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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fatwa about Making $ through E-Commerce and Latest Updates From My Team ZAINKING!

I know that eventually someone's gonna come up with a question as to whether this Networking Business is halal or whether it is a bloody MLM?

Well, I am stating here as crystal clear as possible that we at Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd are not an MLM business!

Ours is a hybrid business that incorporates E-Commerce with Retailing of Product Packages that are both Physical and also Virtual Product Packages.
That means we deal with both types of products. The kind that you can touch and the type that is only accessible in a computer.
The physical products that we deal with are like the health supplements and beauty products.
We also have many other products that you can consume like drink products such as coffee, etc.
The Virtual products are like our personal websites for our GBE members, Telephony services, Flash presentations for our visitors to our websites, Trading websites for our members, Lead Generating Software for our GBE Uptrenders and E-Learning websites.
So, to speak about and to understand these online and offline products requires the person questioning us as to whether Uptrend Network business is halal or not requires the questioner to have some grey material that really works in the cranial compartment in one's head and that the grey material really works and can comprehend what the hell I am talking about here!

Not every chap who graduates with a diploma or a 'masters' in Islamic theology or Syariah will be able to know what I am talking about here and it would be pointless for me to try and show the deaf, dumb and blind as to what this Networking Business is about!
Only those who are knowledgable about the latest business systems will know what the difference is between us and the MLM's. If you are from the Middle ages, forget about ever trying to understand us!
If any of you faultfinders and naysayers don't know nuts about all that I am stating here, do me a favour and mind your own damn business! Do not send me your thoughts! I don't need them!
Leave the topic alone if you are not a graduate in Business Management or know what you are talking or BS'g about! Comprende?
Now, for those who can read, please click on to the pictures I have posted here above and read about what the 'Ulamaks' of Malaysia have to say about business that is done through the Internet system as Uptrend's.
The 'ulamaks' here have no quarrel with our business system and give us full endorsement as to doing business on a network with likeminded and knowledgable global and local business partners.
Any other idiot who says otherwise knows nuts and can go to hell as far as I am concerned!
Just as each smart alec tries to become a 'fatwa spewing' nutcase out there in life, there is sure bound to be those whose miserable life consists of being nothing but a right royal pain in the ass of everyone out there who are just trying to make a honest income by doing business with other people legally as sanctioned and licenced by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Industry of Malaysia! Personally, I'd waste not a second on such kind! Let them rot away in their own screwed up mentality! They'd surely end up in the mental wards of this or any other nation!
The Uptrend company pays its networking business partners an Introducer Bonus according to the type of new business partners each member signs up under his or her own network.

The company also pays each Uptrender a pairing of business bonus of RM57 for each new pair of business that each Uptrender signs up under their business.
The company pays upto 12 pairings under each business. That comes to RM684.00 daily income for each business one owns.
The Uptrenders in the announcement here are all millionaires who have made it in just a year or two in this networking business! If they had listened to any of the idiots out there, hell they'd still be suffering in their lifes! Now, they can go about their lifes as they please and be the best they can be both for themselves, their families and their faith!
They go around doing goodwill and help others to improve their lifes instead of just yak yakkety yak about this and that as some losers out there still do and will continue to do so till Doomsday comes! Well done Uptrend leaders! We salute you for your success!
Back to the business. The more business lots one owns, the more one gets paid. It's all based on activity! As Uptrend team leaders successfully build up their teams and have more than 20 teams on their left and right, they get paid Leadership bonuses by the company and they end up making more and more money as their business networks grow and grow!
Everyone who does his or her part in growing their businesses will be paid for their efforts rightly! A business owner who works smart and right can even outdo and earn more than the one who is his or her upline!
This business is as fair as fair can be! There is no 'glass ceiling' here. If you go open up new and newer businesses more actively than the one who signed you up, you and your team will be earning much much more than your upline!
How much more fairer can that be? You get what you put in to the business! The company's efficient business system takes care of that! No one will lose out from this business if they do it by the book! No one can screw you out of your hard earned efforts unlike those other businesses! Can't speak the same as to the losers out there!
Sitting there tapping into a keyboard questioning this and that without making a real attempt to improve one's life and one's finances just proves that in life there are those who go do something concrete about changing one's life and future and there are the smart alecs and 'el stupidos whose only purpose in life is to be a right royal jerk who has nothing better to do than complain about this and that and do nothing to improve the quality of their lifes in the long run!
Before anyone out there tries to come up with any other bullshit statement against Uptrend, I seriously suggest that you come attend our Business Presentations at the centres near you or come to the PJ HQ and sit out an hour of our programme that will show you what our business is all about!
If you still can't see the wonderful opportunity that we have here for you, well...I am really sorry for you! I wish you well in your life and hope that life will be kind to you! Seriously! I mean it!
As to all the winners out there who are raring to come join me and team ZAINKING as we blaze our way to success and become millionaires in due time, well here is my business card once again for you !
I await your call or sms that will see you be a part of our team that is going for gold! Only serious winners of the future need to contact me! Doubters stay away! Go do your own thing !
Tonight, team ZAINKING proudly welcomes 3 new GBE team members! YES!!! I have another 3 new team members joining us!
Give a round of applause to MOHAMAD HANIS BIN SHAHROL from Bandar Sri Permaisuri who has signed up directly under me with a Global Business Entrepreneur business tonight and now owns HANIS HOLDINGS! Well done Hanis!
A 19 year old who is bound to be a bloody millionaire before he hits 21!!!
How's that?He's just a 100% positive!
I will do my best to mould this smart teenager into Mr.Hanis the young new Millionaire together with team ZAINKING! Insya Allah!
Next, my team member MONEYKING Ahmad Zulkifli is adding another winner to his team tonight with a brand new GBE member @ MUHAMAD NAIM BIN NAWI with his UTJ 3783 business !

We welcome Brother Naim with all our best wishes and look forward to his being up there with us!
His smile is yet to flash out at you but wait till he starts to get the cold hard cash in his hands after building up his business networks!You'd need your sunglasses to block the flashing light of his pearlies, then! :D Hahahahaha!
The other latest member in team ZAINKING is Brother MOHD ZAINUDDIN BIN ABDULLAH @ Ayah Din from Kota Bharu, Kelantan who signed up as one of our GBE's under MYKING!
Yes, Wan Azli is another winning team leader in my group! He is as hot as Dr.Syed, Ahmad Zulkifli and is getting hotter and hotter by the day!
Well done gentlemen! I am proud of you!
Alhamdulillah! May Allah SWT bless all of us in team ZAINKING!
We are all gonna be kings in Uptrend! We can all go for gold! We are doing well and we can all do better!

The way this team is moving forward, it is just a matter of time before we start seeing $$$$$$$$$ flushing into our bank accounts! We will be tasting the rewards as all those who have been successful in this Uptrend Network Business !
Just keep on doing what you are now achieving as pros! You guys are great leaders!
My heartiest congratulations! Go! Go! Go! Team ZAINKING! All Millionaires in Progress!
Let's all make $$$$$$$$$! InsyaAllah! We can do it! I know it as I am seeing progress in my life and also in my team members! Together we will all become financially secure by going for gold!

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