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Monday, December 11, 2006

Decide whether you want to be rich or remain poor!

This is a news report of all those who have made millions by NOT LISTENING TO ALL THE NAYSAYERS out there!

This is as clear as it can be to show sceptics reading this that this is no fly by night business!

Those who want to stay as you are have the absolute right to remain where you are!

You have the right to remain poor and miserable struggling to make your ends meet !

You also have the right to change all that and come join me in building up your networking business which in a year plus can see your face and mine published amongst the winners and millionaires in such news reports! So decide as to where you want to the millionaires report or in the bankcrupt notices column of the newspapers! Do the same, say the same, you'll remain the same or worse off! Decide well!
This is myself with my top upline Millionaires Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin Mohamed (centre) and Tuan Haji Roshdi, both icons of Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd.
Tuan Haji Roshdi is an excellent speaker, who has made millions yet still remains humble in his approach to us networkers.
I plan to join their ranks in a year plus.
My latest sign up Dee Bakri has just paid her membership with a GBE lot.
This will entitle her to sign up practically anyone on Earth who has a bank account with Maybank, Alliance Bank, Public Bank, CIMB and Ambank. People from places like Russia, UK are emailing me asking me as to how to sign up with Uptrend Network.
This is multi millionaire Cikgu Amir showing the business plans to one of my prospects, a Rector of a semi private group of colleges as to how it works.
This photo was taken after the briefing has ended and most of the attendees had left.

The hall was so jampacked with people that there was no more space for anyone to enter.
People were standing in the doorways and staircases listening to the presentation.
Such is the awesome response of people who want to join us in making money!
This is Cikgu Amir, the multi millionaire sharing with the crowd his secrets as to how he made his millions in just 7 months and is now earning RM500,000.00 plus every month now!
I don't know about you but with that kind of income coming in every month, there's nothing to stop me from going all out to get the same!
It doesn't mean that I will cajole anyone into joining this business if they do not want it! I don't have to!

" You can lead a horse to the water but you can't force it to drink!"
A parable that clearly applies to personal willpower.
Some people just opt out of any opportunities just because they got burnt before by bad experiences of either getting cheated by others.
So you got burnt! Does it mean you give up now?
Don't you wish to make it this time around?
Some are themselves at fault for not following the system set by their companies. Some just plainly do not have it in them to be business people!

A classic example of someone who fell so low financially but after joining Uptrend has made it rich is the local singer and compere ND Lala, pictured here with me.

He's made a comeback financially by following the example of Cikgu Amir!

ND Lala today makes more money daily compared to all the singing for money that he did before! The key is knowing not to give up! When you give up on life, you might as well be dead! What's the point of living when your spirit, your soul has no more zest in it?
If you are suffering financially today, what are you doing to change your situation?
Can you expect someone to knock on your door and hand you a big fat cheque with you sitting on your butt and just reading blogs ?
Well, this blog will not remain the same anymore! This blog will be your eye opener and catalyst to spur you into action!
Pictured here is Mr KK Chew, who has made his fortune by working hard and smart.
The Mercedes behind him is the result of him choosing to listen to the winners and not to the losers!
Come make money with me through this networking business!
Others who are even IT illiterate have made and are making bundles of money through this business!
Don't you think we can do better?
If you can read this blog , you can just as well use your IT knowledge to good use like me and network your way to riches and wealth whilst remaining humble to your loved ones, family, friends and neighbours.
Don't you wish to be able to provide for them when you have the means to do so by becoming rich?
How would you like to be able to spend them all a fancy dinner at any posh restaurant without a thought as to the costs?
How would you love to buy your wife or daughter whatever gold or diamond item they wish for by walking in to Cartier's or Tiffany's in KLCC with the confidence of having tens of thousands of ringgits in your wallets or able to throw the debit card on to the cashier's counter paying cash for the purchase?
How would you love to be able to perform Hajj or Umrah every year as you please or be able to travel the world from now on as you get money coming in to your account as more and more businesses crop up under you?
Contact me at 6-016 3969 881 or email me at
I know I am going to make it. What about you?

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