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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Network Marketing is paying huge $$$$$$$$$$!

I am getting so many emails and sms's from many people wanting to join this networking business because they know that this business is paying huge $$$$$$$$$$ to those who have the faith and the determination to change their current economic situations by not listening to any @#$%^&*! losers out there yakkety yak yakking about this business just because they have failed miserably in their own previous ventures in other MLM's or whatever cock a doodle scam they were involved in!

The proof is out here with me and I will gladly share them with bonafide people who want to join me in this concrete way to make big bucks by just following the system of the company and the way of my leaders!

Network marketing is for people who want to earn money through successful sharing of income that can involve sums of up to SIX FIGURES each month for those who do their part in building up their business network!

Thinking about it, dreaming about it, pontificating about it is not gonna add ringgits or dollars to your wallet!

Yes, this business involves capital! How the hell does anyone do or start a business without any capital? I laughed out loud the other day when a prospect asked me whether he needs to have any money to start this business! Hahahahahahaha!

Even a fella wanting to sell curry puffs by the roadside needs to come up with capital to buy flour, eggs, meat or sardines, potatoes, curry powder, cooking oil, rolling pin, wok, gas stove, stall or mobile cart, large umbrella, plastic bags, or whatever other paraphernalia to start that simplest of businesses!

Just count up all the costs of the start up of such a basic business and you'll find out that it runs to almost 2 or 3 thousand ringgits ; not to count the summons issued by DBKL or any other local authority when they catch the fella selling without a licence!

Network marketing is way much more cheaper to start your business with!

For just RM456.00, you can start your Global Business Entrepreneurship and get a product package for you to use or consume for yourself yet provide for you so many important business tools to launch your business!

You have the right to procrastinate and wait while the others who are joining me are on their way to earn daily income by following the company's system! Losers will always blame any other person but themselves for their failures!

I have seen with my own eyes the daily income of my group's leaders that touch 2 to 3 thousand ringgits even though they did not do any recruiting themselves on any particular day!

How did they earn that much without they themselves going to sign up new members?

The answer is in the system.

When someone in their group signs up a new member, it triggers a counting of the number of pairings in their network.

Each pairing pays RM57.00 to his or her account. For every introduction they make , the networker is paid RM38.00 for every GBE business they bring in.

Imagine, with just 1 business lot, you get paid for a maximum of 12 pairs under your business which amounts to a daily income of RM684.00!

What about those who start their business with 2,3,4,5,6 or 7 lots?

Surely multiply their number of businesses which are active with that amount! Fuyoo!!!

When your business has grown to such a level, you'll be making a minimum of RM20520.00 per month!

All that without counting and adding all the introducer bonuses of RM15.20 if you started with an IBP business lot of just RM342.00 or enjoy a double Introducer bonuses of RM38.00 for each new business you sign up under a GBE business @ RM456.00 !!!

There are many other bonuses like Leadership Bonuses, Car Funds Bonuses, etc.

Since starting just 12 days ago , I already have 3 downlines under me and have started getting paid for my efforts.

I have to start somewhere and I did just that on the 1st of December, 2006.

Many are coming to the HQ in PJ tonight and if they can see what's in it for them and want to sign up, my business network will grow and those 3 downlines under me will see me putting these new businesses under them!

As I get more money coming in, I will upgrade my business to the GBE status and enjoy RM38.00 per sign up as my introduction bonus!

This business is based on activity.

Just signing up for a business and warming one's butt on a plush cushion is not gonna bring the dollars into one's bank account!

Although I just recovered from a bout of fever two days ago, I was at the Bora Ombak Restaurant besides the Ampang Sports Complex at Ampang Point late last night meeting my upline Cikgu Norhaidi to hand over the membership form of Dee Bakri, my latest downline who signed up for a GBE business.

If I were to give in to my bout of fever and stay bundled up at home, I won't be able to see her duly registered as at this morning, when I managed to transfer and deposit her membership fees to Cikgu Adi.

I need to be strong and committed to my building up my business network until my business starts to go on auto cruise - meaning that my team will be moving on their own momentum, each earnestly building up their own network, creating a whole momentum of activity and generating income for each and every one of us!

This business is built on team spirit. Loners will die out if they try to be champions on their own!
Good rapport between each person of a team is vital to learn from the more experienced and successful networkers!

Those who are weak will be helped and assisted till they can stand on their own and present to others.

But sooner or later , they have to run on their own steam or they will fail as a leader!

It's not rocket science but a fair amount of intelligence is required as to be able to log in to each person's business portal online and handle the transactions there.

No need to worry about not knowing what to do ; for you will be guided at all times as to how to go about it.

Even a dishwasher in Kuantan has managed to build his business and own a Honda MPV after following his leaders.

What about smart folks like you who can read this blog and figure out how to operate a pc?

You can go miles I tell you. You can go listen to 'bad news brown' or any silly nincompoop out there or you can listen to me and come find out whether this thing is for real or what?

Any which way you decide, I am going full steam ahead with many folks who have sms'd me that they are coming to see the business presentation tonight at my company's HQ in PJ!

My sincere congratulations to Dee Bakri for her successful registration of her business under my team and also to those who are coming tonight to check out the business opportunity!

Only those who are positive and confident will make it in this network marketing.

Those who aren't so will be wasting their bloody lifes finding fault with others for their own miserable failures and shortcomings, don't you agree?

To be a winner, you have to think like a winner and not end up as a whiner!

This business is your own. You decide how big you want it to grow! You call the shots!

You put in the effort, you'll taste the rewards!

You decide whether you want to make it big in this business and turn into a millionaire beating even Cikgu Amir's record of becoming a millionaire in just 7 months or just keep listening to all the BS being spewed by losers out there!

You choose! Once you have figured out that there's nothing out there that is giving so many people as much cold hard cash as this Networking Business is, you call me at 016-3969881 to book your place in our team! Cikgu Amir's and Cikgu Adi's team to be exact!!!

I am with the winners ! If you too want to be in with the most dynamic Networkers this part of the world, email me your full details to confirm our appointment!

Excitement and enthusiasm are a key factor to one's success! Let's make money! Insya Allah!

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