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Thursday, November 16, 2006

UMNO @ United Muslims National Organisation ?


Assalamualaikum warahmatulillahi ta'ala wabarakatuh!

May Peace and the Blessings of Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala be upon the Mukmins and Mukminats reading this and the Guidance and Mercy of Ar Rahman be upon my fellow Malaysians of other faiths! Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

Yesterday, the UMNO Kelantan's Representative to the UMNO General Assembly voiced out his desire and those of his state's UMNO members to see the long going political enmity and strife between UMNO and PAS come to an end soon and both Malay based political parties to mend fences and unite as one entity representing the Malaysian Malays as a whole once and for all!

His impassioned pleas and heartfelt rendering of the message from UMNO Kelantan touched each and every Malaysian Malay Muslim heart and I am sure that both UMNO and PAS members nationwide could relate as to what he was asking for in their hearts and souls!

Instead of harping on just race based politics, I for one feel it is high time for the Malays to come together as one under the banner of one party!

I propose naming this party as the ' United Muslims National Organisation' still known as UMNO but no longer just stuck on to the race card!

I mean even today as we speak, the members of UMNO are no longer based purely on the Malay ethnicity alone!

The ethnicities in today's UMNO are so clearly no longer Malays as we know them. There are all kinds of ethnicities all claiming to be a Malay whereas their facial features, skin color, even the shapes of their noses or faces aren't exactly that to which we can define to be real Malays!

Datuk Haji Md Alwi Hj Md Ishak, made his plea to all in the UMNO General Assembly and also to all those watching the proceedings live on Astro's Channel 94 exclusive broadcasting on nationwide satellite television, asking for both UMNO and PAS to unite as one Ummah, one party that will bring all the Malays together as one entity!

UMNO @ United Malays National Organisation and PAS @ Parti Islam SeMalaysia if they come together will become the largest political party in the nation's history!

All the Malays, Indian Muslims, Chinese Muslims, Orang Asli's, Sabahans, Sarawakians, and all others who are now in UMNO and in PAS, KIMMA, etcetera will by virtue of their being fellow Muslims be more stronger united in one faith and develop the 'quwwah' of the Ummah of old, again!

No longer need the Ummah be divided by race based policies such as today but forge a stronger more cohesive union of their hearts and minds!

It's much more better to place into their proper priorities and as to what is more important in this world and in the hereafter!

What are the Malays fighting for? Is it not to preserve their rights and their claim to this land?

Datuk Hj Mohd Alwi stressed in his speech that there are 5 things that the Malays will never allow anyone to touch or disturb !
  1. The Malay Sultans and their Sultanates
  2. Islam the Faith of the Malays and others
  3. Bahasa Melayu @ Malay Language
  4. Adat @ Malay Customs
  5. Tanahair @ Malay motherland
His speech is being televised over and over again as it is one of the most memorable delivery of speeches ever in this year's UMNO General Assembly!

Will his wish and I am sure the same wish of all of us Malaysian Muslims irrespective of ethnic origins come to be a reality?

Will UMNO mature itself to be as what Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and His Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam are asking of us to unite as one under one banner?

The banner being none other but 'La ila ha ill lall lahh ; Muhammad darr Rasulullah!'.

United Muslims National Organisation. The dream of all rational minded Muslims. Insya Allah!


menj said...

The name is still nationalistic. I will never join such a party. The word "Islam" must be there if such a party is truly genuine in uniting Muslims under La Ila Ha Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah.


mahaguru58 said...

Well brother Menj.

Muslims represents Islam already and National in this sense means all throughout the nation.

Again, it is just my proposal. I am just voicing aloud a dream of mine.

Whether it comes into being is another matter. Wallahu 'alam.

Maverick SM said...

I agree with you. I am puzzled that Muslims don't regard the word itself as representative of Islam. Muslim is a believer and follower of Islam, and that only Allah is God and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God; nothing else.

I can't understand MenJ's objection and his insistence of the word Islam to represent the faith.

mahaguru58 said...

Well, labelling this and that as Islam does not necessarily guarantee that the movement will be run as per the exact requirements of the faith, its tenets and principles.

As long as there exists individual pursuits of power and dreams of building an empire, political plus and minuses will always affect the good name of Islam either directly or indirectly.

That's why I think it's better to just change the term 'Malays' to 'Muslims' if UMNO and PAS were to ever have the sincerity to put their political differences aside for the sake of the Malaysian Muslims future.

Anyway, MENJ has his own ideals as to what he wishes to see take place.

MENJ and me are actually quite different in our own individual approaches in defending Islm and in the ways we try sharing info about it.

At times, our critics lump us both together in their attempts to take us to tasks for our defense of our faith! :P

Adam said...

I am against mixing politics and religion - some people may call me secular for that. I have a reason. There will always be some people misusing religion for their own vested interest.

mahaguru58 said...

Have you been watching the live telecast of the UMNO General Assembly proceedings over on Astro's Channel 94, Adam?

You surely would have seen and heard the UMNO delegates all speaking about defending Islam and their anti IFC stand so vocally!

Islam is very vital in both UMNO's and PAS's politics.

Hence, the matter of Islam will always be part and parcel of the ruling and opposition parties here in Malaysia.

So, you have no choice but to realise and accept that religion and politics will always be interlinked as far as the Malaysian political scenario is concerned.

Friend from Texas said...

Mahaguru old chap,

Unfortunately, this is a pipedream, my dear friend.

If there is one defining characteristic of Muslims, apart from their short bursts of unity against a (real or imagined) threat, they are quite the experts at fighting among themselves.

The usual mode of battle (the mildest form) is indulging in can bee seen in PAS vs. UMNO, and UMNO vs. Anwar (heard he is a "munafik" from KJ recently).

I guess its impossible to be united when each imagines himself perched on the pinnacle of self-righteousness.

It is best to remove all race and religion from politicis and focus on progressing Malaysia for all who call themselves her children.

editor said...

Islam is our religion
Islam is for all races
Neither UMNO nor BN,
PAS is the best,
Better than the rest

Ganee said...

This is something that I really hope for in the future. We are a grown nation and its about time we drop the racial card game and focus in developing the ummah and the country. Tun had the same vision.

However, I don't think with the leaders we have today, the vision is achievable. Not in my lifetime either... Allah knows the best.

elhakim said...

dear respected Mahaguru and editor,

I could see the strength of Malay is ISLAM itself.

This is my 3rd warning!!!

IF MALAYS are not Muslim, so there is no different between our races and those so-called Cambodian, Filipino, Siamese, Vietnamese and etc. For me all of 'em live in ignorance and stupidity.

All of them worship their idols such as celebrities, movies-stars and pornstars from US. There are no light on their heart and faceS. Allah has been cursed them all.
Some of them are really evil who commit crime in the eye of God for their entire life.

In the bottom of my heart


Takbir 100x

menj said...

@editor: True, true. TAKBIRR!!! Hidup Pas! Mati UMNO!


mahaguru58 said...

'Hidup PAS! Mati UMNO?'

I am appalled at such a stand bro!

Would you really be so murderous in your stand against them?

You would really be willing to slaughter the UMNO members and build an empire run by PAS over their dead bodies and govern this nation over them in the real sense or as usual it is just another battlecry devoid of actions?

Verily, Rasul SAW refused to allow the Malaikats to crush the people of Taif for refusing to accord him his proper welcome and acceptance of Islam back then.

Hidup PAS; Mati UMNO doesn't go well with me!

Why can't all the Malays come together as one?

Ego's separating them?

Or plain illusions of grandeur blinding commonsense and humility in advancing the cause of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala?

I am all for the abolishing of false pride in the hearts and minds of both UMNO and PAS members!

I want to be alive and see with my own eyes the day when the Malays in UMNO and PAS put aside their differences and are willing to be true Muslims in the real sense of the word and embrace each other in a united assembly of Muslims in one jama'ah!

Power attained and based on the sin of succumbing to one's Ego can never last!

It is the cause of so many before us who were sent to their doom for failure to be humble before the Lord Almighty!

I do not support such shows of hatred!

Let there be peace amongst us the Muslims and also the Kuffars!

Such battlecry's of wanting to see one group of Muslims dead and another survive to rule over this nation ,drenched in the blood of their fellow Muslims is against the true nature of Islam, Ad Deen ul Rahma!

It is this stubbornness and showing signs of being 'recalcitrant' that feeds the enemies of Islam to continue mocking and ridiculing the Muslims for practicing one thing and calling for another!

Rethink such a slogan! It's wrong!

Friend from Texas said...

editor said:
Neither UMNO nor BN,
PAS is the best,
Better than the rest click on his profile and you'll see he's probably a Keadilan member running the blog for PKR Ampang Jaya.....goes back to what I've always said about Keadilan being nothing but the pathetic extension of and nodding donkey to PAS. If PKR is serious about politics, it should flush people like editor out of its party.

elhakim said:
IF MALAYS are not Muslim, so there is no different between our races and those..........
.....All of them worship their idols such as celebrities, movies-stars and pornstars from US.

As opposed to Malay-Muslims worshipping Siti and Datuk K?

Hmmm...good response Mahaguru...but see, you have extremists like MENJ who come along and prove my point to a tee. That is the problem...all perched on their high horses that they will call for the death of anyone who wipes their behind slightly differently than they do.

elhakim said...

Dear respected brothers-in-Islam Mahaguru and Menj,


For me, both of you are right.
Both of you have your own concrete reasons to stand your points.

Menj against UMNO, because maybe he think that PAS has potential to govern Malaysia and impose HUDUD suatu hari nanti. As we know that Hudud is from Allah. And he also think that UMNO has completely failed to do so. (their perspective.)

I really dont't think that Menj slogan is to kill UMNO members (he...he..he.) He din't mean it. For me, it was just a common political rethoric. As we know that Malay like us is not that brutal and aggressive. It is just a slogan to boost their enthusiasm for next coming General Election he...he..he.

As far as I know his master, Dato' Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat is very pious, gentle and kind person. He manage to spread Islam by wisdom. Insya Allah.

Mahaguru's approach is slightly different. IMHO Mahaguru is quite global in spreading Islam. Your approach is very gentle and soft. You are using reverse psychology to attract people to convert Islam...
Alhamdulillah. You are succeed in your own way. Congratulation! from us here, Mahaguru.

And I notice that mahaguru's clients are not just Malays. But different races and ethnic. So u get your part to use your expertise to overcome this matter. Language is another tools to spread Islam. (I don't know)

well.. i can't say much...
peace! and no harm!.


elhakim said...


Again you always tend to do a very-very stupid mistake. what a shame...(he.he..he..)

Sorry to say,
ISLAM do not ask his follower to worship siti Nurhaliza and datuk K.

wat a pity. YOu never learn. You know nothing about Islam... For me you should go to Tadika at the first place before u come up with you lousy comment.