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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's so easy to do this Uptrend Networking Business!

This Uptrend Network business is so easy to do that I just wonder why the hell I didn't join this business last year?

I'd be a bloody millionaire by now if I did but then again, I'd not be meeting Cikgu Norhaidi or even Cikgu Amir or get to have the brilliant guys I now have in my team today!

I mean, who knows what group I might have ended up in and would not have met Dr Syed, Ahmad Zulkifli and Wan Azly apart from having Dr.Hj.Ahmad Roslan, Dee Bakri, Wan Ali and Sham Iskandar as my downlines!
Anyway, I am grateful to Allah SWT for giving me them as my business partners! Alhamdulillah!

I just got so many emails from people who want to join me and this morning I got an email from the Imam at one of the reputable Universities in Perak, who wants to join me because he wants to be in my networking business with a sole desire to make money and help me set up the Islamic Centre in Masjid Jamek Bandaraya KL! Subhanallah!

A reader of my blog @ sister Zaleha just rang me up this morning asking about the business. I am so pleased to be getting all these calls from good folks who want to join me in improving their lifes and secure a better financial future for all that I can only hope to meet up with them and help them do just that! Sister Zaleha, I hope you will reach the PJ HQ tonight safe and sound!

Brother Ranjit had an unfortunate event the other day when he was on his way to see me at the PJ HQ when a car kissed his Volvo's bumper last Saturday along the Federal Highway at PJ!

Sometimes, these kind of things happen to test our spirit and our resolves in doing something concrete to change our destinies! Do we give up just because an idiot rammed into our car? Nope! We don't and we shouldn't give up! In fact, we must try harder!

If we allow some minor hiccups stall our entry into this rewarding business, we will remain just where we are right now and our situations won't change! In fact, they will turn worse and worse from now on!

So, pick yourselves up, dust off the dust from your backsides, and come join us in this quest to improve our lots!

This is no fairy tale where the Fairy Godmother comes flying with her magic wand and turn us into Prince Charming or beautiful Cinderella with a flick of her hand!

We will remain as we are until and unless we go do something to change our situation into something better! You need to come see me and sign up for the business membership and start networking to get the ringgits into your bank account!

You need to want to sit and drink coffee or tea with us as we register those new businesses under your network and we can then see the US Dollars popping up in your E-Wallets!

You can then ask Cikgu Adi to transfer the US Dollars into his account and he can then pay you cold hard Malaysian Ringgits cash straight into your hands and into your wallets el pronto!

If you want to taste that feeling of making daily income, contact me now at 016-3969881 and let's enjoy life as we make more and more money!

You wanna go on Hajj? You need money! You wanna go on Umrah? You need money! You want to drive a Mercedes? You need to have money! Aiyaaa... even if we are to kick the bucket right now and give it all up, we still need money to ...bury our corpse!!!

No money , no honey aaaaa....We all know that! Come join me in making some good ol money!!!

Number you need to dial or sms is just 016-3969881 ! Come join team ZAINKING!!! :)

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