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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blame it all on the architects! UMNO Exco's New Game!

It must be real tough to be an architect nowadays in Malaysia!

Imagine getting screwed by those rich and infamous and being blamed for not getting things properly settled according to the rules and regulations of this nation for 'forgetting to submit and get approvals for the building plans' of mega dwellings for the wealthy Exco's and Top Guns of UMNO!

Tch! tch! tch! Really stupid can one be an architect aa for forgetting the cardinal rule of building anything?

One must have the building plans submitted and approved by the local authority right before even a pile is driven into the grounds! What more of all the necessary utilities and supplies to such houses by the various government departments and agencies, right?

We are talking about electricity supplies @ TNB, water supplies @ SYABAS, sewage disposal @ INDAH WATER CONSORTIUM, telecommunication supplies @ TELEKOMS, roadworks, drainage @ JKR, etcetera!

All these departments must either be so stupid as not to ask for the relevant documents and submission of the building plans if they have been approved in the first place before joining in the building works and infrastructure, wouldn't they?

I mean, even the local pakcik, apek or ayya would know to go get approval before building anything in their own backyard wouldn't they ? What more State Assemblymen and Local Municipal Councillors who are in the very first place, examples to be followed by the local public?

So, being an architect today is not really a profession to be proud of , right? It sure must be embarrassing to introduce oneself as being an architect for the 3 classic examples here sure do not elevate this glorious profession to the stage it should be by their being lambasted as being the root cause of all 3 evils!

Better change profession now....hmmm..what shall I be? Engineer, doctor, magistrate?

Brings to mind, the character of Nyonya Mansoor in P.Ramlee's 'Ibu Mertua Ku'.

Same old script! Nang buti nang...kui buti kui!...Architects nationwide are having nightmares!

Pictures courtesy of The Star Online.


Gukita said...

First, I have no love for leaders like this yang Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin. BUT it is true that the architect is a major player in private building projects. Architect must submit the necessary plans to Local Authority. And before you blame other authorities as stupid, get to know the playing field well first.

First and foremost, other authorities will only comment on submission of plans either by the architect or other authorised agent of the owner or by the Local Authority. The comments and conditions imposed by other authorities will be used by the Local Authority to approve / reject the submission. All in all, the full power of accepting or rejecting is in hand of the Local Authority. Whatever, the LA normally will not put its back on other authorities conditions because they will be solely blamed in case anything happen due to the non-compliance; e.g fire.

In this case, a Local Municipal Councillor who should know the rules choose to ignore it. The architect presumably assume that the strength his paymaster would prevent any action by the LA continue on the second step without completing the first step.

mahaguru58 said...

That 'stupid' label was meant to be a satirical jab at the local tough guys!

Not that I do not know what are the steps in building and land development!

I am a Landbanking Consultant myself for a Canadian company and from Raw Land to upgrading of status to Urban Reserve, Residential,Commercial or Agricultural land status designation, to them subdividing lots, on to the concept plannings and submissions to the local authorities and the land planning and development departments are all part of my run of the mill mantra which I repeat religiously to my landbanking prospects and clients!

The way the local authorities have been caught with their pants down so to speak with these latest fiascos in Klang is just three out of hundreds of thousands of other cases which have escaped the media's attention!

Even as we speak, there is a CD being circulated in Penang, showing the palatial mansions of all those in power there and causing Koh Tsu Koon to feel a little hot under the collar!

You don't have to go far to see the palaces of our bloody rich and famous here in Klang Valley!

Just take a leisurely drive up the Ampang Hills and witness grandeous homes of the fabulously rich Malays!

Some of those spreads have helipads, bro! Fuyoo! Who says that the Malays do not know how to live like maharajahs?

Well, to each their own! Allah SWT knows where they gained such riches!

It is up to the rulers to see to all that and for us just to write about it here in our blogs!

Creative writing I must say based upon our own views and news! :)

Meriza said...

salaams mahaguru,

looking at these pictures make me feel disgusted at them.

the problem with most malays is, diorang bila dah dapat sikit duit tu, ingat dah sangat berkuasa. bila dah dapat kuasa tu, dah tak ingat Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa.

kalau municipal councel, berapa sangat gaji diorang boleh afford multi-million dollar mansion. well, jual satay maybe bolehlah buat banyak duit. but the sources of their income is questionable.

melayu, sedar lah sikit. janganlah kerana nak untung sikit kat dunia ni, habis maruah dan hak orang lain tergadai.

macam mana nak jadik global camni kalau dah sikit pun nak jadik riak?

cyzrael said...

that's human. the will forget.
at the beginning, they tend to accept others' advices.
but as the go up, their ego becomes high.
they forgot.
and they are stubborn enough to follow others' advices.
become greedier.

and those are the results. people that are spoiled.

should get rid of those people. they are bunch of abusers who uses their power for their own good.

jbhlee said...

From these pictures of wealthy umnoputras, do you think bumiputras still need a 7% discount when buying houses? I dwell in a 800sq feet flat and i need the 7% discount to buy a house to cater for my wife and 2 kids.Even that DZ chap cries on tv, he will never get my sympathy.Cry as much as you want brudder!

mahaguru58 said...

All of us who are born on this land deserve to be given whatever discounts the housing developers are willing to give based upon our income levels.

Truly deserving cases such as low and middle income earners should be given such discounts irrespective of whether one is a bumi or non bumi.

Those who are wealthy no matter they be bumis or non bumis should not be given that discount. They can afford to pay the full price, why should there be such discrimination.

In Islam, there is no such discrimination. Our nation however does not practice the laws of Islam in full, hence we have such divisions and discriminations being practiced as they please.

My personl view is that such discounts must be given to the poor and needy irrespective of race or religion.This is my own views.

As for the ones flouting the natural sense of justice that Allah, God Almighty has already revealed to Mankind 1400 over years ago, they will face Him in the Hereafter and answer for their misdeeds. Insya Allah.

warrior2 said...

mahaguru, i am curious, how do you define the poor and the rich for that discount purposes? If i earn rm1000 am i poor? if i earn 2000, am i one? if i earn 3000, am i? 4000? 5000? 10000? whats your cut off level? does the number of dependents a criteria in determinig whether one is poor or rich if one earns RMX amount a month?

I take note of your view but how do you propose to do that?

mahaguru58 said...


I speak as a kampong guy. To me , those who earn more than 2000 ringgits a month, I consider them rich already! :)

If they can afford to live in a modest house, have a car, all the amenities of life as we all know,and have money to spare after paying all their bills, let's say 500rm in hand after deducting all, I in my kampong mentality will say that they are rich already!

Maybe here in KL, that is not applicable, since most people here have bigger expenses no matter that they earn more than RM5000 per month or what and have not that much after paying off all their bills at the end of the month!

I am just sharing my views that there must not be any discrimination between races and religion in giving those discounts!

Perhaps you know better. Care to enlighten us with your learned viewpoints!

Do you think its fair to dsicriminate amongst the Children of Adam Alaihisalam just because their skin color and religion isnt the same as the Malays?

After all, they too are born in this land, 3rd generations and all!

Perhaps you have the correct answers to jbhlee's question?

Meriza said...

salam mahaguru,

i beg to differ on so-called discrimination in Islam.

As I know from reading the Quran and studying Islam, Islam does put special favoritsm on it's fellow ummah above the non-believers. In every case, whether it's hiring, voting for leaders, business, etc... as Muslims, we must give preference to the capable Muslims.

Muslims take their fellow brethren as their Aluyia (friends, comrades) not the kafiruun. Read the Quran, and you will notice that God did ask us to give preference to the fellow Muslims.

So, what this country does, giving pref to the Malays/Muslims is actually in accordance to the Islamic law. Even in the old times, when Islam used to be at the peak of civilization, non-Muslims are subject to the Jizyah for staying in Muslim land, and be made to feel that they are the subjected citizens of the Muslim land.

This is in Islamic law.

In modern times, this is considered unfair. But in Islam, we uphold our brotherhood.

Beng said...


I totally agree with you. Fairness in Islam does not extend to non-believer, and that is stated in many verses in alQuran too.

But there are contradiction as well in the alQuran, hence what Mahaguru stated is also true.

Why cant the alQuran be more explicit or clear without contradictory verses. I understand abrogation is common in alQuran.

Wishing Allah would update the alQuran to be truly simple and clear for all.

Meriza said...


life is a bit of everything. it's not all absolute... all hate, or all love, or all dislike. it's about putting the things at the right places.

in the Quran, there are responsibilities and relatinships with regard for the human kind (so it will start with O' children of Adam), with the people of the book (Jews and Christians) and with the fellow Muslims.

If you want to make fun of our religion, you only look very ignorant at it.

the thing with ignorant people like you is, if you don't understand something, you call it foolish. But you are indeed foolish. you're not even learned! People who interpret the Quran actually have degrees and gone through some scholarship on the subject. They are knowledgeable and capable.

it's not for any tom DICK and harry to interpret the quran as how he pleases, alright? that's why we have mufti's ulama's and scholars. that's their job.

if you find it hard to understand the quran, please ask someone who is knowledgeable about it. i understand the quran, and if there are parts that I don't, i will refer to the learned people.

mahaguru58 said...

She speaks for me as well beng!

Not wise of you to ask Allah to update the Quran there blogger beng!

The Quran is complete and it encompasses everything in life and in the hereafter!

As Meriza says , it is us who needs to study in depth as to what the Oceans of Knowledge are in the Holy Quran, God's Final Testament to Mankind!

You don't go around misquoting the Quran by what little you have come to conclude on your own by reading just bits here and there and go pass your own judgements about it!

Scholars in time have studied the Quran and most of them acknowledge that the Quran is way ahead of its time of revelation and even as we type these words, there are billions of scholars and researchers out there who are discovering many, many new things in the 6,666 verses of the 114 Chapters of the Noble Quran!

Take heed of our words of advice dear beng and do not blaspheme against the Words of God!

And to correct you about misquoting me, never have I said that there are contradictions in the Quran!

Please refrain from such unnecessary insinuations. Hope you can do more indepth research about the subject before commenting! TQ.

Beng said...

Meriza and Mahaguru,

I am not surprised that both of you feel sensitive about your faith and that's typical of most Muslims. However, it is ironic that you allow emotion to over come rational thinking or am I being insensitive to raise a simple wish of a clear holy book that does not contradict or confuse its believer?

Based on what I wrote you concluded I am making fun of your religion and being ignorant, doesn't understand something and calling it foolish and hence I am stupid.

That's irrational at best and totally stupid at worst if your emotion gets better of you.

You said, "People who interpret the Quran actually have degrees and gone through some scholarship on the subject. They are knowledgeable and capable".

If quran can only be interpreted by learned scholars what's the purpose of distributing the holy book widely to the common people?

Perhaps I am stupid to notice that even among the learned Islamic scholars they cannot agree on many issues/verses in the Quran.

If you still think I am stupid, ignorant and trying to make fun of your religion, I apologize.

You failed to realize the issue I raised but since you are sensitive to open discussion I shall rest my case and leave you in peace.

You have no idea who I am and how knowledgeable I am on Islamic issues. But being stupid is exaggerated by Meriza.

Meriza said...

Contradictions in the Quran.

Life is about finding the moderate path. There is no extremisms in life. You cannot love all things, you cannot hate all things. You love certaing things, you hate certain things.

Islam is about that - finding the right balance, the right balance of moderation. Like I said, putting things at their right places.

For instance killing. It is absolutely HARAM to kill an innocent human being, Children of Adam, without justice. BUT killing is necessary in the right situations - criminals, a just war (when you've been transgressed), etc... byt the qualified persons.

Also about sex. It's not that you cannot have sex at all. Sex is allowed between married couples, lawful in the eyes of God. But absolutely haramm when two persons are not married, or with peoples made unlawful by God - your suckiling mother, sister, own mother, etc...

That's why you see so-called contradictions in the Quran. The Quran asks you to think.

See, moderation and finding the right balance.

Why is the Quran being sent out to the general public if normal people aren't allowed to simply interpret it?

Reading or reciting the Quran alone (even babbling Arbic text) is considered a good deed already. (Dapat pahala) Just reading it, even without understanding the word. Our mission as Muslims is also to spread the Message; so if people receive the good message of the Quran, good for them. We just pass the message.

But every humble, truthful and smart person, recognizes his weaknesses and leave it to the learned people's to interpret what they aren't able to do. Like if you are sick, you go to a certified medical doctor. Same thing with the Quran, interpretations are done by qualified scholars.

And another things, you CANNOT interpret the Quran in any other language but Arabic. Imagine, the Quran was revealed 1400 years ago. The Arabic language has evolved so much since, that there even have a special class to understand the Arabic used in the Quran called CLASSICAL Arabic. Talk about learning a new language!

Beng, I take offence because your comments are slanderous and ignorant too. Us calling you foolish, and stupid fits you really well when you asked God to change the Quran just because YOUR mind does not understand it.

If you don't understand it, doesn't mean hundreds of millions of Muslims over time does not. Your incomprehension is NOT our problem, but yours. You fail to seek knowledge from the learned peoples, yet you make very insulting statements about our religion.

There you have it!

Again, don't try to be a smart alec to us. You look foolsih and stupid!


mahaguru58 said...

Looks like the subject of this posting has been led astray by blogger beng!

I am not interested in prolonging this unnecessary debate between beng and us!

I don't like having to call anyone anything and thus am closing this comment on this topic.

No more comments on this particular topic please.

Blogger beng,let's move on! You can keep your views and so can we.

Rest easy bro. Have a nice day! :)

Pro-rights said...

-he is considered part of the 'approving' authority,i am sure he knows the rules and regulation,blaming architect is a poor excuse,raayat are not stupid.

-i was told by my malay friends that there is no central authority in islam,that why sometimes it's difficult to reach consensus on certain issues.well,that my view.