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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well folks, team ZAINKING just grew by two more dynamic new business partners!

Brother Ahmad Zulkifli signed up as team member MONEYKING with a Global Business Entrepreneur membership package!

It is heartening to see a father wanting to provide for his loved ones by teaming up with us in building up this networking business!

We don't care what anyone says or opinionates about this business that is making money for us!

Dr.Syed Edi Sazaly started his business with another Global Business Entrepreneur membership with his ZUEOTH Group!

Tonight marks the start of their Networking Business Groups on their journey towards their financial success!

Just wish us well and either come join us to chart your financial future with us or just watch us as we slowly but surely change our lifes for the better! I am just stating the very obvious fundamental needs for each family out there!

The root of most evil out there is the lack of money in most households! Many a family out there today is suffering from financial constraints! I dare anyone of you out there to say the opposite!

I know that some of you think that I have traded in my religious values for cold hard cash but none of you know the tremendous hardships that lack of finances have wreaked upon my life and the result of the failure of certain projects that have strained me to the max!

Well no more! No more am I gonna be wasting my life dreaming of better days when all these while no one has come forward to change anything for me, financially. I do not expect anyone to come floating down from the skies and hand me my sustenance on a silver or gold platter!

I am a very practical guy. I know that this networking business holds promise and is starting to give me rewards beyond my wildest dreams.

I also know that I can help my fellow networkers who have joined and are joining me as I type these words that a year down the road for us team ZAINKING, we are gonna look back to these pioneer days in our networking business with gladness that we did not listen to the faultfinders!

A year from these days , we are gonna express our gratitude to the Almighty for giving us our way out of the days of our poverty!

A year down the road, we are gonna show the world that we are now millionaires worth our names and we are gonna help the poor and the suffering from among our contacts and friends with their own starting capitals! Insya Allah, we will be able to do that when we have continuous income from our network that would be well established by then.

Even at this very early stage, we are already seeing a remarkable difference in the way we speak, in the way we get to meet likeminded success oriented good wonderful dynamic people whom we have come to know and befriend as part of our networking team! Alhamdulillah!

I have no regrets ! I will help all those who come join me as part of my team with all that I can!

No matter who you are, what your background is, as long as you know deep in your own heart, that there is none out there today who gives a damn about you and your financial situation and whether you or your loved ones have had your meals or not, remember that here is one being who does care, does give a hoot as to whether this might be your way out!

Come join us as we strive towards ensuring that no matter what , we will persevere! We will overcome! We will make it in this business! We will be winners no matter what! We will stand tall with our heads held high , thanking the Lord for this opportunity to change our destinies!

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