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Friday, December 01, 2006

Time to make money! Join me as I embark on my way to make millions!

I recall this song by Eric Clapton, the famous blues singer. The lyrics of that song 'Nobody Knows You..When you're down and out' is actually very, very true for so many suffering people out there in our society.

I myself am stretching whatever ringgits we have after paying off the ever growing bills that never fail to arrive, pending my getting some desperately needed cold hard cash that I might come to earn by successfully closing any of the Hanyu Study Program deals with the local universities and colleges.

Day before yesterday, I came across this flyer in my mailbox! Damn! Another one of those get rich quick scams I thought as I read what the fella had printed. The way he wrote his words touched me and I could relate to all that he is saying!

Curious to find out more, I sms'd the number he gave on the flyer and to my surprise and great pleasure found out that he's only living in the apartment complex next to us!

Made an appointment to see him and went over after dinner. There were many other people all gathered up in his apartment and we waited for the main presenter to share with us about how to make money just by getting our friends and contacts to join in the business.

I have had my fair share of such e-commerce deals and networking business ventures and although there were many who joined me at first after listening to me and seeing the fantastic returns promised, many soon fizzle out and become flat as the line on the ECG machine saying 'Qala Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji'un' @ Rest in Peace!

Well, seeing that I have no other source of income except waiting for my dealings with the current university come through, I placed my hopes on Allah SWT and promised the fella who invited me that as soon as I got hold of some funds, I'd sign up with him and left his apartment with a book and some brochures that showed many common folks and also professionals who have made quite a bundle within a very short space of time and have hundreds of thousands of ringgits in their bank accounts by just introducing their friends, family and acquaintances to the business!

No hard sell of any supplements or anything or having to stock up on goods! You sign up for a sum less than a 100 USD and get two people to sign up under you.

Each person duplicates the process and before you know it, your bank account returns to a lively figure and from zero , you start becoming a hero! Wallahi!

Poverty leads to Disbelief! There are many out there who are committing all kinds of sin because they are poor or somebody has played them out!

Well, to me , this is all part and parcel of life! No point in us blaming God, our parents, family, the Sun and the Moon for remaining poor when we do not grab that opportunity that is before us, right now!

Allah SWT says in the Qur'an that He will not change the Fate and Destiny of Mankind until we ourselves do something using the faculties that He has given us! So, no more grumbling and mumbling about being poor!

To get something extra, we need to get our butt out of the rut and go for gold! Don't settle for anything less because this life we have is just once , here on Earth!

No one's gonna come spoonfeeding us now that we have all grown big and beautiful or handsome, whichever fits your ego! :P

Self adulation is important for your confidence to go get your life changed for the better! Just go easy on the praises! :D Back to my topic!

I know what Eric Clapton meant when he sang 'Nobody Knows You When You Are Down and Out!'

Well, no more sad stories! I have signed up and have already people signing up with me! We are gonna make money, baby! And whoever out there feels , that they wouldn't mind getting a few extra zeroes added to your balance in your bank account before the .00, email me and I will see to it that we all make good clean income that will see us soon smiling all the way to the nearest ATM or our online banking accounts!

The money is fast piling up in the accounts of all these people who have grabbed this God sent opportunity and I am grateful to Allah for showing me this way out of the financial doldrums I found myself in before coming across this opportunity!

I want to be rich and help others get wealthy too! All are welcome! Foreigners too for this is an international business that is booming and all who want to be better off in all areas, come join me as I make my way to being financially independent and secure!

Email me at

Contact me at 016-3969881. I will help you out with presenting to your prospects ! Leave the presenting work to me and my uplines!

The fella has made 300 K in just 7 months time! Our top leader has made RM3 million over in just over 1 year!

Aiyaa! If only I had joined this business last year! Your's truly would be already flushed with cash, settled my dues, provided well for my dependants, set up business accounts for my son Zikri, which I will once I get my funds coming in, buy my wife all the things she'd want and go for our Hajj as soon as possible and set up the Islamic Centre with all the gadgets and facilities that would cater well for the visitors and fellow Muslims alike!

I'd order Qur'ans from the printing presses of Arabia for free distribution to all who come asking for it at our centre! Insya Allah!

Being rich is good! Saiyidatina Khadijah (Radhiallahu Anha), Saiyidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq (RA), Saiyidina Umar Al Khattab (RA), Saiyidina Uthman Al Affan (RA) were all rich and wealthy in their life.

Hence, they could help out the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam care for the early Muslims who were mostly poor folks and free as many slaves from bondage as possible from their Qureishi Arab Masters! Money is important folks!

Those who say Allah will provide without them getting up and go do what they need to do are just fooling themselves!

From the moment you are conceived in your mother's wombs , to deliverance into this world, from being a helpless infant, then growing up into the goo goo gaa gaa stage of baby beautiful world, to then getting to become a wobbling toddler, then being a child, kid, teenager, young adult, adult and then finally as a geriatric whoozing and whooping senior citizen, it is money that keeps us going!

No Money ; No Honey! The most truthful slogan that rocks us to the reality! You wanna do good for others? You need to be wealthy in order to help out the poor!

All those, 'Yes, I understand exactly what you are going through right now; I am soooo sorry for you!...I wish I could do more...' stuff is not gonna change a thing for those whom you care about if not followed up with the ringgits, dollar bills and euros to settle the problem!

We can help our fellow Muslims and citizens when we too become rich! It's now or never!

Let's go make money! Naysayers can just say no to life ! I have a mission to myself and my family, to work hard for my money, the smart way! Just keep on introducing this new found business to all whom I know and come to meet!

Some Will say 'Yes!' ; Some Won't!; So What? Next! Wish me luck people and for those who wanna earn some good money, come email me for the tips to taste 'honey!' Insya Allah!

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AkaZukii said...

is it the swiss cash?