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Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Networking Business Is Booming!

My Network Business just boomed by a Platinum Sign up last night!

What does that mean? Well, it simply means that my network expanded by 7 business lots !

1 GBE @ Global Business Entrepreneur and 6 IBP's @ Internet Business Partnerships!

It might be 'Greek' to those who have yet to know about this Networking Business but to those who do it means more $$$$$$$$$$ into my bank account and my downlines!

It's all activity my friends and activity breeds productivity!

Pictured here with me is my Upline and Mentor Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin!
He is my umbilical cord to success! The man is simply heaven sent to my team! He is the most generous leader I have ever met and those of you who join my team will automatically be under his goodwill too! May Allah bless birthday boy Cikgu Adi with all the goodness of this world and the next, Insya Allah!

He has been instrumental to my booming business and with my spirit and kick ass approach to this networking business, my goals of becoming a millionaire in a year plus will be realised , looking at the way things are going for me and my group!

I just placed the platinum ARJ HOLDINGS sign up of Dr.Hj. Ahmad Roslan, my friend and Rector of a group of semi government group of colleges under SHAM HOLDINGS, my second sign up! To Dr.Roslan, Welcome to ZAINKING Business Group! We are going for gold!

Wahhh! Sham! Look at what I have placed under you! Platinum my man! Now, you have just got to get cracking and start getting into groove , young man! $$$$$$$$$$ is in line for you!

I don't just preach people! I put things into motion! You join me, you are in for the huge cash flow coming our way! Don't waste time thinking about wealth! Get in to the team with me!

Money won't fall down on your head from the sky unless some eccentric gone el loco billionaire showers down cold hard cash from his helicopter because he doesn't know what the heck to do with all the money he has! Wishful thinking!

This is reality! Tonight, there's a business presentation at Taman Bukit Cheras, KL. Just behind Plaza Phoenix. Those who want to join me and my team call me at 016-3969881 immediately to book your free seats to hear the King of Uptrenders, my grand upline Multi Millionaire Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin Mohamed deliver to you straight in person his secrets to making it big in just 7 months of becoming a millionaire!

Cikgu Amir gave me his card which has him saying :
Isn't it fun to live like this?
Home fully paid for....
Car fully paid for...
Credit Cards fully settled...
No Debts..
Whatever you want to eat....Eat!
Wherever you wish to travel...Travel!
Whatever you wish to buy...Buy!
Anytime ..We do as we please....

Yeah!!!! He can afford to print that , can't he? Because it is as he says!!! He has millions coming in to his bank account after achieving his position as one of the leading Uptrenders!

I told him, 'You can print your cards like that! Not me! I still have my obligations but soon, very soon, I'd love to be able to print those words on my card! Mark my words, in just about a year; will do just that! Insya Allah!

To my son Zikri, if you are reading this, Abah will be opening up a GBE business lot for you too soon! Very soon! Mustaqim and Nasir will also get one! All you guys need to do is to get yourself organised and work your way towards success! Insya Allah!

So, those of you who want to make your first million by a year plus, come let's meet up tonight!

Call 016-3969881 to book your seat to your financial future!

The crowd will fill up all the available seats by 8.15pm. That's how hungry KL folks are to make money to settle all the bills coming their way!

So, don't think about it! Don't ponder on it! You want more money in your pocket? Come join my networking business team! Call or sms me to confirm our meetup! 016-3969881

Through Teamwork we strive ; Higher Productivity We shall all thrive! Come join me! :)

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akhdur said...

I have read with interest on your business venture and your passion is very evident. However, I am still not quite sure how the business model works. What products are actually being traded? Could you please enlighten me on the products that you sell and how the business is structured?