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Friday, December 01, 2006

Singapore's Political Prisoner Speaks!

Our neighbour down south of the peninsular is known for their no nonsense attitudes towards any dissenting voices from amongst the masses.

I came across this videoclip from Singaporean Democrat Party's Dr.Chee Soon Juan , speaking before his arrest and imprisonment by the People's Action Party ruling Singaporean government!

He speaks eloquently and states very clearly as to the real deal in Singapore!

Over here in Malaysia, we have our 'touch me not' rulers ; down south we have the similar 'mimosa pudica' syndrome well and alive!

Looks like the Last Ages rulers are pretty sensitive and very clearly dictators in democratic coverings!

Malaysia Boleh and Singapore Kiasu! Two neighbours well matched and well accommodating to speak one thing and practice another.

Products of the same school, I presume.

Maju lah Singapura! Malaysia Boleh! Boleh kah? Hehehehehe...we'll all find out in 2008!

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