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Friday, December 22, 2006

Proof of team ZAINKING's Uptrend Networking's Success!


My downline MONEYKING @ Ahmad Zulkifli made quite a lot of money last night when he registered his 2 brand new GBE downlines last night!
To start the night off, I introduced him to our grand upline, the dashing Multi Millionaire Cikgu Amir before the night's Uptrend Network Business Presentation at Taman Bukit Cheras, K.Lumpur!

Look at that happy face beaming out in a very satisfied smile after getting to meet our Grand Upline Multi Millionaire and still a humble leader!MONEYKING was all smiles when after Cikgu Norhaidi arrived and duly registered MONEYKING's 2 first downlines, he was paid instantly by Cikgu Adi from the proceeds of his networking success!

Imagine getting paid instantly after successfully signing up just 2 downlines!

His daughter was happy to see her dad have so much more money in his hands! Might come handy to pay for all her new back to school stuffs!
Lucky girl! Her future certainly looks brighter!

This is me congratulating Ahmad Zulkifli my downline @ MONEYKING for making so much money after successfully launching his team of 2 GBE businesses!

We warmly welcome our new team members Mohd Jamaludin Abd Rahman, owner of GBE Business JAMIFA and Norazlinda Razali also a GBE Business owner with her MASYANA networking business!

Congratulations to you both and may you taste success together with us in team ZAINKING!

Those of you who are living in other states can still join me and my team by registering your business with me online! Even those in other countries can do so by registering with me through the internet and then depositing your membership fees accordingly through the online banking services.

Where there's a will, there'll definitely be a way and I believe that if you are really serious in making additional income right now, there's nothing better than coming to join the most dynamic networking business team here in my ZAINKING Business Group!

I don't just say it ; I do it! I have proved myself to be as a leader who practices what I preach!
If you want to make daily additional income to pay off your debts and settle all those outstanding bills chasing after you, then this is the golden opportunity you have been waiting for!

I don't promise you that you will turn bloody rich overnight but I do promise you that if you come and join me now and then follow up with doing your part in building up this networking business, we can all look forward to a better new year where money will not be a problem anymore!

We need to work as a team and as a winning team! We can make more money together than we ever did before working to make others rich! We owe it to ourselves to work smart and also work hard to change our current financial situations.

If you have the starting low capital of just RM456.00, then by all means come join me and register your Global Business Entrepreneurship with team ZAINKING!

You just need to sms or call me at 6-016-3969881 to book your appointment with me ! We can do it! You know it and I know it. Knowing about it does not change your future if you do not call me and pay your registrations fees and start networking your way towards a better future!

Start your business with me today. You will never forget the day you join me in Uptrend Network! This will be the start of a glorious, financially rewarding , wealthy life for you and your loved ones, I promise you!

You need to work with us as a team and go for gold! Let's make money! Insya Allah!

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