses of the Al Quran, we find two kalimats that describe Allah. First the kalimat 'Rabb' and the second, the kalimat 'Ilaah'.

In the verse 'Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen' is found the kalimat 'Rabb' for God and in the Ayat 'Wa ila hukum Ilaahun wahidun' is found the kalimat 'Ilaah' for God Almighty, Allahu SWT.

Hence, the Scholars of the 'Ilm of Tawheed' classify Tawheed to be separated in two.

First, is the 'Tawheed Ar Ruboobeeyah' originating from the kalimat 'Rabb' and the second 'Tawheed Uluhiyyah' originating from the kalimat 'Ilaah'.

Rabbul Alameen means 'God who creates the entire Universe' that is why Tawheed Ruboobeeyah is understood to be the Tawheed of Creation.

Whereas 'Ilaah' means God who is Worshipped ; that is why Tawheed Uluhiyyah means the Tawheed of Worship.

Tawheed Ruboobeeyah is the attestment that this entire Universe, whether it is the visible, physical world (the World of Matter) or the spiritual world ( the World of the Ruuh @ Souls) is created by One God, the same God who created the Earth, the Sky, the Moon, the Sun and the Stars.

The One God who created the Djinns, the Malaikats @ Angels and the Devil @ Satan.

The One God who created and still creates and gives Life to each and every living being, animals, insects, germs, bacteria, etcetera.

It is God who causes to grow each and every living plant, tree and vegetation.

It is God who has created my eyes as well as yours to be able to see and learn about all this and to know the difference between this and that.

It is Allah, God Almighty who has blessed us with life here on Earth and to be born on this land and also has created all the other lands and habitats on this planet.

It is this same God who has created the various forms of creatures from the gigantic dinosaurs of the prehistoric times to the gargantuan whales in the deepest oceans and the lumbering elephants in Africa and Asia to the tiniest annoying mosquitoes to the microscopic germs and bacteria prevailing in each and every living organism here on Earth and in the unseen realm of existence.

It is none other than Allah the Almighty who has created the Solar system and the Milky Way and Universes that Mankind has yet to discover and learn about.

It is Allah who has created everything that we have come to learn about and will still keep discovering until the Last Day, the Last Second prevails itself to us when it is time to stop all Life here on Earth and in the other side of Life.

Scientists know that Time is an ever expanding state and that the End of Time is when it will have reached it's end and will reverse one day and that day is Doomsday! Qiyamat; the Day when all will perish and be no more. Read the Qur'an to learn about it.

Tawheed Uluhiyyah @ Tawheed of Worship.

Tawheed Uluhiyyah
is that we worship only Allah the Absolute. We are to worship, glorify, ask for help, pray to and to perform our recitations, our Dhikr to only Allah, Lord and Master of us all.

Only Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala do we exalt and raise above everything else. Only to Allah the Most Powerful do we ask for protection from all evils and dangers out there from all sources!

Only to Allah the Almighty Most Merciful God do we ask for our needs here on Earth and Insya Allah, in the Hereafter as well.

We must not therefore ask for our needs from the dead in their graves, from the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, from the Malaikats @ the Angels, from any Wali's @ Saints , or from the Awliya's and Anbiya's , from any Sheikhs, from any Murshids or from the Ulama's @ Scholars dead or alive!

We can't be asking for help from any bomoh out there or from any 'magic keris' or ceremonial dagger, sword, amulet, creature, idol, statue, object or apparition conjured up by anything, physical or meta physical!

Some Sufi mureeds are misled into believing that their Sufi Syaikhs, Masters and Mursheeds are to be taken as their intermediaries when seeking anything from Almighty Allah!

If they do so , they are guilty of committing Shirik! Associating Almighty Allah with His Creation!

It is not befitting for us to seek the help of a 'postman' to deliver our message to Allah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem.

Those who take anyone else as their object of veneration are doomed to die as a disbeliever although on the surface they are seen to be very religious, very firm and very rigid in their worshipping of Allah whereas in their hearts, they seek the services of their Syeikhs and Masters to speak on their parts, to ask on their parts, from Allah!

This is wrong and it is an act of associating a 'makhluk' @ a created being to be on par with Allah, Lord God who is the Only One to whom we must address all our needs and prayers to without an intermediary!

The Syafa'at of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam will only be made available to us when we are all standing there in the Yaum al Akhirat, on the Day of Judgement after Doomsday facing the Judge above all Judges, Allahu Akbar Al Azhim!

Prior to that , we are not to seek any other help from any creation of Allah except to devote our focus, our attentions and our hopes only to Rabbul Jaleel, Almighty God!

Tawheed Ruboobeeyah @ Tawheed of Creation is therefore the right of every being, whether Muslim or Kaffir and even to the creatures which do not possess the intellect and the intelligence given by Almighty Allah to Mankind and also to the physical world inclusive of animate and inanimate objects.

Tawheed Uluhiyyah @ the right to worship only Allah is the right of those who admit that There is No other God but Allah who has created and still creates everything that comes to exist, and who lower their heads before the Lord, who perform their religious obligations by worshipping Allah, who recite their Dhikrs glorifying Allah, praising Allah, purifying themselves with repentance for their sins and those who observe each and every commandment of Allah with abiding to and following the teachings and example left to them by the Prophets of Allah and by following the teachings of His Holy and Sacred Kitabs which are all brought together and finalised in the teachings of the Holy Al-Qur'an al Kareem with abiding to the faith of Allah which is Al-Islam.

Tawheed Ruboobeeyah amounts to nothing if not joined with Tawheed Uluhiyyah!

Attesting that each and everything in this Universe is created by none other than God Almighty is worthless if not followed by Ibadah @ Religious Practices and Obligations as well as obedience to Allah, True God Almighty!

to be continued.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe there's a Baha'i community in Malaysia. Please report this to JAKIM to protect the sanctity of Islam.

mahaguru58 said...


The Bahai Community has been in existence here in Malaysia for the past 50 years!

Not that JAKIM does not know; it is just that JAKIM or JAIS or JAWI and all the other JA's do not have the autonomy or the backing of the Executive in taking any action against them!

You know why? Because you can't charge them under 'ajaran sesat' in Islam for they will claim that they are not Muslims in the first place!

The Church will not take action against them because they are not Christians!

The Hindu Sangam won't initiate action against them because the Bahai's will say they are not Hindus.

Same story with the Buddhists or the Sikhs!

Can't touch them seems to be the order of the day!

Leave them to Allah! He'll give them their dues!

Wallahu Alam Bissawab.