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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sisters in Islam get skewered by UMNO Penang!

Sisters in Islam got skewered in the UMNO General Assembly recently in the PWTC!

The UMNO delegate from Tasek Gelugor, Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang , Tuan Haji Shahbudin Yahya lambasted the group openly on Astro's Channel 94 live coverage from the Putra World Trade Centre and took them to task for 'undermining' the position of the Shariah Courts of this land!

Excerpt of his speech taken from The Sun Online :

"SIS concentrates on how to weaken the Syariah court judiciary system. They created issues, not to improve it (the Syariah court), but to create doubts so that people will reject the court. They focus on one or two cases to try to belittle the Syariah court.

"If they are really sincere to help us, why don't they look into other problems of the Muslims such as drugs? (Because) they do not have interest in that. That is not their focus. I challenge them, if they are really sincere to bring development to Islam, let us all work towards solving the issues on economy and social ills of the Muslims. "On the other hand, the IFC discusses the position and privileges of Islam in the constitution. It questioned the articles 11(4), 12(2), 74(2), 121(A) and others. These are its focus.

"The IFC is a combination of different religious bodies, demanding the same right as Islam in Malaysia.

At the same time, they want Islam to be treated the same as other religions, including Bahai.

"Bahai is a philosophical religion which combines a collection of several principles taken from other religions including Islam.

Are they trying to treat it (Bahai) the same with other religions? This is definitely a no no!

"But they are working towards weakening the position of Islam in the constitution.

SIS wants to weaken the Syariah court institution. "

And the Penang Global Ethics. I brought this especially to you because it has yet to spread to other states. But this is the threat. This project tries to get society to treat all religions the same.

But in the end, when they feel they cannot work together, they will say, we must drop religion and hold on to this so-called global ethics.

"The Konrad Adenauer Foundation has been in Malaysia for more than 30 years.

It is the political foundation of the German Christian Democratic Party and promotes "peace, freedom and justice".

End of excerpt. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

As a Muslim, I object to the Penang Global Ethics movement to equate Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala with manmade and man imagined values and status of God being given to all the other deities that have no rights to be worshipped save for Allahu Akbar!

I call upon my brothers in Penang to go report against this movement to the Majlis Agama Islam Pulau Pinang!

Doesn't anyone in MAIPP keep tabs on what's taking place there in my home island?

A wake up call to MAIPP Penang in local dialect:

'Dok tidoq kah apa Ustaz? Cuba pi tengok apa depa dok buat raplah jingga tu kat sana?

Awat tak berani nak tegoq kah? Kata ada kuasa 'Amal Ma'aruf Nahi Mungkar!'

Guna lah apa kuasa yang ada dari dok biaq cacing naik ke mata!

Ramai dok ada kat sana tu ; boleh minta tolong kat Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO dan PAS turun sama!

Pi habaq kat Haji Yassin kat Masjid Kapitan Keling. Dia gerenti boleh panggei puak puak yang patut pi banteras jendalu ni!'

Haji Kamarudin Santana bin Abdullah , Pengerusi IPSI kat Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang boleh bantu sama. Tu semua Da'ee yang boleh diharap!

End of wake up call to MAIPP!

Those in Penang can ask the authorities about this. Anyone in Penang reading this, please update me as to this 'development'. Jazakallah!


elhakim said...

Fellow muslims,
Now, it is clear to us that Sister in Islam is betraying Islam selama ini.

For me, sister in Islam is not alone in deteriorating Islam from inside. There are many many more. They are truly enemies of Islam, the traitor and Munafiqqeen. May Allah curse them all.

Just one Question. Who are really behind this culprit? I guess not only Marina Mahathir. There must be a superior-thing who give the thoughts to establishe this ignorance organisation.
Who are the advisors?
who are the masterminds?
Rotary Lion Clubs?

Please answer this.


menj said...

SIS are just a couple of byotches who have nothing better to do with their time apart from mocking Shariah and Islam.