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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Anwar Ibrahim - Can he make a comeback in 2008?

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. A name that many still remember and because of whom, many still harbour some dark memories of having to face the FRU's batons and still sport some battle scars on their selfs to this date as a permanent reminder of how this man who rose to the pinnacle of power as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia , next to Dr.Mahathir Mohamad only to be smashed down so ruthlessly and viciously at such an extent that Malaysians can never even have dreamed that such a thing could have taken place here in this tropical paradise called Malaysia!

Some still wonder what the hell happened?

How could this man, so eloquent, so charming, so charismatic and so awaited by many to take over from Dato Seri Dr.Mahathir Mohamad ( now Tun) who was handpicked and groomed by the (former) Premier himself be treated with so much contempt and extreme disgust that it befuddles the mind to even recollect on all that has transpired?

His is the story that speaks of all the trappings of a made for Hollywood criminal conspiracy of the highest order that involved the entire Malaysian cabinet back then and till this day still marks the shadowy twists and turns that can keep a movie going audience rooted to their seats and hushed in silence watching the play after plays open up a whole new leaf in that episode that sort of destroyed a man's life so cruelly just as he was about to be crowned as the next Malaysian Prime Minister and Commander in Chief!

From the way he was sacked from all his governmental posts and disgraced with the vilest of charges of being a sodomite, to the way his home was broken into by balaclava clad Special Action Forces (Unit Tindakan Khas) of the Royal Malaysian Police complete with breaking of his homes windows (whereas the doors were wide open) to the deployment of the hundreds of Police Field Force personnel, to the way he was manhandled and dragged out of his home before his wife and kids, taken away to the Police Headquarters in the misnomer of Bukit Aman (Peace Hill), Anwar Ibrahim's tragic tale is simply something that this world can never forget or even should!

Not one of us can fathom the horror he was put to by the actions of the powers that be who were acting under the orders of the CEO of Malaysia Incorporated!

Even in America, hasn't happened something as dramatic as what took place that fateful night in Bukit Setiamurni 1, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur except for President JFK's assassination!

As the nation watched in shock and disbelief, the country's Deputy Prime Minister was taken by force and spirited away to the fortress of the nation's Police Headquarters where he was blindfolded and handcuffed and thrown into a police lock up cell!

As we later learned, Anwar Ibrahim was viciously and mercilessly assaulted black and blue till he passed out by none other than the culprit in the form of the then Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Rahim Noor!!! Talk about the IGP of Police taking the law into his own hands! Damn!!!

I mean, this is the nation's # 2 Supreme Leader we are talking about!

Only in an uncivilised country that is run according to laws of the jungle do we expect to see something like this being allowed to happen!

Damn ! And we all thought our beloved nation, our motherland, Malaysia is the land of peace and tranquility! Malaysia, Truly Asia! So the song goes!

Harrk! Ptuii!!! Would be what Singapore's Phua Chu Kang's reaction to such a buffoonery!

We have seen a very dangerous precedent take place in this nation! One that must never be allowed to repeat itself under any other administration and one that must be held to account and brought to justice ! If there is such a thing as the Rule of Law in this land, at all?

A gross travesty of justice where a man such as Anwar Ibrahim, a man who is one of the founders of ABIM (Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia) @ Malaysian Muslim Youth Organisation, a wonderful Islamic Youth Movement who have been doing so much good for this nation by their charitable works and missionary activities for the spreading of information about Islam, nationwide, has been treated in such a vile, ruthless, cowardly manner!!!

I am very, very sad and angry to see such a thing happen to a man whom I too was waiting to see lead this nation to greater heights and be a role model for us Muslims, here in this part of Asia and throughout the world!

I mean, let's look at the logic! He was accused of sodomy! Of all other accusations that might be credible because of his position and power, his cowardly enemies who had no balls to confront the fellow, man to man, chose to come up with such a disgusting accusation of being a sodomite!

You want to charge the fellow with corruption, fine! There's always a possibility of that because he was in the second next highest position of power in the land!

One can always frame someone up with that! We all know how things can be made to look that way!

With the way things can be set up to show that he squirreled away a billion or two here and there, set up a bogus account anywhere in the world, siphon off some funds here and there in his name or anyone of his family, things can simply be done to screw him up and down!

But to charge a family man of sodomy! Damn! How low can they go?

They did! They crucified the man to such an extent that those who were naive and didn't know Anwar in person, swallowed it all, hook, line and sinker!!!

Hello! We are talking about a man who has risen to the second topmost position in his career!

If he really was a demented, sick, perverted, lustful maniac, why the hell should he have to settle for the likes of an elderly professor when he can easily have arranged to have the sweetest virgins in the land be sent to fulfill his carnal pleasures?...if he was not the Anwar Ibrahim that millions of us knew and respected!

He surely had the finances to go get the best looking, most voluptuous women he ever wanted to lay if he was as they made him out to be!

Allah the Almighty is Most Just and Merciful! Today, Anwar Ibrahim has been proven to be not guilty and so has his adopted brother, Sukma been acquitted of all those cranked up charges!

I have asked Anwar Ibrahim in his blog, as to what he is waiting for? Isn't it time that he goes after all those who screwed him or has he lost his will? Has he lost his fire and zing that we all knew he had?

Zunar, in the cartoon here draws Anwar as he sees him! Is it really true that our firebrand whom we all knew him to be is finally fizzling out and will be relevant no more come 2008?

We shall all wait and see as the caption in the cartoon goes by! Anwar Ibrahim, we await you!

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kadiology said...

salam mahaguru.

anwar is a master strategist. from janitor to university profesor and even my friend that supposedly came back from cerdik pandai university like cambridge actually believe that anwar is being slander. even before anwar was arrested, he succesfully positon himself as someone yang 'dianiaya'. so any salah laku by him can be easily kill by one word, 'konspirasi'. no one actually discuss directly anwar relation with sukma, meor abdul razak, hairany muhd nafees and ismail harun. all of which are faggot, literraly! instead, they kill off that issue with one word, conspiracy. some people have even more sophisticated theory, that mahathir wanted anwar out because anwar screw up on 'other' things, probably his relations with US of some sort that made tun mahathir become mad, and that tun made things up to sideline anwar. things like sodomy, baby lotion, masturbation and DNA is too much to bear by malaysians i guess. anwar tikam kawan, or songlap 18 juta is more acceptable. but, i dont blame malaysians. maklumlah, dalam DUNIA ni, jarang sungguh ada manusia yang boleh berkhutbah dan mengimamkan sembahyang jumaat and at the same time boleh meliwat. not anwar, no way!