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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Malaysians-We all need to cool down! Reflect on this.

The recent discussions about Apostasy and the fiery speeches made by some delegates at the recent UMNO General Assembly sort of has raised the temperature amongst those of us who do give a damn about what has and is taking place in this nation!

Malaysians in general are a very passive lot and are known for our 'tidak apa' attitude @ apathy!

We, the people of this country have weathered all kinds of instigative actions by those who love nothing more than to rent this country asunder with civil riots, bloodshed, destruction and mayhem!

Most of those who curse, rant and rave as well as spew hatred through the many online forums, chatrooms and blogs fail to reflect on how far we have all come to gain and attain a much more better stage of living a lifestyle that our forefathers could only have fantasised of!

When I look at the way our country was a few centuries back, I am amazed and grateful to God for all that we have now with us. Life back then must surely have been sort of a living hell and nightmare if we were to ever get transported back in time to the 1400's!

There were no proper roads, no facilities that we now take for granted with all our modern lifestyles and amenities.

The picture here shows KL as it was in 1884! All just attap huts with no proper drainage and sewage facilities! No airconditioned premises as we have today!

No electricity to speak of and if not for the 'Colonialists', progress would have not made it to our shores as we now have it.

Let's be a bit realistic here. Sure, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British have invaded our country and spirited away most of our country's gold and riches and sort of left us as a sucked up orange but look at us now.

Through the teamwork of the various nationalities and ethnicities, both native and immigrants, we have together built up this nation with our forefather's blood, sweat and tears.

Looking at the weather beaten, darkened, craggy faces of those Malays, Chinese and Indians of old in the grainy black and white photos and the imagery of the 'Orang Putih' @ the 'Tuan's', with their handlebar moustaches and 'keep up the stiff upper lip Old Chap' poses of our former Colonial masters, I can't help but smile reflecting as to how times have changed!

Click on the photos to see them in a larger view, Insya Allah!

From simple atap huts, held together with rattan strips and hand hewed timber from our jungles and erected on marshy lands, the nation's capital @ Kuala Lumpur has grown to be one of the world's thriving metropolis complete with the world's tallest twin towers, arising into the clouds and showcasing our nation to be one that is to be reckoned with with our 'never say die' attitudes!

Take a look at how things were back then at the Padang @ Now Dataran Merdeka!
Indians with bullock carts were the transport providers back then. No Mercedes, No Proton!
If you had clothes to wear, you were already considered as 'Orang Kaya' @ Wealthy Folks!

Today, the great great grandsons and granddaughters of those poor folks argue so viciously as to who owns these lands? They forget the Story of Qarun and all his riches! Gone! Swallowed up by this Earth! All as a result of being too bloody greedy! Go search for the story!

Today, people who never had to go hungry for want of food talk about freedom of this, freedom of that, the Constitution and all legal mumbo jumbo as if they have built this country all by themselves and know better than all the others!

We forget that in those hard times, our forefathers were all united as one people!
They each did their own thing and never encroached into the others religious matters or bothered to differentiate between their skin colors! Our forefathers observed respect and were courteous to each other!People simply lived as one large happy family and cared for each other.

When World War 2 broke out, all Malayan citizens suffered and all helped out each other in order to survive from the Japanese Armies atrocities.

Malaya gained independence through the joint efforts of our forefathers. The Malays being the larger majority did all they could to fund Tunku and all the other Chinese and Indian leaders trip to London!

I am sure that some of you have read about how kampong folks took off whatever little pieces of gold and silver jewelleries they possessed and threw them into a sarong held by the activists of UMNO,MCA and the MIC to pool their resources to help the Malayan delegation pay for their airfares back then! The Makciks, Ah So's and Achees did their part for the country!

The spirit of unity back then is the foundation of this land! Never, ever , forget that! We must remain united as a country in order to succeed and progress!

We can't afford to see this country be destroyed because some bastards are so itchy to stab any other out there just to fulfill and satisfy their bloodlust and egoistic tendencies out of sheer hatred and being blinded by ethnocentric fallacies fuelled by jealousy and rage!

I mean all parties and groups concerned! It's not just UMNO,MCA,MIC,GERAKAN, DAP,PAS or PKR or whatever other names they want to label themselves with!

Don't sacrifice the fragile peace and harmony we now have and are enjoying!

If you want to eat, go ahead and eat till your tummy's bloated like hell! You want to do business? Go ahead, do so as best as you can! You want to build your homes high up into the skies? Shoot! Go build your own paradise!

No one's gonna stop you if you do it the right way! Earn your keep and your riches by following God's Laws! No one will be able to disturb you. Not a nose hair of yours will be plucked by anyone IF you are as clean as a whistle, so to speak!

The problem is that corruption still reigns supreme in our Malaysia Boleh! Honest dealings get stonewalled by those in the higher upper positions who whilst being still alive here on Earth have been entrusted with the Office to say 'Yes!' or 'No!'.

Usually , their 'Yes' comes with strings attached and the usual ' You scratch my back ; I'll scratch your's!' condition. This is the very cancer that is eating out our country from within!

I should know! One of my programs is stuck in limbo because the Chairman of one government body has done so. I leave him to Allah! He is the Chairman above all other Chairmans!

Insya Allah, this particular bloody Chairman will face Him, the Supreme Judge above all Judges in the Yaum al Mahsyar! Insya Allah!

Till then, it's back to square one for me. Got to keep on trying to seek my honest living! God Willing! I will.

Going back to the topic, I ask all those who are so fired up with the latest happenings and engaging in race based , ethnocentric hatred and inciting social unrest, to stop and think for a second : ' What if my country goes up in flames? What if I am the one responsible to spark off that vicious, volatile, bloodshedding of a riot that can destroy this land, this only place we can all call our motherland?'

Think and reflect on that! May peace and rational commonsense reign in our hearts and souls!

May Allah the Almighty show us all the way to peace and harmony for all in this nation we call 'Malaysia'!

God bless us all. Ameen, Ya Rabbal Alameen.

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