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Monday, December 18, 2006

Enthusiasm Sells! It is one of the many keys to Success!

I receive many emails from people including fellow Uptrenders as to what is my secret in building up my network?One of the many key factors is simply ENTHUSIASM!

You can't do it if you are only as spirited as an old tortoise trying to climb over a branch laying across it's path in the garden! No sirree!
This business as well as any other business involving humans needs to have that certain pizzazz in your speech, that certain gung ho spirit; that kick ass attitude as you build up the emotions, raise the passions and explode in a frenzy of activity that will boost and rocket speed your business to success and financial freedom!

Just realise that if you do not have passion ; you are only as active as a slow loris, trying to climb up as lethargically as a slow motioned animal like that; you are in deep shit!
You need to kick start your attitude! You need to do a little shake rattle and roll to loosen up your limbs and do a little bit of rock and roll inside out with your spirits!
No one wants to be with a slow coach! Slow coaches would be fine if you are a bloody geriatric trying to do a 'Dondang Sayang' with your fellow croonies in the Old Folks Home but this is a bloody Networking Business we are talking about!
Uptrenders who have made it like Cikgu Amir speak a different way ; walk a different way ; charge up the room in a dramatic way and they bring the crowd to attention because they behave a different way!
You need to copy such superstars in their ENTHUSIASM! You need to delete and trash out all former attributes and attitudes you have had in your person!
You need to transform your mindset into a whole new attractive person whom you yourself would want to be with!

You need to shed all those negative thoughts out and away with your old wardrobe!
You need to dress like a winner! Talk like a winner and smell like a winner! Invest in yourself and see to it that you look successful, act successful and be successful!!!
Very soon, you will see that people start listening to you and that you too can be a winner!
It's attitude people! And the RIGHT ATTITUDE SELLS!
To Nur Izzati Lau from Penang who emailed me asking for tips, this post is dedicated to you!
To team ZAINKING! There's a whole brand new world for us to conquer! Let's make money!!!

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