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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Meeting Emma Akma at Uptrend Network PJ HQ!

Meeting Emma Akma, the local Malaysian actress in person at the Uptrend Network PJ HQ was a pleasant experience.

She was very courteous and didn't have any airs about her when asked for a pose together with me.
I am always attracted to luminaries and high profilers because of the dynamic stage presence they exude and the confidence they possess.
Emma Akma has made it big in the booming Uptrend Network business and her fantastic achievements have been published in the local tabloids and magazines!
To top it off, the lady is beautiful and genuinely warm to those of us who ask her questions and request one to one poses with her for the camera!

Hehehehehe...we men will always go gaga over lovely ladies and pretty damsels, don't we?

Emma has proven that at times, beautiful women can also be equally smart and brilliant in doing business.

Her success stories are prominently featured in Uptrend Network publications and also by the nation's local newspapers and magazines.

Her achievements in successfully adding on greatly to her income daily is a good example of how people can and do make money by joining Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd!

I am proud to see someone like Emma Akma rise above all the usual gossiping in show business and come up in this business as a successful career woman!
All my best wishes to you Emma Akma! You have shown the world that not all actresses are as the usual dependant on others for their worldly needs! Syabas for proving them wrong!

Anyway, Emma, thank you for being so gracious and for being an example for us to do our best in this Uptrend Networking business! If you can do it, so can we! Let's all make more money!!!


kittykat46 said...

That's a very nice looking lady there...almost gave me some unholy thoughts for a moment.

Good luck with your business.
Nothing wrong with making money, as long as its an honest transaction.

mahaguru58 said...

Exactly!We need to go for gold!

Just talking about politics, socio-religious issues and neglecting our financial needs and doing nothing about it is a bloody waste of time and opportunity!

I intend to change my life and those in my team for the better starting now!

I know that this business works and that I can do this with my team!

We will be financially better by next year!

We are committed to go for gold and make money!

With a better income, we can do more for ourselves, our loved ones and for our fellow citizens in this nation!

Pray for our success! Amin.