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Friday, November 10, 2006

Met fellow blogger Meriza Anna at KLCC's Al Marjan

Last Wednesday, I met my friend and fellow blogger Meriza Anna at the Al Marjan Lebanese Restaurant in Suria KLCC!

Her husband Azrul was supposed to be with us but he had to send their Honda Accord to the workshop as they had a slight accident a day before!

Her fellow French Class colleague Iranian student Pooyan joined us for some drinks and chit chat.

I met Meriza to handover a copy of the English Translation of the Noble Quran which she had asked me for.

Can't say no to her when I had just received a few copies earlier from the Islamic Councillor.

She needs it for her Study of the Qur'an so let's all pray that she puts it to good use and improves her's and her husband's Knowledge of the Qur'an al Kareem. Ameen Ya Allah!

Insya Allah , if I have the means in the future, I will see to it that hundreds and thousands of such Qur'an Translations are printed to order and be made available for free distribution to each and every person who comes asking for a copy!

Pooyan is studying for a Masters in Business Administration. He seemed very much into himself and sort of had a very quiet demeanor about him.

Nevertheless, I sort of gave him a pep talk into being more positive about life and shared some info about Islam in the few minutes we had!

Overall, it was a good meetup and we parted our ways after our drinks! Au revoir madame!


Umm_fi_Ard said...

That nice of you to give her the transliteration of the quran which she needs. I'd like one too.( Just joking). I've a few different transliteration actually. In my opinion, if we have the time, the best method is to learn the arabic language and grammar as well as relying on the transliteration. Then we can really appreciate the beauty of the Quran and its true meaning.

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum wr wb!

Dear Sister Umm_fi_ard,

It's the least I could do!

If I had my way and am able to, there's nothing I'd love more than to have a container full of the Noble Qur'an and it's various translations to be given away free to each person who comes asking for a copy!

Insya Allah, I'd be holding Arabic Classes at the centre which I'm proposing to establish at the Masjid Jamek KL!

Please do'a for me to pull this through! Ameen!

Jazakallah for your wellwishes!

Wassalamualaikum wr wb!

InMine said...

If you are internet savy or work in IT industry you can get free online here
you can also read introduction for each surah by Maududi.

If you have money to spend just go to SABA Islamic Media in Taman Setia Wangsa and spend some money to purchase a copy. You can buy Yusuf Ali version, Picthal version or Shakir version.

I do not want a free copy from you, and would prefer you give free copy to the non-muslims who are interested in Islam. Muslims should make effort to purchase themselves. InsyaAllah, the money we spent to educate ourselves in our own religion will be rewarded by God.

I gave a copy of Yusof Ali's translation to my 14 year-old daughter for her to read.

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother,

Jazakallah for coming in to comment and sharing with us your viewpoints.

I applaud you for giving a copy of the English Translation of the Qur'an to your daughter!

Alhamdulillah! This is an act that must be emulated by all parents.

May Allah SWT bless you and your daughter in your efforts to increase your Ilm in Islamic Knowledge.

Regarding giving the Quran Translations, I do not discriminate between those who are already born as Muslims or those who have yet to embrace Islam!

Many of the Muslims themselves need to be assisted in any ways that we can and giving a copy of the Qur'an to a fellow Muslim or Muslimah must not be questioned or even be regretted!

We must spread Islamic Knowledge to all mankind no matter who, what background or social standings!

I hope that those of us who are in the Dakwah efforts to not differentiate between Muslims and Non Muslims when sharing information about Islam.

We must always have good faith in all those whom we meet and liase with.

I have met many 'born Muslims' who do not even know the basics of our faith so whenever I can I try to help them out by giving them whatever publications and guidebooks about Islam that I have in my possession at the time.

Allah SWT knows best as to our intentions and we should help everyone we can.

So, let's do what we can while we can and not pick and choose in doing Dakwah Fisabilillah!

Wabillahi Taufeek Wal Hidayah ; Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

Meriza said...

Salam inmine,

Thanks for the advice.

I was actually looking for a particular translation which I am very grateful to have from mahaguru, Dr Muhd Muhsin Khan.

I do not know Saba Islamic Media had a book store in Malaysia.

It's good to give the Quran to ANYONE espcially Muslims who are eager to improve themsleves. As a sales person, wouldn't it be an easier sell to a person who's already convinced about your product than a person who don't?

Anyway, I'm sure that free copy is a lot from where it came from.

Thanks mahaguru. You gave me almost exactly what I want.


InMine said...


SABA Islamic Media main office is located at the same block as but at the opposite end of Maybank Taman Setiawangsa. If you have small kids you can even let them play in the playpen area and also watch vcd/dvd. I used to lose myself there for hours reading books there. If you are in the area yu can stopby and browse. You can even apply for membership card where you can enjoy discounts on your purchase. I used to have chit chat with a revered Brother Shah Kirit (now a rarely see him there - I heard he is busy with his dakwah work).

Another source that I frequently used is which you can even purchase online.

Personally, I feel that we as a "born-into" Muslim have it easy, we do not have to "struggle to surrender" (credits to Prof. Jeffrey Lang for using his title of the book - Struggling to Surrender) compared to our brothers and sisters who have to "struggle to surrender".

As a side note: For a "born-into" Muslims (especially from the Eastern), Jeffrey Lang's book is considered dangerous and misleading but for many reverts in western world, his questions were relevant questions.

Meriza said...


I don't want to sound defensive about your comments about me, but are you suggesting that myself as a born Muslim has had it easy, and not struggle much? I do not think that this is very fair assesment for a stranger you obviously has not met before.

Well, I consider the Quran to be a gift from mahaguru, it is my second copy which I have with me since my teens.

I honestly think you are making very unfair assumption about people you don't know and you assume that born Muslims don't struggle enough? I suppose different people's state of being is different from others, and many born Muslims like me have to struggle first with ignorance and pressure of society(Westernization), as well taking religion for granted.

I do feel quite offended by your comments about it that you assumed so much about people that you have not met before. From your comments, do you think that we do not part with our wealth/time/knowledge or struggle enough to please God? How would you know that if you haven't even met me(or know me)?

Thank you anyway for informing me where the Islamic bookstore is. At least I know I have more options than just Kinokuniya and MPH, whose collections are pretty limited.


mahaguru58 said...


I ask that no more references to this matter is made.

You have said your piece, we have said ours. So be it.

I am closing comments for this topic.

This is my advice. Do not skimp whatever resources in one's possession and discriminate against anyone in sharing Ilm.

No more commercial references will be allowed here.

I hope my advice is seen to be just that. End of this matter please.

Thank you. Wassalamualaikum.

InMine said...

Dear Bro. Zainol;

Since you have closed the comment for this topic, I would be grateful if you point out to Meriza that I use the word "we" when I referred to "born-into muslims". The reason why I used the word "we" and not "you" because "I" myself felt that I had it easy. I do not have to srruggle to be into Islam like other reverts.

I thought being western-educated and from upper-middle class and all, she would have understand the difference between "we" and "you".

If she felt slighted then I apologize for her discomfort. But my comment about born-into-muslim still stand.

(remember what you called me in one of your response to my comment about "Islam" was deleted from myKad?)