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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is The Sun a front for Islamophobes?

I have long been noticing how subtlely the nation's FREE newspaper has been freely making a concentrated attack against Islam and the Malaysian Muslims by highlighting issues that portray Islam as a faith that is extreme and not giving freedom to it's adherents to do as they please!

It's editorial team seems to have a hidden agenda to ridicule and mock the Majlis Agama Islam of this country and they do so in a very well thought out manner by giving room to people who are not that concerned with holding fast to the tenets of the Islamic faith and the paper seems to champion these screwed up lowlifes causes by giving them centrepiece spaces in their paper!

One does not have to be a sleuth to sniff out the hidden agenda of this socalled 'free' newspaper!

I urge the Malaysian public to be aware of the direction this particular newspaper is leading it's readers to 'swallow hook, line and sinker' as to it's articles and reports especially those touching on Islam.

The Jabatan Kemajuan Islam @ JAKIM may not have people who are wary of this sublime attempt by this newspaper to undermine the status and dignity of Islam and the Muslims in Malaysia by it's covert handling of the many issues cropping up concerning apostates and the brouhaha regarding who has the right to handle corpses of those who embrace Islam and then want out as if it is a simple thing to do!

I for one would like to see a more stringent control over those who want to embrace Islam just because they want to get married to a Muslim in the first place.

JAKIM ought to employ learned intellectuals who are alert to such undercover tactics by newspaper's such as The Sun to destroy the good name and reputation of Islam by taking action against them through the legal system!

Who is the culprit behind the Sun's agenda of belittling Islam? Does JAKIM have the balls to go after the ones responsible for the onslaught of vile propaganda of the Sun against Islam or is it waiting for the shit to hit the fans?

Let us wait and see.


akhdur said...

Is it the Sun who's insulting Islam or is it the uneducated officers of our Majlis Agama who are embarrassing the good name of our religion??

There have been countless examples of the ppl at Majlis Agama abusing their powers, particularly in the treatment of people during the khalwat ops and raids on entertainment venues.

Just because these people are operating under an organisation that is supposed to protect Islam does not mean they cannot be scrutinised or be held accountable by the media or the public.

In fact, it is precisely because they are meant to represent Islam that they should be subject to vigorous scrutinity.

mahaguru58 said...

You seem to miss my point of contention here that The Sun is attacking the Faith of Islam by constantly highlighting issues that belittle the faith and you go for the jugular of zeroing in on the few errant officers in the Religious Departments!

Stick to the topic brother!

You want to lampoon them , do it in another post!

The matter here is that I have been noticing this particular 'free' newspaper screwing the Muslims under the guise of discussing the issues relating to Islam and its handling of matters concerning it.

Can't you see what I see?

The Sun is having an ulterior motive in raising all these matters !

Why only Islamic issues? Why not talk about Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc?

You want to find faults with those few airheads in the department, sure go ahead but please do not hijack this post by diverting the attention to them!

I ask that you stick to the matter being discussed here please. I would really appreciate it, thank you very much!

My question again, " Is The Sun a front for Islamophobes?"

Stick to that please!If anyone feels like commenting!