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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Malaysians need to rally together to uphold Justice!

Dear fellow Malaysians!
Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Orang Asli's, Sabahan's and Sarawakian's! Each and everyone of us who is born here and lays claim to this land as his or her motherland! Take a step back and survey what's taking place in our multi ethnic, multi faithed country called Malaysia!

We need to realise that as long as we keep bickering over our differences in ethnicities and faith till Doomsday, the very parties who are crushing the rights of poor folks like the Kg Berembang villagers will continue to reign supreme in this land!

Yes, whilst the brave people of groups like JERIT and other social activists are willing to face grievous harm to themselves, get arrested by the authorities and have themselves imprisoned just because they dared to put to practice what is actually conforming to the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam:
'Whomsoever amongst you sees an injustice take place before you, then you must stop it with your hands (ability, power, strength); failing which you must speak out against the injustice (as we bloggers, writers,etc do) ; and if you can't even do that ; then to hate it (the injustice) in your heart! Surely that (hating in the heart) is the sign of those who are weakest in their faith and close to Kuffur!'

The reality is that if we, the people continue to remain separated into groups of individuals, each not willing to stand up and defend our collective rights to be allowed to live in peace and treated with the respect that we ought to be given by the relevant authorities, then we will see more instances like what is taking place in Kg Berembang, Ampang, Selangor repeat itself and those that are corrupt to run riot as they please in robbing this nation blind!

The authorities can't be expected to exercise proper accountability now after the changing of power from Mahathir to Abdullah Badawi!

Those two are just at the peak of governance of the Federal Government! It is the ones running the State Governments who do as they please for many of the government's agencies like the ACA are muzzled up and can't operate as they should because of the backlash that they face whenever they try and do their duties.

The officers get transferred, demoted, threatened and hassled in their daily activities. Official and invincible redtape permeates each and every government department, office and ministry.

These are all the various cancers that plague the frameworks of this 49 years old government. The ministers , director generals, heads of this and that might change and be replaced by others but the mindset remains ingrained into each and every part of the government machinery!

Even if one wants to do his or her duty as per the book, the senior corrupt ones will do their best to get the officer sacked or transferred elsewhere! They will even resort to black magic and cast spells to torment and terrorise the victim to even an early death! We all know tht such things do happen and take place here in our lands!

As long as the Earth exists, such people will continue to be there in different forms and names, but the evil remains the same. Lately, MPAJ, MPPJ,MPPP,MPK and many other local councils are being exposed to be the champions of injustice!

Local elections might be able to change the situation and stop the rot taking place in all those councils but without ourselves, the citizens, getting together and protect our rights and those of our fellow Malaysians, nothing will change!

Instead of fighting amongst ourselves unnecessarily, we must state our stands against the very corrupt ones ruining our lifes under the pretext of progress!

The rich become more wealthier whereas poor village folks become more destitute! Damn!


Anonymous said...

I agree it's time we take action to teach our government of the day a lesson.

People should start registering to vote if they're old enough instead of comfortably sipping their starbucks without a care in the world about current affairs.

I've always advocated more voter participation, no matter which camp they're rooting for.

This time around, if there's really a choice between BN and PAS on the ballot paper, I will tick PAS just to piss them off and prevent them from having a 2-3rd majority.

It's time all Malaysians, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, to band together and vote for the opposition party, ANY opposition party so we can reduce BN's margin and humble them.

Maverick SM said...

Mahaguru, I agree 100% and surely the commoners must stand together, irrespective of race, color and creed to fight for the poor and deprived, and to voice and expose those corrupt officials and politicians, for a better tomorrow and a better Malaysia. It is time we expose the political conspiracy and the strategic Divide and Rule motives of the oligarchy, which had and was the sole contributory cause of the inability of the Bumis and Malays to strive and compete in a globalised world of capitalism and economics.

zaidi said...


What can i say?

i am appalled and saddened by this horrendous atrocity, i can only offer u guys my prayer!