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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Uptrend Network Marketing - What It's All About!

There are many who still do not really understand what Network Marketing is all about.
The number of idiots talking trash about the business is really surprising!

There's a joker for every 5 persons out there who spews nonsense out of their ignorance! Plain stupid idiots! May lightning strike their heads! :P
Let their tongues be toasted usable no more!

That's why I must correct this situation by explaining here as to what's the real deal about it!

Network Marketing is mainly a form of Products or Services Marketing System that is fast becoming one of the major and fastest growing business systems in the world today.

Here in Malaysia, Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd is one of the best network marketing companies that is the company that I choose to be involved in and am building up my dynamic network of business partners!

With a small startup capital of just RM342.00 I started my Internet Business Partner @ IBP network business with Uptrend Network. I later received a RM300 gift loan from one of my prospects to upgrade my business from just an IBP to be GBE @ Global Business Entrepreneur!

Imagine that? Getting RM300 from one who is not a blood relative or even have had any close interactions with him before yet he has done something that not even a blood brother has done for me!

Cikgu Fathee , I salute you for your generous gesture! I will prove myself to you and be a millionaire in a year plus and return the RM300 to you as you want me to when I have made my first million ringgits from this business! Insya Allah! Can't wait for you to be with us!

Okay, back to what I have come to learn about Network Marketing.

People who have succeeded in making their fortunes through Uptrend Network like Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin Mohamed, Tuan Hj Roshdi, and many others are legends in their own rights here in Uptrend!

Cikgu Amir or Multi Millionaire Amir as he is now called is a superstar as far as we in the world of Uptrend Network are concerned! He made his first million in just 7 months after doing this network marketing business!

He now earns over RM500,000.00 every month from his huge network business that transcends many South East Asian countries and even the USA! Way to go Cikgu! You are an example for us to go for gold! May Allah SWT bless and guide you for us ! Amin!

Network Marketing involves daily business activity from it's members whereby they have to actively sign up and promote the marketing of the company's product packages.

The profits made from the sale and purchase of the Product Packages enables the company to pay out to it's networkers a significant portion of the sales profits to them as Introducer Bonuses and also Pairing of Businesses Bonuses.

If let's say, a person buys an IBP Business Product Package that costs RM342.00 , the person introducing him or her is paid RM15.20 for that introduction if the Introducer holds just an IBP business network.

If the Introducer owns a GBE business package and he or she signs up another GBE business , then he or she is paid more than double the Introducer Bonus from RM15.20 to RM38.00 per Product Package!

That's the reason why I ask my team not to sign up any IBP's but rather go for GBE's!

This is to ensure that my team enjoys the maximum Introducer Bonus of RM38 per GBE Product Package!

Now, when the Network Marketeer signs up a pair of businesses under him or her, then the company pays the Network Marketeer a Pairing Bonus of RM57.00 for each pair of business under their business.

The maximum payout for a business is 12 pairings x RM57.00 = RM684.00 daily income.

Imagine the payouts received by those with more than 1 business in their names?

That's how , many of those who sign up for Platinum (7 businesses) earn so much more than single business owners like myself!

It's okay. When I have the means, I will further expand my business.

Uptrend is unique in the sense that it pays many more types of business bonuses to it's members who are successful in their network building and are good success oriented dynamic team leaders.

The company pays us Leadership Bonuses, gives out Car Fund shares and many other incentives.

We do not go suck up our downlines fees as alleged by some idiots out there! May Allah SWT punish them for their evil words and false allegations ! A case of sour grapes, if you ask me!

We are paid our many different bonuses by the Uptrend company for the businesses we bring in and the number of product packages that we sell through our networks! It's just rewards for us who do actively build up our Uptrend business networks day and night!

Yet, there are devils out there badmouthing us! To hell with them! I don't give a hoot to the naysayers and ones who have diseases in their hearts and minds! Let them rot inside out!

Network Marketing is a form of distributorship which is carried out both online and offline.

We can sign up people online globally and make business networking an easy thing to do provided we are IT savvy and know how to utilise fully the many excellent Virtual Product Packages that Uptrend has to offer us , it's GBE business owners.

For just RM456.00, we get to own websites in our names and equipped with many hi-tech web tools like Flash Presentations, Trading websites and Personal Websites.

We also get Lead Generating Software that helps us to get global prospects and downlines!

We get many other fringe benefits and tools to help us expand our business networks day and night, right across the whole wide world! Talk about getting so much for so little ! Alhamdulillah!

I will be sharing more with you about this when I get some free time! Right now, I have to go bank in the fees of a GBE sign up I did last night to my upline Cikgu Norhaidi!

See you at the top! Come sign up with team ZAINKING and see your future change before you by joining me and my dynamic team in building up this wonderful business!

Let's make $$$$$$! We can do it if we work as a successful team and be constant in our activity!
The number to call or sms is 016-3969881 Zainol Abideen. I welcome you to $$$$$$ success!


Akki said...

It looks like you are very committed to your venture. Good luck and all the best for your endeavours. It is extremely encouraging to see Malaysians, particularly Malays, helping themselves out instead of forever begging for assistance from the government. You and I have very different views on politics and religion, but no matter what political persuasion we come from, success is something that we all strive to achieve.

Billy said...

Hi Bro MG - I have been following closely your enthusiastic write-ups on this Uptrend Network Marketing thingy. Actually I am a marketing consultant and have helped to turn companies around during the current recessive period. In the past, I have been a distributor for Amway, Newton, Stanmark and Cosway but have to dump this direct marketing idea half way as they didn't seem to work the way I expected it too. All my upline sponsors who were excited about signing me on too gave up the membership after three years (average). I am keen to be part of your set-up but could you enlighten whether it is also similar to the concept practised by Amway, Newton or Cosway - the MLM approach, the pryramid system, direct selling, etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you and you certainly look a very happy person in the pix with your friends. Maybe there is a chance we could meet up one day if this project spells good and worthwhile. All the very best to you, and hopefully to see you buying over Zakaria's mansion soon (in Pandamaran).

mahaguru58 said...

Thank you Brothers Akki and Billy!

I am very committed to making my first million from this Uptrend network business!

I have seen how folks who are just your run of the mill simpletons turn into big bucks earners in this business by their sheer hard work and constant tireless effort in now earning thousands of ringgits daily!

I know that I too can be like them given my grasp of the IT and my leadership qualities!

I now have in my team dynamic kick ass leaders who are doing just great!

If we can pool our resources and energies together, I am pretty sure that by next year , we will all be able to show top marks for our $$$$$$$$ earning skills!

Come join me Brother Billy!
We can work well together in this excellent networking business!

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family " Enjoy your Merry Christmas holidays!"

Have the most pleasant enjoyable moments of the year with your loved ones and go easy on the drinks!

I am not interested in the Datuk Zakaria mansion. It's not my taste!

I wanna build our own 'Neo Nusantara Concept' double storey bungalow with our own private enclosed swimming pool complete with jacuzzi and other luxurious gadgets! :)Insya Allah!