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Monday, November 06, 2006

'Terlajak taip boleh 'delete' ; terlajak 'Enter' tak boleh 'backspace'

So, the Malay Mail apologises!

The thing is the damage has already been done!

Whatever credibility the tabloid has been establishing for itself over the years goes down the drain, the minute it's editors chose to print such tasteless articles!

In these times, if Malaysians really need to discuss about such things, there is already the worldwideweb, here on this internet!
Anyone who has access to the internet has access to all the info it contains. The good, the bad and the uglies are all available at the click of a button!

Sex is not something that is so ultra secret that a national tabloid such as the Malay Mail has to soil itself with in the first place.

There are already many 'dime a dozen' thrashy magazines littering up the newstands and 'mamak' bookshops!

Only sickos and those looking for cheap thrills will go read such drivel! Mature responsible adults do not have to read up on such stuff which we already do know and enjoy within the confines of holy wedlock as per the generations before us.

Those responsible for the publishing of the offensive articles ought to be punished accordingly!

In these times where honor and a sense of decorum is fast being eroded by the already going decadent lifestyles that many ignorants among the masses are aping without knowing the consequences of doing so, this unwarranted publishing of the Malay Mail just puts me off from buying the tabloid any further!

I used to appreciate it's different mannerisms of journalistic write up and bought it whenever I saw an attractive headline on the tabloid, but yesterday's boo boo is just my reason to say 'bye bye' to it from now on!

My header for this post says it all in typical Malaysian style :

'Terlajak taip boleh 'delete' ; terlajak 'Enter' tak boleh 'Backspace'!

Time to face the music ..or in this case ..the 'repercussions' from your actions! Hammertime!


Lizzam said...

"...stuff which we already do know and enjoy..."

How sure are you that "we" know what "we" are doing and how sure are you that "our" partner enjoys it as "we" do?

it's because "we" are ignorant of our incopetence and "our" lack of knowledge that "we" shun away these topics.

"In these times, if Malaysians really need to discuss about such things, there is already the worldwideweb, here on this internet!"

are you incouraging internet porn?on the net, where people can easily hide behind nicknames and celerity/funny images, how professional can we be in writing/reading/researching such stuff? who's monitoring, and who's determining what is what?

If sex is not allowed to be talked openly in a professional manner, then how are we going to educate ourself on sex?

mahaguru58 said...

Assalamualaikum 'lizzam'.

For a person who comes across as a decent Muslim chap ( I checked you up) you seem to lack a common courtesy of first according me my rights to be greeted with a 'salam'!

Secondly, what is it that you do not know about Sex that you need the Malay Mail to teach you about it?

Thirdly, for all your 'intellectual' thoughts you have been sharing about, how can you go on and accuse me, your brother in Islam of advocating 'internet porn'?

I mean, I do not want to make you look stupid, but hello? Have I been blogging as you say all these while?

When I say, use all resources to learn about the good, the bad and the uglies, where do I give you the hint to go look for porn?

If that's your thing, you answer for it!

The audacity of you to say something like that to me, whom you have yet to know personally!

Don't you go committing fitnah upon a fellow Muslim as you have upon me!

Don't you as a Muslim, know that there are two Malaikats @ Raqib on our right and Ateed on our left , recording each and every deed that we do, good or bad , 24 7?

Or don't you know that nothing escapes the monitoring of Allah SWT here on Earth and all Creation?!

What a shame and disappointment for me to know that for an intelligent fellow like yourself (based upon my checking out your blog,etc); you have failed to see what my posting against the Malay Mail's boo boo actually was.

I can't please each and everyone who thinks like you out there brother..but know this writings are meant purely as a reminder to society not to fall prey to fitnah and ignorance perse.

Allah SWT knows me best and I leave it to him and my readers to judge whether I am as you are slandering me as or otherwise!

'Fitnah adalah satu dosa besar!'

You can go learn from the Malay Mail writers and editors as much as you like since you claim to want to discuss about sex professionally with them.

By all means! El proceedo!

I have no objections with that!

My fellow bloggers know who I am and who I am not and I leave it to Allah SWT to show us as to who's who or what?

Wabillahi taufeek wal hidayah!

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

May Allah SWT be my guide! Ameen.

menj said...

Well I guess some people believe that they can learn sex only through porn. Perhaps they never heard of Wikipedia or an online journal on human sexuality without the involvement of lurid depictions of lovemaking.

This is not a Western nation and we will never adopt the lurid moralities of Western culture. There are some things which needs to be confined to the bedroom. Sex is one of them.


mahaguru58 said...

Jazakallah khairan kathiraw Brother MENJ for stating the obvious!

Tis a shame that some folks prefer to learn about the subject through 'open' discussions via tabloid newspapers! :P

It is a sad day indeed for Malaysia when its citizens like our chap here does not know how to differentiate between utilising the internet to seek good, decent knowledge that encompasses so many branches of Ilm that the first thing that comes to his mind in using the internet is pornography!

Guess that's the only websites he knows and goes to learn about of all things ...Sex!

God save his spouse or mate for the obvious wrong reasons he surfs the net for!

May the truth enlighten him! Ameen!

Nang buti nang..kui buti kui.Aiya!

What can ever we do for such folks?

Leave them be to their vices..err studies...from the Malay Mail!:D

Friend from Texas said...

While lizzam does raise some good points on open discussions, this point by Mahaguru says it all:

Secondly, what is it that you do not know about Sex that you need the Malay Mail to teach you about it?


Malay Mail aside, education on sex is important, whether it is via parents or a structured syllabus in school (preferably the former). Kids will learn it either way, but better by reliable sources than through porn, poorly informed friends, or even worse....from an encounter with a pedophille.

Lizzam said...


First and foremost I would like to apologize for my lack of common courtesy. It's a fault on my behalf, I agree. And also I would lke to apologize for my my late response.

I may not have the knowledge and experience on sex, but what I do know for a fact is many lacked knowledge in what their partners want in bed. Some, felt that they already know all they need to know, and some, refuses to learn. This, is what we could learn from articles like these. And when dissatisfaction occurs, that's when things become worse, and may lead to things such as divorces, two-timing, and so on and so forth.

I'm not accusing you or anything, but searching for sex related articles on the Net have a high percentage of returning porn related results. Yes, Net is a HUGE library, and there are reliable sources. But please, suggesting readers to merely search WILL eventually lead them to porn sites. Cite a site that is a reliable source for sex-related articles, and I wouldn't have said anything.

You said it yoursef, "use all resources to learn about the good, the bad and the uglies". So why can't a news paper be a source for it? Maybe it's the front-page placement that's the problem, but nobody's saying that it is. At least that's not what i've read so far.

A search on Google on Sex returns 709,000,000 results, and although the first searches are serious discussions on sex, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention those articles are in general, that may or may not relate to Malaysian culture. That may lead them to subsequent pages and fall into the trap of porn. oh, not to mention discussion sites that's hacked onto to redirect to illicit pages, pop-ups, and banners. the stakes are high, for a simple search such as that.

Now, I'm not discouraging Net research, quite the contrary. but, repeating what I wrote:"on the net, where people can easily hide behind nicknames and celerity/funny images, how professional can we be in writing/reading/researching such stuff? who's monitoring, and who's determining what is what?". how many, do you think, upon searching for sex, bothers to exclude porn-related words from the results?

Judging from the number of paragraphs written about me saying the wrong things to you, I assume that you are mad at the sentence "are you encouraging internet porn?". It's not fitnah, in any manner. not even an accusation. It's a question, hence the question mark. it's then supported by the sentence about the ambiguity of the net, and the lack of moderation, thus questioning the sites' credibility. If you do not believe that's what I wrote, then please, do read again.

"God save his spouse or mate for the obvious wrong reasons he surfs the net for!" now, on what base did you put that accusation on? Isn't that, for the lack of a better word, fitnah?

The reason I was against your writing, is, I believe that Sex is supposed to be discussed, not casually, but formally, intellectually. It's also not supposed to be tabooed 100%. a parent should teach the children on sex, before the kids teach themsleves the wrong way. You mention about how our forefathers need not teach our parents about sex, and yet they learnt it themselves. But tell me now, how easy was access to wrong material at that time?

I believe that in order to educate, we shall not shun away certain level of discussion on certain matter. even on something as tabooed as sex. And, no, I don't mean we should graphically explain what's going on in the bedroom. there are somethings best not discussed openly, semi-openly and whatnot.

mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Brother Lizzam!

I accept your apology and apologise in return for having no choice but to take you to task for not observing a measure of decorum when addressing me as a fellow muslim!

The Malay saying ' Orang berbudi ; kita berbahasa' comes to mind!

To ask about anything especially when regarding a matter such as the topic at hand , you should consider being a bit more sensitive and not come across as you did to the state that I took your words as very rude @ 'kurang ajar'!

I was really pissed off at the choice of words and the manner you put it to me whom you should know better than to be what you insinuated!

Lucky for you that we are online and not face to face!

Even though i am a Caller to Islam and am all for being patient and tolerant, the way you put that question was unacceptable on my part!

I wish to inform you that I am as normal as any other man on earth and do have a tendency to blow my top and follow up with what comes natural to me!
'Ular menyusur akar takkan hilang bisanya' maka usah lah dok berlebih kurang ketika berbahasa!

Padahnya tanggung sendiri!
Having said that, let me point you out to a website that will serve all your needs about the subject!

Hope this will suffice and end this matter between us. I do not wish to prolong this comment with u.


Lizzam said...

Thanks for the link. I'll look into it. I too, do not wish to start any feud, for the "intonation" of my writing differs from the way you read it, it seems.