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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Making money the proven way by Networking!

The success being enjoyed by those who have taken part in the networking business here in Malaysia is actually quite astounding!

People who are not graduates or highly educated with Masters and Degrees making RM20,000.00 and more every month by networking is really something to be given due consideration by those who want to improve their financial status in choosing to be involved in this sure fire business!

Yes, there are many who fail in their businesses because they did not follow the footsteps of the successful ones!

Hence, they will speak as if they know everything there is to the networking business!

The reality is that while the people featured here in this news report enjoy an income that is envied by many, the bloody losers will continue earning chickenfeed whilst the winners in networking get to pay off all their debts, start enjoying a lifestyle many can only dream about and fantasise about getting rich and wealthy doing nothing positive!

Losers speaking like spoilsports! We find these type everywhere, don't we? Every bloody loser and failure will open up that foul mouth and empty brain of theirs and try to weaken the resolve of those who are trying to improve their lifes financially.
So, who do you follow? The one making tens of thousands of ringgits every month or the one trying to scrape by on measly earnings because of their stupidity?
I for one ask that those of you who want to see your income improve quite considerably, to not pay any attention to the faultfinders and instead come join us who want to work hard to see our obligations get paid off and our bank accounts return to being in the black so to speak!
I don't want to waste my precious time entertaining any losers out there and want to go for gold by selecting only the winners in my team of network business people who want to be millionaires by following the advice and way of our leaders, like Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin and Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin Mohamed who is now earning half a million ringgits every month by networking!
RM500,000.00 per month! Is that something to be 'pooh pooh'ed away? I'd give a round tight slap to the idiot who ever dares to say anything smart to the example being showed here by my uplines!
Those of you in KL and in the Klang Valley can contact me to set up an appointment to see wht this business entails. It is not for those who want quick money overnight! You need to work hard and smart in order to attain financial freedom and independence! This is no fly by night business!
You need to be prepared to work day and night to see some changes in your pocket! You need to be tough and persevere in going through the numbers, going through the rejections and going through the number of idiots out there.
Take note that to be a winner , you have to mix with the winners. Speak like winners, dress like winners, think like winners and be as the winners! In a year or two, you will be a millionaire!
I am going to be one, and when I do, will show to the naysayers how wrong they are! Don't you agree? Stop listening to the idiots out there and come join me in my quest to success! the way, last night , I signed up one dynamic lady by the name of Dee Bakri! She's pure gold, I must say and to Dee, I say this, 'Let's do it!' Let's be millionaires by next year!"
Ameen! Let's go for gold!


Maverick SM said...

Mahaguru58, I am sure you will succeed and become millionaire soon. One thing, your success is not because of the products, but your seer passion for what you intend to achieve is what you will ultimately achieve.

God bless you and continue to be dedicated to your endeavor. You'll succeed! I am certain!

mahaguru58 said...

Thank you my friend!

I am positive that this networking business is my platform to achieve my goal of becoming a millionaire!
I can do it if I follow the way of my leaders!

Once I am rich and wealthy, I can help out others who are poor and needy!

Just having ideals and blogging about it, won't help myself and people but having the money to go do some good is much more better!

I appreciate your support and wellwishes, my friend!

Thanks once again.