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Monday, November 06, 2006

Malay Mail's Boo Boo! Risking a slap on the hand or the face?

We all know what Malay Mail has tried to do and what the Malaysian government's reaction has been with regard to the blatant attempt by either the tabloid or it's journalist by the supposedly enticing name of "KOKO-LICIOUS KALBANA PERIMBANAYAGAM" -and the title of her post ' Let's Talk about Sex!' has sort of got the Deputy Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak pissed off by it's attempt to break into a subject considered as a 'taboo' in our land!

Malaysians even without discussing or debating about a matter as sensitive as sex have been proliferating since our forefathers have settled onto this land.

We all have our own religious and cultural guidelines as to deal with this aspect of our humanly needs and natural wants in order to procreate and continue our family's lineage and heritage.

Our forefathers and parents before us needed not to have to engage in such sensitive discussions and open talk about matters that take place on their beds and resulting in our being here today!

Having to ponder on this very subject that has been left to run riot in the Western civilisation and as a result made waste with something as precious and as honourable as a matter of lovemaking between a husband and a wife but now turned into something cheap and tasteless as animal lust and as a 'pastime' for those who have been enamoured with the liberalisms of the decadent lifestyles rampaging in the West!

The Malaysian Government has to deal with this affront to our Eastern values and attempt by the tabloid to sensationalise something that when mishandled can be very offensive and further ruin the already reeling social impact of trying to ape and emulate degrading mannerisms of the sick cultures coming from the West!

I see this attempt as trying to rake in more circulation income from this tabloid based on it's very 'bold' headline to stir the people's imagination into shedding away time honoured inhibitions and turn sex into something to be openly discussed by everyone!

When a tabloid such as this is allowed to get away scot free from any repercussions from their irresponsible actions in printing and publishing matters that ought to be handled in a manner that befits it, the following consequences will be that of widespread couldn't carelessness left to spawn and breed out of control!

The one thing thing that sets us apart from the society in the West is our age old traditions of respect and honour that we have inherited from our forefathers.

We pay respect to our parents and our elders and we do not openly discuss matters such as sex in public.

The writer and editor of this particular tabloid are experimenting and checking the waters to see whether they would be just given a slap on the wrist for daring to go against the norms in our society but actually they ought to be given a bloody slap in the face by the authorities!

I would like to see what steps the relevant authorities are going to take against this tabloid and whether the Malay Mail would be allowed to get away with this post of their's?

It is one thing to progress in opinions and general knowledge but it is another attempt to destroy a cultural norm and tradition of according certain subjects their proper place in our lifes and social guidelines so as not to destroy all that we are held respected and honoured for all this while by the world; that being our respectable Eastern values and traditions.

The individuals can do as they please and get their dues as a result of their actions. Attempts such as these however do have a widespread affect on society and if left to run riot would eventually turn our society into the lawlessness, deprived society that is now wreaking havoc in the Western civilisations of today!

Unlawful sexual acts between unwedded couples and incest is already turning into a major problem in this land and a result of irresponsible behaviour by those fiends and felons masquarading as holy moly individuals in society.

Watered down punishments by the justice system here in Malaysia is seeing this abominable transgressions of these sex offenders being allowed to repeat itself over and over again as a result of not punishing the Sex Predators according to God's Laws!

The result is a steady climb in the number of rapes, incest, sodomy and other crimes against the young womenfolk of Malaysia and the perpetrators left to repeat their crimes over and over again by the justice system failing to teach these animals a very strong lesson and eliminate this scourge once and for all!

This posting by the Malay Mail simply adds fuel to the fire and ought to be reprimanded effectively by the Malaysian authorities! We do not need to ape the socalled liberal values of the West in order to be 'progressive'!

Without being 'liberal' we already have been here , alive and well in our own ways , intact with our inherited values from our forefathers.

We are sought after by many from the West who come seeking values to live their lifes by and make some sense in their hollow souls as a result of the disappearance of values and traditions in the ever evolving and losing its values Western society!

Do not throw away our self-respect and our time honoured values just to look 'cool' according to some dimwits in society!

You wouldn't know a good thing until it is taken away from you and lost forever in the annals of time! Reflect and repent O Malay Mail!

We can still progress as a people without falling prey to such a decadent outlook on something as personal and private as sex!

Permissiveness is just asking for society to do as they please and a backward move to lawlessness in our midst! Even as I type this, the social rot in this nation is getting from bad to worse!

Malay Mail seems eager to lead those who are sick and ignorant about such evils to a far worse condition!

This is my personal observation. Malaysians need to be aware of the direction such publishings can take this nation to.

A chasm of indifference already seems prevailing in the hearts and minds of our very gullible young people due to such trains of thoughts which is a one way ticket to personal failures and misery!

It's better to prevent than to try and cure! It's easy to destroy what we have right now by being so foolhardy! I come across many such victims who lament their personal tragedies and regret having done as they pleased.

The media must be responsible towards what they print and publish. Personal self gratifications can be just that. Do not impose unto the general public what can hurt them in the end!

May we all be alert, aware and a bit more rational as to what we share with all!

Think before you type! This is a personal advice and not just mere hype!

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