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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Turning your contacts into Networking Business Partners.

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims and my sincere Greetings to all others reading this posting.

Today, I want to talk about how to turn your contacts into potential business partners?

I am surprised to hear from some people of how they say that they do not know anyone who might be interested in networking with them.

It's truly amazing how some folks either out of ignorance or plainly not realising their true potential simply delude themselves into thinking that they know nobody worth talking about this business with. It's all simply a matter of coming to uncover the vast numbers of contacts they have but have yet to realise within themselves. I will share with you tips on rediscovering them!

Let's do a quick check. We are not living in some cave by ourselves deep in the jungle, are we?

We live in big cities, towns, suburbs and rural areas all within reach of millions of other fellow citizens and with a global reach of 6 over billion people through the advent of the internet and other telecommunication services!

Nowadays, almost everyone has a cellular mobile phone which one makes calls or sends sms's practically each and everyday! Even schoolkids carry handphones on their person!

So, would you not agree with me that it is totally absurd for anyone to claim that they know no one to whom they can speak to about this fantastic true blue moneymaking business?

Those who live in apartments and condominium complexes have hundreds if not thousands of neighbours who can be their potential prospects and business partners if only the networker makes an effort to reach out and share this wonderful opportunity with them.

All it takes is a genuine, friendly, heartfelt smile and a greeting which can break the 'ice' and establish a cordial relationship amongst neighbours which in turn can become a business relationship if carried out in the proper manner. You need to be positive to do this business.

By being courteous, friendly and gracious, you will soon become a person whom your neighbours will want to speak with and exchange news and views about your apartments, neighbourhood, local events and current developments.

A good networker is a great neighbor whom everyone loves and likes to meet and engage in casual chit chats. A lousy networker is a loser who doesn't make any attempts to be social and make small talk with his or her fellow residents.

If you know how to handle yourself well and become good at making contacts , soon your smalltalks and chit chats will eventually come to dwell on the rising costs of living nowadays, what more with the present trend of the government and ruling authorities to hike up the prices of our basic necessities at every chance they get.

The higher prices of petrol and the recent toll hikes are at the top of the main hotly debated topics nowadays, won't you agree?

A smart networker capitalizes on the situation and turns it to his or her advantage. A terrific networker sees opportunity in just about every other reasonable topic being discussed!

The moment anyone starts to speak about the rising petrol prices and the extra cash one has to pay at the toll gates is your cue to start speaking about making extra income to offset such price increases!

Now, the secret lies in knowing how to talk about such matters without sounding like a bloody old faultfinder. It takes wisdom on your part to channel such discussions to your point of views.

Do not speak as if you are an overbearing soul who has been chomping at the bits and raging to go into high drive and start overwhelming the person talking to you and start downloading on him or her about this business!

Do not get yourself into arguments with your prospects if and when they hold opposing views to yours. Be a bloody diplomat and know how to ease yourself out of those hotspots! That does take some level of experience on your part. Control your ego and never lose your temper.

Take it slow and easy. The art of breaking in a prospect depends very much into knowing about human nature and how to deal with every type of personality we get to meet and engage in conversations with.

Not everyone you meet is gonna be ecstatic about this E-Commerce and Networking Business opportunity! Mankind come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, not forgetting to mention mindsets.

Many have had bad experiences of screwing up their attempts in doing similar businesses before and they will avoid you like the plague if you start opening up your mouth and speak to them about making those extra ringgits to offshoot the financial crisis we find ourselves in nowadays.

The answer lies in knowing to select and choose our prospects. There are lots of negative minded people about who harbour deep resentments about their past failures in MLM's and Direct Selling companies.

They won't admit that it is they themselves who screwed up and didn't do what the business asks of them.

Their ego's always makes them come across as people who look down on others who approach them with such business opportunities. They think that all who approach them with businesses A,B or C are just out to rip them off and rob them of their precious money!

I advice you not to waste your time on these doomsayers. Never speak about this business to people who are blinkered in their views. Such people will get to nowhere in their miserable life's!

They will live their life's and upon dying, fade away into obscurity, disappear into the annals of time and very soon be forgotten by those who knew them.

There's nothing worth remembering such folks except that they had wasted away their life on Earth and failed to grab opportunities such as this one that you tried to share with them.

Losers are always forgotten quickly by mankind because there's just too many of them in the whole wide world in every continent and every country.

The larger the population, the higher is the number of those who are deaf, dumb and blind to the chances being offered to them by Uptrenders like you and myself.

I suggest we follow the 'Some will, Some won't ; So What? Next! principle.

The Law of Averages.

I remember a saying of the leader of Omegatrend, Loren Watts , " SEE MORE PEOPLE! "

It is absolutely true with regards to this business. The more people you see and share this business with, the higher are your chances of making new business partners and growing your networks.

He gave the example of going through a pack of playing cards. There are 52 cards in a pack. How many aces are there in that pack?

There are 4 aces. Every 'No' that comes your way from going to meet people leads you closer to a 'Yes'!

Very sound observations on Mr.Watts part, I must say. It is very true that in this business, you have no options but to simply go and see more and more people.

With today's advancements in technology, you do not have to physically go and meet people who live far away or even next door to you.

Use the internet and the Yahoo Messenger service to connect to people and share with them this golden opportunity.

For every 10 people you get in contact with, the chances of at least 2 or 3 people saying yes and coming to join you in your business is very high.

I have signed up my first virtual Platinum member from Penang, Engineer Hazlan Zakaria just by doing that.

People who like Brother Hazlan who live far away from me still get to keep in touch and communicate with me using the internet and the chat systems. We have successfully established a working relationship in this Uptrend E-Commerce and Networking business.

It's entirely up to us to use the facilities available today with us by way of this wonderful internet systems.

With the latest Yahoo Messenger 8.1 version, we even get to make pc to pc calls for free and get to exchange files, documents and photos through the same window. How much more convenient does it have to be?

You can practically make contact and establish business partnerships with just anyone all over the planet who has an internet broadband connection.

Dial-ups will cost you at the end of the month! Sign up for broadband. Cheaper and faster.

Now for today's tips.

1. Always carry a large stack of your business cards at all times.

Nothing beats having an impressive looking clear cut well designed flashy business card to give out to prospects whom you meet.

Get yourself a proper business card holder and keep your cards well stacked and clean. Try getting a good, high quality, leather bound card case. It will be a sign of your taste and high standards.

Do not give out any soiled cards or those with any stain or grime on them. A crisp, clean card speaks volumes about you, it's owner and will be appreciated by it's recipient. No scented cards please. You are doing a professional business. Not out to engage in a romantic liaison with others.

2. Make sure you get a business card from every potential prospect you meet.

Always make it a point to get your prospect's card in return when you give out your's. Keep their cards properly in your card case and file it away properly in your business cards album when you get home.

Categorize your contacts accordingly and keep a profile summary on them. Note down the date and time plus circumstances of your meeting them and prepare a background detail about them.

Write about their areas of interest and the potential that they have to be amongst your business partners.

By doing so, you will easily be able to separate the most interested and potential business partners to follow up with and separate the 'grain' from the 'chaff'. Look for quality people.

Prioritize the positives from the negatives and the skeptics. Talk only to those who are interested in doing business with you. Do not force anyone to join you.

Do not beg, do not plead. If they are not up to it, them you do not need!

~That's it for now.~

Those who want to be with my winning team, call or sms me at 016-3969881 .

Send me your name and address for me to get back to you. Come, let's make money!!!!

Discover Your Ultimate Potential as a Successful Uptrender!

There is a whole world of opportunity right before us who are building our Uptrend Networking E-Commerce business!

Many exemplary leaders have been born from this dynamic business that is growing at an unprecedented phenomenal rate due to the fantastic system and numerous bonus payments being reaped by Uptrend's business builders.

Each leader and multimillionaire that we see making huge incomes now in Uptrend have a story to tell. Stories that truly inspire us!

Those who are earning hundreds of thousands of ringgits every month have reached this stage of success without having to kowtow to anybody, pull strings or political connections or 'big cables' to get where they are today. This is the reason why I truly admire and respect them.

They have done it through their hardwork and efforts from the ground up. Their's is a classic example of people who despite all odds of being pioneers in this business a year or two before have gone through the numbers, have experienced all kinds of challenges and survived the test of time, effort and money in building up their business networks and empires which are now giving them their due rewards as per their unending efforts in doing this Uptrend business.

Many out there have gone through their own 'baptism of fire' so to speak with regard to doing businesses like direct selling and MLM's. Some have made it through sheer hard work, some have floundered on the early stages of such businesses and called it quits.

Some have wasted their funds and resources by joining fly by night companies and half baked enterprises. Many share with me their sad stories of being left high and dry by their uplines and introducer's to the many direct selling companies and businesses that tax them dry with compulsory monthly business maintenance that has them paying hundreds of ringgits monthly to purchase products that they seldom use or need.

Such are the realities of many businesses out there today, sucking the life and energy , not to mention the finances of many who only want to make extra income to meet their growing expenses.

The reality is that many do not get what they set out to gain in the first place by joining in businesses that do not give their members their true value and monetary returns after having spent a few thousand ringgits and precious time and efforts in the long run.

I myself have had my fair share of bad experiences with such businesses before. Fortunately for me , I got back my investments and in fact made some money through them but not as what Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd has and is giving me and my team members!

In any business, the main criteria to be able to succeed and make good income is up to the individual. If one follows the training and business building methods taught in the company's system, the chances of the person making it big is quite promising.

The answer is up to the efforts and methods that one practices in carrying out the daily activities needed and necessary to see the results of doing the business. Many who fail to develop themselves and improve on their business skills usually stop doing the business eventually and sort of go into limbo.

These are the ones who would give all kinds of excuses for their own failures and go on to blame the company, the business system and their uplines for not doing enough for them and for failing to make them into the successful business people that they set out to be in the first place.

Sounds familiar? Well, this is the actual situation plaguing hundreds of thousands of folks who are voicing out negative stories and laying the blame on all other people except their own miserable selfs.

Are there not successful people in all other businesses out there today? Surely there are many who have gone on to make huge incomes and earn fantastic returns from their business activities and efforts.

That goes to show that the complainers and the naysayers are the ones who in actual fact have failed in their business building and have not really done their part to learn and put to practice what they have been trained to do. Some do not even go for the trainings and just try to 'wing it' as they please. Recipe for disaster, won't you agree?

How can they even expect to do well in their business? Doing business means having the necessary skills and know how of presenting the business, dealing with the questions coming from their prospects and answering correctly each and every query being put before them and giving the true facts and figures. Not bullshitting their way through.

People nowadays are not that stupid or ignorant to be fooled easily. The Age of Information today has all the answers ready for us at the click of a keyboard button and with so many sources readily available before us all. One can easily get information through the internet.

So, I'd say, to all those who are always giving excuses of not having made it in their previous business enterprises, to do a self assessment on themselves.

Did they do what they were supposed to do or did they fail to live up to their responsibilities as business builders in whatever business they were in before? The answer if they are true to themselves will not be very pleasing to them if they are truly honest with themselves.

Today I met a fellow KLite in the person of Miss Veronica, who is ready to launch her Platinum business buildup with team Zainking.

From just looking at her face, I know that she is going to be absolutely successful in Uptrend for her personality reveals a zest for life and a vibrant energy ready to kick ass with me and this business in building an evergrowing networking business that will give her a continuous source of good income to see to her needs and wishes to be another of Uptrend's Millionaire business builders!

I'll assist and lead Veronica to be amongst us in Team Zainking who will be millionaires in a year or two! God willing! We can do it! As long as she is willing to do what she needs to do, I'll see to it that she becomes one of Team ZAINKING's superstars of Uptrend!

Such is the dynamism of young leaders present in our society today who are coming in to grab the wonderful opportunities available today in Uptrend Network!

The key to their success lies in being willing to learn from leaders like myself and my fellow team builders and putting them to practice!

All talk and no action or implementation will only see a return to the usual run of the mill situation of half baked losers finding fault with the business systems just like before.

I will share with you more tips of how to make the best of your potential capabilities in becoming a successful Uptrend Networker with Team ZAINKING.

If you want to be a kick ass dynamic Uptrend leader, you need to:

1. Stop waiting for things to happen.

So many times, I hear people complain that they have tried their hands at doing all kinds of businesses but nothing happened.

They tell me that they have attended so many events and business seminars and have invested so much into those businesses but failed to get any returns from such investments and now, they are scared to lose more money.

In reality this is what I say many fail to do.
They fail to 'network' as they should.

They usually attend such functions like they are the guests and not as the participants of the business. Many just sit through the functions and fail to reach out and connect to the others.

When they say they have attended such and such functions, they fail to realise that they actually did nothing concrete and positive to harness the best opportunities made available to them through the functions and acted as if they should be waited hand and foot by the organisers.

This is a business event we are talking about and not a casual private function held by friends and families. When we attend a business function where we are registered business associates of the particular company, then it is ridiculous for us to expect people to attend to us exclusively as the function is usually held to cater to the general participants.

We must therefore act as professionals and know how to conduct ourselves and to take the opportunity to learn from others, mingle with the leaders of the business and to establish contacts with those who are successful in their business buildings. Take notes from them and use those tips to improve our business build ups. Don't expect to be spoonfed! You're not a baby!

When we have prospects whom we have brought to the Business Presentation events at the Uptrend HQ or any of the other centres throughout the nation, then we must know how to attend to them and make sure that we close the business registration of our prospects at the conclusion of the presentation programs.

Things won't happen unless we do what we need to do as we should. There is no point for you to bring someone to a business presentation if you fail to sign the person up after he or she has sat through the entire business presentation and have understood what the business is about and are positive about the whole opportunity!

You need to strike while the iron is hot! This is the ultimate closure to a business proposition like bringing the prospect to the Entrepreneurs Orientation Meeting @ EOM of Uptrend Networks.

This business works on a Hybrid system of carrying out E-Commerce business transactions whilst establishing new business networks with our new business associates. Sale of products take place as we sign up our prospects as our new 'downlines' or in actual fact, new business networkers.

Profits from the sale of the company's products both Virtual Business Packages and physical products in the form of the Health Supplements and other products are paid out to us as Introducer Bonuses and Pairing of Business Bonuses.

To know what I am talking about, you need to come meet up with me at the Uptrend HQ where I will show you how it works. Do not assume anything without knowing for sure what I am saying here.

Assumptions and conclusions made without knowing the realities will only confuse you unnecessarily. Do the right thing. Contact me at 016-3969881 to book your appointment with me to come learn about the business which can make you become a multi millionaire!

2. Introduce yourself with a 16 seconds sizzler!

Have you ever been introduced to someone and when told what the person did, been completely at a loss for words because you had no idea as to what he or she was talking about?

Do not underestimate the power of positive introductions. When you meet someone for the first time and he or she looks like worth knowing, then introduce yourself to them with a dynamic manner that will create a fantastic first impression of yourself to them.

Do not mumble your words to them. Practice introducing yourself with a simple twenty to twenty five words statement that provokes interest and in terms that even a standard six pupil can understand! The key is to practice, practice and keep practicing everyday and night.

Stand before your mirror and practice extending out your hand to do a handshake and speak with a conviction that portrays your self confidence and belief in yourself as a professional. When you shake somebody's hand, make sure you grasp the hand firmly and shake it with power. Do not overdo it and never shake someone's hand as like a dead fish! Put some firmness in it!

Your introduction should include your name and Trading Name in Uptrend, the market you serve and how you benefit your clients. You don't get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression!

For example:
  • "I'm Zainol Abideen. Also known as Mahaguru58 in the Blogosphere. I am leading Team ZAINKING in Uptrend . I help people make fantastic incomes through Uptrend's E-Commerce and Networking business! I specialize in turning ordinary folks into leaders!
  • "Hi! I am Jefry! I lead Team GOLDEN PALACE in Uptrend Networks. I am leading a dynamic team of people who are making good income through E-Commerce and Business Networking!"
  • Assalamualaikum! I am Wan Azli! I am leading Team MYKING in Uptrend. We are on our way to becoming millionaires in a year or two. I am helping people make daily and monthly income through Business Networking!"Keep your self introductions short but sharp and simple. Fancy self conjured descriptions only tend to turn people off and must be avoided at all costs.

By speaking clearly and with full confidence to people whom we are just meeting will project a good image and first impression about us to them. They will want to know more about you and want to speak further with you about the business.

So, it is very important to create a good impression about yourself to people whom you are meeting for the first time. Attract their attention by being super dynamic and show them your best side and appear as a true business professional. Be the best you can be!

If you want to be in my team, call or sms me your name and address to my mobile number at 6-016-3969881. Let's go make money!

Life is a series of adjustments. Let's go for gold! ~More tips coming after this~ .

Sunday, January 28, 2007

How to successfully build up your business networks?

For those of you who are thinking of joining Uptrend Network sdn Bhd, it is important that you join the right team and get yourself in the right frame of mind and acquire the right skills to help you become successful in life and become millionaires.

The goal to be a millionaire in this Uptrend business is noble indeed. It is important to have that goal throbbing in your mind very vividly, so clearly that you are able to visualise yourself living life as a successful Millionaire in Uptrend Networks.

To get yourself going in this dynamic proven can do business , you need to have the right mindset and keep the right company. By that, I mean you need to be in the company of these business leaders. Superstars like Multi Millionaire Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin @ Cikgu Amir, Tuan Haji Roshdi, ND Lala @ Amir Hamzah, Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin, etc.

Whenever I go to the Uptrend HQ , I will always seek them out and be with them, sit at their tables and listen to what they share about the ways to build up this business. We can get tips and learn new techniques and methods as to how to develop ourselves and our business networks.

As for myself, I have my own ways and techniques in how to build this team ZAINKING! Many seek me out when I am at the HQ or at Cikgu Amir's Taman Bukit Cheras Uptrend Centre.

My years of experience in dealing with the Sales & Marketing world comes handy in building up the confidences of my team members and add to their skills and knowledge in building up their own networks in Uptrend.

Many of them who have had tried their hands in other businesses but failed now have a better chance of making it to the finishing line this time around in the marathon race to the million$!

Yes, this business build up can be likened to a marathon race. You need to have stamina to last the race. You need to delete unnecessary trains of thoughts and build yourself up to be a winner.
By keeping all those screwed up past failures in your mind, you will only be repeating the same old mistakes over and over again. Doing the same old things over and over again yet expect a different result is nothing but a clear cut case of insanity, won't you agree?

So, my advice to you is to forget all your past failures. Remove them from occupying your mindset and learn afresh. Reformat your system so to speak and install a fresh new mindset.

A mindset that is dynamic and uptodate with all the necessary skills, knowledge and passion.

Let me share with you some tips on how to build your networking business.

  • Arrive at table talks, appointments, meetings and group activities at least 15 minutes early.

By arriving early, we get to prepare ourselves to set up our needs to get the best of the one to one table talks, business presentations or meetings by having all our stationaries in place or our laptop computers switched on and the powerpoints ready for action.

We also get a time buffer before the event starts. It's better for us to wait for our prospects rather than them wait for us. If we are late, it doesn't look good on our professionalism.

People won't respect us if we don't keep to our promised time of our appointments. Be early.

  • Know the marketing plan well before presenting to your prospects.

Before you go and meet your prospects, it is imperative that you get yourselves familiar with all the important aspects of the Business Marketing Plans.

If you have the company's marketing plan on powerpoint presentation, then by all means please remember what's on the slides and what is coming next on each slide when you run the program through.

You need to run the program over and over again till you know by heart as to what's gonna come up next. It surely wouldn't look nice on you if you fumble your way through the business presentation and look as if you don't know your stuff, would it?

Who would want to sign up with you if you do not present yourself as knowing exactly what it is you are talking about?

You need to come across as a professional E-Commerce business person who is worth doing business with and able to lead your business team to success. So, know the business by heart and be a 100% committed to it and project your confidence in it by your actions in presenting it.

  • Dress appropriately for your appointment or business meetings.

Now, when you are meeting a prospect to present the business, make sure that you turn up for the appointment dressed appropriately for the occasion.

It wouldn't create a good impression about you if you turn up wearing jeans and a T shirt to talk about a business that is turning ordinary folks into millionaires and changing lifes by building up this hybrid E-Commerce and E-Networking dynamic business.

You need to dress sharp and look sharp for your appointments. You also need to be clean and well groomed, smell nice and be presentable. You have to make sure your personal hygiene is tip top and people will feel comfortable being with you.

Little things like these sure weigh up very heavily on people's minds when they think as to whether they want to do business with you or not?

I know I wouldn't want to do business with anyone who looks like they haven't had a bath for weeks or smell like garbage. Would you?

So, make sure you look good, feel good and smell good when you are meeting any prospects.

I will share more tips with those of you who are interested in building up your business with me in my next posts.

Those who want to join me in this Uptrend Network business can contact me at 6-016-3969881.

Visit my to watch a flash presentation of this dynamic business!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Motivation-The Driving Force behind every Winner!

I want to share with you several excellent quotes from winners in the business world. Enjoy:

Quotes on Teamwork

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” - Stephen Covey

“Teams do not go physically flat, they go mentally stale.” - Vincent Lombardi

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results”. - Andrew Carnegie

"The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck or coming back with excuses." - Napoleon Hill

"There is one rule for industrialists and that is: make the best quality goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible." - Henry Ford

"Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Why should I clutter my mind with general information when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I need?" - Henry Ford

"Efficiency is doing better what is already being done." - Peter F. Drucker

"Enthusiasm is the way you trigger other people's emotions so they instinctively help and support you." - Paul Meyer

"Every great institution is the lengthened shadow of a single man. His character determines the character of the organization." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Genuine change is never a function of dominance, or even education, but of empathy and common ground." - Alan Briskin

"None of us is as smart as all of us." - Japanese proverb

"If you put good people in bad systems you get bad results. You have to water the flowers you want to grow." - Stephen R. Covey

"Behind every able man, there are always other able men." - Chinese Proverb

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." - Henry Ford

Insight of the Day: People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing.. that's why we recommend it daily.—Zig Ziglar

Each and every quote above carries the meaning that motivation is very important to lead a person to success. It also means that in our pursuit of success and excellence in whatever we do , we are not to forget ourselves and must remain humble but not submissive.

Many a businessperson out there suffers from a lack of self belief, confidence and willpower to go through the course of building their businesses.

As the saying goes, some are red hot like a flaming iron when they first start but later due to lack of commitment or consistency start to lose their passion and drive to remain fully charged and capable of going the distance!

Success depends on us putting in the work, going through the phases and remaining steadfast in our mission to get the gold, so to speak.

No matter what you do, you have to persevere and remain strongly committed to outlast the race. You have to build up your stamina as you climb the rungs of the ladder to the top.

Like the example of someone climbing the coconut tree, you won't be able to pluck the fruits if you stop halfway up the tree trunk. You have to hang in there and lift yourself up inch by inch until you reach the palm fronds where the fruits are dangling in bunches.

Even then, you still need to have the strength to twist and pluck those nuts and drop them to the ground where you can later get them and cut open the fruit to taste the delicious cooling refreshing waters.

After drinking the coconut juice, you then need to cut the fruit open in two to get at it's delicious meat.

Just like doing business. You can't expect things to be so easy as you have to build up your business from the ground up.

Every successful business is built on a strong foundation of trust and truthfulness. If you build your business based on lies and half truths, eventually that business will cave in and suffer bankruptcy. Truth is the pillars of success for every major business out there today.

Motivation is very important to a person's ability to achieve anything. Without motivation, one is left listless without a dynamic spirit to strive for excellence and will be lifeless without the force to go through life with all it's challenges and obstructions lying across one's path of life!

To say you want to be wealthy and rich but fail to do anything concrete in order to achieve that status , that level is tantamount to being nothing but an empty rhetoric without substance.

To be wealthy, one's efforts to gain the dollars and ringgits must be consistent with one's announcements and proclamations. One needs to follow up with one's actions follwoing such declarations.

The actions then have to be consistent with one's adhering to one's guidelines and code of conduct. Anyone who fails to follow the rules and guidelines of one's company and enterprise will soon see their efforts go to waste as a result of breaching certain aspects of one's business buildup.

Not a ship that leaves the port will be able to escape bruises and abrasions against the flotsam that litter the oceans before reaching it's destination. So will each and every businessperson out there today, who will have to face the trials and tribulations of the business world that will pose a challenge to us as we go about trying to build our businesses.

Perseverance in going towards our goals will see us succeed where others have failed. We will be winners if we stick to our plans and schedules and go for it. Winners are people who stuck on and went on to cross the finish line. They did not quit halfway along the race. So, why must you?

Today's world demands us to be better than the rest out there. To remain as we are for so long and to expect ourselves to beat them all is a state of delusion. To succeed in the world today, we need to make some changes to our work methods and be willing to adopt and adapt to an everchanging working or business environment.

In this world that is changing rapidly and expects more from us, we need to equip ourselves better with all the necessary know hows and up to date knowledge of all that is taking place out there.

The greatest requirement for us to be a winner is self motivation. Those of us who are leaders of a group or ourselves need to have a very strong base of self motivation and be able to inject a strong does of self belief in every leader who is in our group.

You must have the commitment to push yourselves and your team to success. You must build up the inner motivation to overcome all challenges in our lifes to be able to help your team win!

YOU CAN! IF YOU THINK YOU CAN! You call the shots!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Focus - It's importance in achieving our objectives.

I would like to advise those who are intending to become Uptrenders like myself to keep one thing in mind.

Focus. It is the single most important element in this business. Without focus, one would be lost and just keep going here and there but will never reach their objectives.

Many come in to the business and think that they would simply turn into millionaires just like that.
It doesn't work that way. Hell, if just by signing up for a Platinum Package or even a Double Platinum package, one will then instantly be turned into a millionaire, then that one is a plain dreamer.

There's no if's or but's about it. To be a millionaire in Uptrend, there's work that needs to be done.

This business is based on activity. There is no other options in doing this business but to open that mouth and speak to someone new about it. Come to think of it, one doesn't just limit oneself to be speaking face to face with someone about Uptrend.

You can even do it via the internet as I have done with Hazlan from Penang. He's living proof that this business works. I say that even the deaf and dumb can do this business.

Hell, you don't even have to speak a single word! Just show the business facts and figures and if the other party understands what you are showing to him or her, I say there's a chance that you might just be able to register the person under your business. It's all entirely up to you.

In order to speak about the business, one has to learn what the business is all about?

If you just signed up with a single GBE business like me because of financial constraints but then sit on your butt and do nothing new from what you have been used to then by all means, don't expect anything to change for you.

No sirree. Things will remain as they have always been and you will nowhere be near to being a millionaire or even anything close to one.

How can one expect things to be different if one does the same old things that one did before in the other businesses or enterprises that one did or actually failed to do?

You sign up under any business out there, invest your hundreds or thousands of ringgits but if you fail to :
  1. attend trainings
  2. learn the business marketing plans
  3. speak to others about the business
  4. learn from your leaders
  5. do nothing new to build up and grow your business
  6. acquire knowledge and business skills
  7. understand the concept of the business
you'll be exactly where you were before joining the business. A failure.

Don't go around complaining that :
  • God is unfair to me;
  • this business doesn't work ;
  • that business doesn't work;
  • that fellow is useless;
  • this fellow is useless ;
  • my upline doesn't help me ;
  • my spouse isn't supportive of me ;
  • and all the usual crap that one dishes out as pitiful excuses for one's own failures.
It all comes back to us. What have we done and not done to achieve what this business or any other business out there has to offer?

Who the hell knows us if we sit at home doing nothing to promote ourselves and our businesses?

Who knows that so and so has invested so much money in this and that business but they fail to advertise themselves and their business opportunities to others out there as per the company's guidelines and rulings?

There are so many things that one has to do and accomplish before one can see those $$$$$$$$ accumulate in one's bank accounts or swell up your wallets.

You need to focus on building up your business. You need to know what you can and can't do. You need to know what the marketing plan is. You need to use what the company offers you.

All those websites, all those Lead Generating Software will be of no use to you if you fail to log in and build up your websites.

You can't afford to be distracted from your mission to make millions from this business.

You need to go regularly to the business headquarters. You need to keep in touch with what's going on. You need to learn and acquire all the business skills you have to master in order to be a successful leader in Uptrend!

This business is for those who want to be successful leaders who are focused towards achieving their short term, mid term and long term goals with Uptrend.

You want to sit on your butt or sleep your days and nights off, don't bother wasting your time and others in coming in and then morphing into a blind old snail.

You want to be a millionaire then act as a millionaire. A millionaire doesn't wait for things to happen. He or she makes it happen. By that, I mean all those self made millionaires and not those born rich types.

Those of you who are in Uptrend reading this, wake the hell up! You need to do something more to gain something more. If you fail to focus, you will lose out in the long run. You will be nowhere near your dreams and goals in wanting to see your financial worries disappear in time if you do not do what you need to.

Tonight, Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin, our Grand Multi Millionaire is presenting his GOLDPOWER Business Talk at the PJ HQ. If you have signed up as an Uptrender, make sure that you show up there with a prospect or two. After the presentation, take them to the table talk area and register them up. If you can't do that, ask yourself, why are you in the business?

To those who know exactly what I am saying, come do your part and let's make money!

All my best to Team ZAINKING members. FOCUS!

I am doing it and you all can see what I am achieving. You too can do as I have done and maybe even better. Insya Allah! Do not give up just yet.

The gold's just around the corner but you need to go move yourselves towards getting it. Do it!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Malaysian Bloggers Association-Let's form it now!

I express my sympathies to my fellow Malaysian Bloggers Jeff Ooi @ Screenshots and Ahiruddin Atan @ Rocky Bru on their being sued by the New Straits Times for 'defamation'.

It was bound to happen. I shared my concerns about the need to have a properly registered Malaysian Bloggers Association with our leading Malaysian Bloggers like Raja Petra Kamaruddin @ Editor of Malaysia-Today.Net before in his blog, with Jeff Ooi himself when we met at the Young Malaysians Forum at the DAP organised event a few months back and also with Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad of Kuda-Kepang Blogspot when we emailed each other a couple of months back.

I sensed even back then that if we remain as we are now, then slowly one by one, our voices will be silenced by the powers that be by using the legal clout that they have against the Malaysian bloggers as long as we remain disunited like the present moment.

Bloggers actually play a very important role in the dissemination of information to the masses.

We have always been fed censored, altered and at times information that is nothing but propaganda material by the media where we did not have access to the truth in the years before the advent of the internet and the weblog era.

Bloggers today have first hand access to everything that is taking place before us and at times we even get to share such news with the blogosphere complete with the pictures, facts and figures to back up our postings.

Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Atan have been very helpful in sharing first hand news and reports with us and we owe them our undivided support and backing in their times of need now.

The time has come for us Bloggers to rally behind them and give them our support, financially, morally and legally to defend our rights to speak against the monopoly of information and control over Bloggers that this media giant is smashing down in an attempt to gag these two prominent bloggers.

I am sure that there are capable lawyers amongst our Blogosphere who would be willing to represent Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Atan in defense of themselves. Come help them please.

As the proverbial phrase reminds us again and again, ' United we Stand ; Divided we Fall!'.

It's high time for us to rally behind our fellow bloggers and form the Malaysian Bloggers Association. Datuk Kadir Jasin is best suited to be our founding President and the other leading bloggers make up the Founding Committee members. I propose setting up this association.

Bloggers still must be held accountable for what we post and publish.

Being a blogger doesn't mean we can just say anything we want and cause others offense unless it is warranted for as an appropriate response and reply to anything anyone else posts against one or one's faith or business enterprises!

So shall we too reap what we sow or in this case , publish to the www.

Mind what we say or share. As much as we don't like being gagged, we shouldn't go around digging dirt on people when none of us are so bloody clean ourselves.

It is true that none are sinfree but that doesn't mean we can just berate them at will. We too need to wise up and know what to say or publish as it involves people's reputation at stake.

Take responsibility for what we post! God willing!

My First Virtual Platinum Member Sign Up from Penang!

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Say hello to Hazlan Zakaria, my latest Platinum team member who signed up his Platinum HAZQIS EMPIRE business through my website!

Hazlan is an Engineer with an American Electronics factory based in Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone, Penang and one of my blog readers. He has been following my writings about Uptrend and feels that he could do with the extra unlimited income that this business has to offer for those who go for it.

This virtual Uptrend Platinum business signup success is really something that would boggle the mind of all the people out there who tell me that they just don't know how to do this business?

Sceptics will remain where they are whilst guys like Hazlan and Team Zainking will be earning big bucks by building this business.

I mean, for a 48 year old guy like me who hasn't even taken a computer class or anything, but here I am setting up websites, helping my downlines set up theirs, and easily establishing business connections online and offline as I please, really boggles my mind why so many people think doing business is so hard?

Look at how Hazlan and myself established our business connection?

He visited my recently. He has been reading about my Uptrend business build up in my blog here. He sees the opportunity that this business gives to those who register themselves in this business and then build up their networks and gain the fantastic incomes that have and are helping hundreds of thousands of Uptrenders all over Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philiphines, India, Pakistan and Nevada, USA.

I check my Lead Generating Presentation system and I followed up with those who keyed in their real names and contact details. Hazlan was one of those who keyed in their real names and data hence I got to follow up with him.

After emailing him and then getting to chat with him through Yahoo Messenger, I exchanged in depth details about the Uptrend Business with him by sending him emails containing relevant business info and materials.

After he understood the business and how he stands to earn unlimited income based upon his business building activities with Uptrend through my online tutelage, Hazlan decided to sign up on the 19th of January,2007.

He banked in his Platinum Membership Fees of RM2280 to Cikgu Norhaidi's Maybank account and after the funds were successfully transferred, promptly sms'd me about it.

I then contacted Cikgu Adi by sms and asked him to check his account and informed him of Hazlan's Platinum Membership Fees being banked in to Cikgu Adi's account for registration by him into Uptrend's system.

Cikgu Adi was in Batang Kali at that time, presenting the business opportunity to a group of prospects there.

Upon checking his account in , Cikgu Adi confirmed that the funds were there, properly banked in his account.

I then sms'd Cikgu Adi, Hazlan's details and chosen trading name @ HAZQIS EMPIRE. I further gave instructions to Cikgu Adi as to where to place Hazlan's Platinum business in my network.

Cikgu Adi duly registered Hazlan's Platinum business as instructed and sms'd me once the registration was done.

All these took place without me and Hazlan ever coming to meet face to face and we successfully completed our business deal virtually online and through the sms system.

And some folks tell me that they do not know how to do this business?

Uptrend business is so easy to do for people who open up their eyes and mindset to the opportunities and are willing to harness the fantastic telecommunication channels that we have with us today.

The internet when used properly generates so many opportunities to us that we can practically make money utilising it.

Hazlan and myself communicated using Yahoo Messenger and we exchanged files and photos plus the relevant documents to forge this virtual Uptrend E-Commerce and Networking business.

How's that for success in establishing business connections that transcends the distance between me here in KL and Hazlan in Penang?

Once Hazlan gets a group of prospects available, I'd be making a trip to Penang and present the Uptrend business opportunity to them. When they sign up, they'd be placed under Hazlan's business @ HAZQIS EMPIRE. I have set up his for him.

Although there are many other Uptrenders over there in Penang, Hazlan has chosen to sign up under me for he knows that in Team ZAINKING, he has a kick ass leader whom he can depend on to help him build up his business network and to be able to earn unlimited income together with me and the others in a year plus and for as long as we shall live.

We have proved that this business transcends all borders and distances.

If you want to join me on this mission to financial success and share this golden opportunity with those who come into contact with us, contact me at 6-016-3969881 or email me at

Let's make money! Insya Allah.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Positive Thinking! The Awesome Power Within Us.

In the name of Allah, God Almighty, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

If there is one single element that can turn someone into a highly successful person in any one field of expertise and professionalism in his or her career is having the proper mental attitude called 'positive thinking'.

It is the most vital mental attribute that one must cultivate and keep it pumped up and always upto mark in order to rise above all adversaries and tribulations of life that one faces each and every second of one's life.

Building self confidence and cultivating positive thinking in one's mindset is the result of being in the right frame of mind and after having acquired a sense of self worth and realisation of one's capabilities and internal strength.

It results from a conscious effort of improving oneself over the years and by way of the accumulation of all the qualities of leadership and managing oneself , solving problems and settling issues that have cropped up over time.

Experience, training, learning, self development, belief in oneself and perseverance will bring about a strong sense of positiveness within oneself provided one keeps company with likeminded strong dynamic success oriented leaders and winners within one's daily circle of acquaintances.

One's entire life is determined by what one thinks of oneself and being very positive about oneself is the key to trigger all kinds of achievements brought about by creative thinking and exploring the power within us.

Throughout the passages of time, philosophers and scholars have always told us ' You are what you think you are!'

Nothing can be more right than that! If you think that you can't do this or that ; you are absolutely right.

You have already programmed yourself to believe that you can't do whatever it is you were faced with.

Each and every winner out there in the world today are where they are because they chose to think that they can! That positive thinking triggers our powers of creativity and internal strength residing deep within each and everyone of us to come up with that special gift ; that special ability that only we have imbued in us by the Almighty.

We need to have that desire. We need to have the raging fire within us. We need to keep our soul and our spirits pumped up, ready to perform and deliver. We need to give our best all the time.

We have only one lifetime here on Earth. Why hold back on ourself? If you have it in you, go do your level best.

You need to push yourself to the maximum you can achieve! If you have it in you, use it.

You must have absolute faith in yourself! You must know yourself clearly and improve yourself to achieve the best standards that you can . You must have faith in yourself to do any job well and do your best when you do it. No pulling back on your talents and special skills! Go for gold.

If you look at yourself and think that you are honourable, conscientious, determined, courageous, capable and self discipline, then you have positive power!

POSITIVE THINKING will get you everywhere. Without this faith and belief in yourself , you will not be where you wish to be.

You need to nurture, polish and prime yourself to the superstar that you can and will be if only you think positive of yourself. Do you have an option to think otherwise? You don't!

Be the best that you can be and you too will be a super successful winner worth your name!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why it's important to be in the right team in this business?

There are many who are in the networking business and other forms of business but still haven't made their mark or even got any returns from their investments.

Some sort of get excited in the first few weeks of their business and after seeing the fantastic incomes of their business leaders and introducers.

Sure, the impact and the razzamatazz of the presentations, the success stories and the dynamic gung ho spirit and prowess of the ones making the big bucks will lift you up to a euphoric state of mind and spirits that everything and I mean just practically everything will seem rosy to anyone who is new to the business, etcetera.

After the initial excitement has dissipated and we are on solid ground once again after having been swept up in the crescendo of superpowered dynamic kick ass presentations that are designed to do just that - share and impress the prospects - we have to look at things as they actually are.

Yes, all those results and achievements are true. Yes, those millionaires who are your uplines or team leaders have made it to the top. Yes, they can go around in their flashy Mercedes Benz Kompressors and flash their toothy white pearls of smiles all around and swagger about with pride and a sense of achievement in the business.

They have earned that right and they should do just that. Be a glorious shining example to all the newcomers and fresh starters in the business of E-Commerce and Networking as we are doing here in the Uptrend Network world.

Now, let's face up to reality.

This business is based upon activity. We need to grow our business by reaching out and sharing the business opportunity with others like us. We do need to do something to go gain something extra in our life. We do need to see to it that we learn about the business, know it's Marketing Plan well and build up our business skills especially where it concerns our abilities to speak to and tell others about this business.

We can gain tremendous support and knowledge from our Team Leader and our fellow Uptrenders provided that those people themselves are equipped with and have the necessary dynamic personality and charisma necessary to lead us to success and victory against the challenges of this business.

We need to make sure that the team we join in and the person we choose to be our leader in this business has what it takes to take us to the top along with him or herself!

To get moving and succeeding in this business, it is important to know that we need to have a very supportive and co-operative upline as our leader.
A leader who doesn't respond immediately to your calls or replies to your sms's and emails is just useless to you and your million dollar dream and business objectives.
That's why it is very important to see to it that you go join only a leader who has all that it takes to lead you to the top! He or she needs to be an action oriented dynamic go getter!
It's the basic need to choose only the ones who can deliver to you the necessary skills and leadership to be somebody in this business!

To see to our dreams and plans to be a millionaire in this business, it is vital to be in a team that is growing and going up, rising over any trials and tribulations, that come our way.

We too need to be positive. We do need to read up on all that we need to know and learn about doing business this way. Using the Internet and all the wonderful tools and systems that are at our disposal.
There is no point in having the latest fancy full of gadgets and top of the line laptop computer with us but fail to utilise it to the max.

There is no point in having the broadband internet service at our homes and offices but we fail to connect to potential prospects and downlines if we want to be super successful Uptrenders.
This business will give you the returns that you want provided you have a growing thriving business network with new business associates with similar mindsets and dynamism that you have in you.
You can have a fancy office, equipped with all the latest gadgetry and luxurious furniture and elegantly designed, impressive looking business cards and stationaries, but if you do not go get new business clients and downlines in your business, you will get nowhere in the business.
The only truly most essential element to ensure a successful Uptrend Network business of ytour own is to have enough people joining your team and building up your business networks together with you in a joint effort and highly charged and motivated consistent strong spirit as you can find in my Team Zainking!
We need to get out of any lowdown mentality we might have based upon our past experiences and unsuccessful try outs in any other business ventures we might have got into before.

We need to be better than what we were before and we need to remove our past failures and screw ups in previous businesses if we want to be together with all those Millionaires of Uptrend in the next 'Malam Gemilang Uptrend 2007 or 2008'!

We need to be with the right leader and the right team in order to harness the strength, the spirit, the drive and the energy from all the winners in our team.

We need to carefully choose and register ourselves with the ones who will motivate us, kick our slow dragging butts into action if we start to slack and carry through our one year mission to the millions of ringgits or dollars that we seek!

There are no two ways about it. If you want success, you need to follow the ways of those who are the winners in this business!

You will achieve nothing if you go listen to any sore loser out there or keep company with anyone who are known to be the ones who have failed over and over again in whatever enterprises they were in or surrender your fate to the whims and fancies of the born losers!

You can't afford that. We can't afford to waste our precious resources and time waiting for things to happen and for the one whom we selected to be our leader to do anything constructive for our businesses.

We need to take charge. We need to get behind the steering wheeel. We need to know our situations and our pluses and minuses of ourselves.

We need to chart our courses. We need to equip ourselves with all the necessary tools and facilities needed to see to it that our businesses keep growing and keep registering new business associates through the right activities and keep the right company!

Cikgu Amir always says, " If you listen to the winners, you too will be a winner! If you go listen to the losers, can you expect nothing but loss to be your returns coming from them?"

So, the important aspect of becoming successful in Uptrend Network, is to know who are your leaders?

You need to go join only the one who can lead you to success. You need to choose carefully your captain if you want to reach your port. You need to choose the right pilot to take you up to the skies and land at the right airports.

You need to be with Team ZAINKING if you want to see results in your business. The most important thing is for you to ask yourself, ' What have I done on my part today to help change my current situation from being here as I have always been or where would I like to be a year from now?'

If being a successful Millionaire Uptrender is your goal and objective in life, then waste your time no more.
Call me at 6-016-3969881 to start your business building with me in this proven to be a 'can do ' business!

Everything's possible if you have the right leader and you too do what you need to do to get those big bucks coming your way from now on.

Those who do just that will see that this business is the best thing to happen in their lifes!

Go for gold! Let's all make money! It's what God wants us to do. To improve our lifes ourselves!
Insya Allah! Call me at 6-016-3969881. I will help you if you will help yourself to be a winner!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Team ZAINKING welcomes Platinum Member Jefry!

Alhamdulillah! Team ZAINKING proudly welcomes Cikgu Jefry Satiman, GOLDEN PALACE Platinum Business Owner who signed up and registered his 7 businesses after midnight today, the 16th of January, 2006!

Although having his left leg in a plaster cast, Cikgu Jefry came with me to the Uptrend PJ HQ and saw with his own eyes the fantastic opportunities that this business gives us and is the most proven can do business today for many success oriented people!

Mr. KK Chew, a successful Uptrender happened to pass by and stopped to give Cikgu Jefry some words of support and encouragement and shared his experiences with Cikgu Jefry!
That spurred on the enthusiasm of Cikgu Jefry and he made his decision to join me and register his business the same night. Cikgu Jefry paid for his registration by credit card!

We then drove from PJ to Danau Kota, where we waited for Cikgu Adi and Sham to arrive from Batang Kali, where they had just presented the business to a group of people there. 2 Platinum sign ups and a few GBE's were the results of their time there.

Cikgu Adi briefed Cikgu Jefry further and soon, GOLDEN PALACE was properly registered and I placed his Platinum business under Cikgu Fathee's SUGARKING 4!

I deliver as I promise to my downlines that I will place businesses under them!

This business is about standing up to your beliefs and going for your objectives to be financially free in a year or two.

This opportunity is for people who want to see their dreams realised by working to achieve them by following the proven system.

It's not that hard if you are willing to learn from us and follow the example of the leaders who have made it to be millionaires in just a year plus!

Well, congratulations once again to Cikgu Jefry and I wish him all the best in his business build up with team ZAINKING!

May Allah SWT bless us in this noble mission to make more money the halal way and help all those who want to see themselves and their families live a better life, be able to provide for all their needs today, tomorrow and the future!

Do not waste time thinking about it. Call me if you too would like to work together with us in realising your dreams within a year or two from now and not waste a lifetime dreaming about it!

CALL 016-3969881. Zainol Abideen.

You and only you can decide your future! No one else will come to provide for us! Do you agree?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Clueless in Kuala Lumpur!

This is what I conclude after experiencing encounters with many so called 'Sales Staff' especially those working in the shopping malls of this capital city!

I am sure that many of you have had similar frustrating experiences in dealing with sales personnel who don't know heck what they are selling or have any idea as to what is expected of them, when they stand there behind the counters, especially the ones selling cosmetics or perfumes in almost all the shopping malls of KL!

You must have heard of the phrase, ' Beautiful Dumb Blonde' in the Hollywood movies but brace yourself to now learn of the 'Beautiful Dumb Blur' of the multitudes of those wearing false eyelashes , heavy make up that would make a Bukit Bintang transvestite proud and an empty head with no data or memory in their 'blurred' CPU's of a brain!

Everytime we go to Jusco Taman Maluri, we would stop at the Complaints Board and read the Messages there!

You name it ; they have it! From those complaints that will make you burst out with uncontrollable glee to the ones that will make you shake your head non stop like those Duracell Ads bunnies!

Hahahahaha! Harith Iskandar and those stand up comic wannabes here in Bolehland should stop over at Jusco Maluri's Complaints Message Boards near the lifts to get fresh new ideas!

The idiot who answers those complaints almost always answers ' We are regretted with every reply that he or she makes as the standard starting response to each complaint! Talk about screwing up the grammar of the pathetic English these people muster as their repertoire; it is sickening to see such blatant dumbfoundedness taking place in the socalled hip metropolitan capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Hence my aptly titled 'Clueless in Kuala Lumpur' for this post! Sheesh! And you'd think that since this is Kay El we are talking about, the shopping malls and departmental stores ought to be manned by those sales staff with at least some grey matter to pass off as the standard operating procedures to qualify them to stand there behind those counters!

The government is busy advertising this year as 'Visit Malaysia Year 2007' but fail to see to it that the people manning all those counters in the malls and departmental stores are qualified and fit to serve every shopper and visitor to their sales counters.

Shopping Centre Managements must see to it that their sales personnel are properly trained and equipped with all the necessary skills to serve the customers better.

As it is, almost 90% of the sales staff stationed behind the cosmetics and perfumery counters can be counted to be the 'Beautiful Dumb and Blur' category.

Only the ones we met at Metrojaya Midvalley have some intelligence so to speak when we went shopping there before. The sales staff at one of Jusco Maluri's cosmetics and perfumery counter is a glorious case of being beautiful, dumb and blur and clueless in Kay El!

So be warned. Be prepared to get 'We are regretted' as a standard reply from the Customers Relations Department and also the 'Duh? What happened? ' response from one who can be said to be beautiful but sadly 'blurred' all the way there!

There is Justice on Earth after all. Hehehehe...Beauty with no Brains and Brawny but Blurred as well.....

Just being nasty today! To liven things up this Monday morning!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Don't just Dream! Dare to Realise those Dreams!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh! May Peace and Guidance of Almighty Allah be upon the rest. Ameen ya Rahman!

Insight of the Day:

"If you don't have daily objectives, you qualify as a dreamer".
Zig Ziglar

Insight of the Day:

"Confidence can get you where you want to go, and getting there is a daily process. It's so much easier when you feel good about yourself, your abilities and talents".
- Donald Trump

In these uncertain times, there are many who waste away their times dreaming about a good life. Many wait for miracles to happen and take place in their lifes.

This is a reality today and many of us know some people like that. How do we help these poor folks?

Reality hits me that we can't expect each and every suffering soul out there to even appreciate our gestures and attempts to extend a helping hand and showing a way out to them by way of doing something new and extra to get out of the rut they are in right now.

It's proven time and times again in today's world where people who are approached by those with pure and noble intentions find their efforts not appreciated at all by folks who despite being debt ridden, are surprisingly stubborn and reluctant to grab all opportunities coming their way.

I have found that in many cases, these kind of people have had bad experiences before in their past where someone has ripped them off in business or scammed them in certain dubious enterprises or they themselves didn't succeed in whatever business efforts they were involved before as a result of themselves not having had the proper business building skills or being left on their own to figure things out. All the ingredients to turn someone off doing businesses like these!

So, someone pulled off a fast one on us! Do we then give up on life and deny ourselves genuine opportunities that come our way and rob ourselves of a better future and a second or third or a zillion chance of finally making it to better life and secure future?

Study the history and past experiences off all those who are enjoying a blissful, wealthy and affluent lifestyle, free from want and can afford just anything they dreamed and wished for in their past and now tasting the rewards of their perseverance of going for gold!

So, we need to use our commonsense and abilities to do some background study and research about our prospects and be systematic in finding out why some folks act as they do and say 'No!' straightaway when approached by people like us who just want to help them change their current situations.

At the end of the day, some are still salvagable from the pits of self imposed drudgery and the gone to hell world of those who have resigned themselves to a State of Poverty and Eternal Misery!

It's just whether these people are worth our while or should we just pass them by and just go for those who show potential?

If you ask the winners of today, they'd recommend the latter. Time is short ; and we need to prioritise our potential prospects and select the rough diamonds out there instead of wasting time trying to turn a chunk of plain glass into a gemstone!

Decide wisely and realise that time wasted is time gone past into the annals of history. Choose well for it can be your turning point to success and glory or just an expended episode of wasting it all on the duds and half hearted individuals who are beyond help and salvation!

To those who dare to dream of success ; I ask you to get up and join me and my team of success oriented Dare to be Extraordinary winners who are doing our level best to be financially free and achieve all that we have been dreaming of!

Together we can do just that! We can do what our hearts and spirits are telling us that we too can be Kings and Queens in the Uptrend Network business world.

Call me at 016-3969881 to find out how? With a dream to succeed, you owe it to yourselves to just achieve and realise all those wonderful dreams and goals you want for youselves and family!

Insya Allah. Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Turn your dreams to reality!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Syukur Alhamdulillah ! My Team Zainking is Doing Great!

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen! Wassalatu Wassalamu ala Rasulillahi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, Khatamun Anbiya iwal Mursalin!

All praises be to Allah, Lord of the Universe. Salutations upon the Blessed Messenger, the Seal of the Prophets and Leader of the Pious!

Assalamualaikum dear Muslimins and Muslimats. My sincere greetings to all others reading this.

What else can I say but express my gratitude to Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala for opening up the doors to my Razq and to my team members in my business.

The system there is working fine and giving me precious leads from where I am getting more interested people signing up and leaving me their contact details to follow up with them in presenting the Uptrend Network and E-Commerce business.

Several businessmen have contacted me to start their businesses with my team and today, I am meeting one of them after Friday Prayers at one of the local masjids here in KL.

Where there's a will, there'll definitely be a way and this way is the best way that I can see being practical and can do for sure for me and my team.

I have another prospect registering with me from Penang. All he has to do is to keep contact with me through Yahoochat and Gmail, and I can coach him from here ; as long as we r online and he is signed up proper under me.

He's an Engineer and he's signing up as a Platinum member. That's the way to go for by being a Platinum member , you can go on to be a Stockist and register up people straight under you and if you want to go expand the business in a new city or country, you can do so provided you are a Platinum member and have fulfilled other requirements of Uptrend Network.

Another lecturer from Melaka just spoke to me and is meeting me here in KL next Friday. Another Platinum business in the pipeline.

Some people tell me that they do not know that much people to do this business. Do all these people who have contacted me known me before personally?

No. They have yet to meet me in person but by using the internet technology, here we are establishing contacts and business relationships by phone and the internet.

Use the system and use our commonsense. If we want it so bad, we will definitely be able to get it provided we go for it. Just thinking about it but not logging on to the internet or sms'g me will never change anything prevailing today in your life.

You need to call me, sms me or email me or leave your name and contact details in my for me to follow up with you about joining this networking business.

Again, this is not an MLM business or a direct selling business.

Uptrend uses a hybrid system of E-Commerce and E-Networking based business. We do have physical products and virtual business systems for you to use and expand your business for a fraction of what it would cost you if you were to go and sign up a website system on your own.

The choice of changing your fortunes rests here with you. You need to decide if you too want to be financially free from debts and be able to live as wealthily as you wish. You need to tke the first step by reaching out to me.

The number to dial is 016-3969881. The name's Zainol Abideen. Easy as that. Can you do that?

Call me to book your place in my dynamic kick ass going for gold business team! Best package to start your business off will be the super duper 7 business lots Platinum Package!

Costs just RM2280 but you stand to make upto RM143,000 over a month once your business network reaches to a certain level with more activities and business build ups!

If you don't have that much capital, you can always start with just 1 GBE! It will cost you RM456 but with the proper business build up activities , you can do even better than me who started off with just 1 small IBP business unit but in just a month, I now have 33 business partners under me and 103 businesses registered in my team ZAINKING! How's that ?

It's all up to us. We call the shots! We decide whether we want to remain poor or go for gold!

Tomorrow, I am leaving to Batu Pahat to help one of my downlines, downline present the business to a group of interested parties there.

Remember Frowny faced Abu Hassan? Well, the man is simply growing his networks like those easy to grow instant gardens variety.

He is consistent and is expanding his group like there's no tomorrow! Imagine what even someone who was a 'Worry King' has achieved?

Success is surely contagious and Abu Hasan is severely infected by the grow rich hormone!

There's no harm in getting financially better. We just have to remember that with success comes a great responsibility.

Good halal income is beneficial to anyone in providing for their worldly needs.
Anyone who says otherwise is just being mean for no rhyme or reason except maybe being envious of others who are succeeding whereas he or she is still struggling to make ends meet.

The Prophet SAW himself was involved in sales and marketing. He went on trading missions with the caravans and being who he is , his method of doing business was very straightforward and unique.

Rasulullah SAW used to lay his wares out before him and announced to the people the costs of his wares. He stated upfront the true costs and values of the trade items entrusted to him and asked the gathering buyers to make their bids.

He always ended up selling off his entire stock to the highest bidders and made quite a handsome profit for his boss, the multimillionairess Siti Khadijah who later became his first wife.

Business done properly and straightforward is always good and will give us the fortunes that we seek to sustain us in this life.

The responsibility of extending the good fortune to all others who out of their own will and efforts, do something positive and constructive in building up for themselves and their dependants a better future, a more prosperous life without want and in abundance.

Success also means that we give our thanks to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala by keeping uptodate with our prayers and our good deeds.

We are told to share with others this golden opportunity to help improve and add value to others lifes also.

That means to work well with one another in building up a viable business and offer help and assistance to our business associates in the process of business building.

Those who do so will surely taste the rewards of networking both here in this life and in the hereafter, Insya Allah.

I am doing it. I am building my business proper and I ask you who have the capital and the desire to be successful with us to join me in this business. We can do it! Call me! 016-3969881.

Got to go for prayers and meet the prospect I told you about at the masjid near me.

Wish me luck and contact me if you want to learn more as how to be a millionaire in a year or two from today!

You need to do something extra to gain that something extra and I don't mean that kilo in your tummy. I mean $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Come earn halal income and be rich! Amin!

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Have a profitable day! Insya Allah!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Forgive me for being so selfish!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Dear Muslimins and Muslimats.

I realise that my writings about my E-Commerce ventures seems to some as if I have forgotten or abandoned my sharing of what I have come to learn about Islam the Birthright of Mankind in this blog.

As such, I hereby apologise to all whom I have not thought of who have been following my blog postings especially concerning Islam. I admit my oversight and will try to balance my postings with the ones concerning Islam and the ones concerning my E-Commerce business.

I do ask that you would allow me to once in a while share with others who are interested to learn about this profitable business that is helping many to live a better life with additional income.

Insya Allah, I will post them one after the other and also touch on current issues. Please accept my apologies and do pray for me to remain in Allah's guidance.

Thanks to those who wrote to me reminding me of my distraction. Jazakallah khairan kathiraw.
I really appreciate your concerns.

Wabillahi taufeek walhidayah. Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Zainol Abideen.
Kuala Lumpur.

An Amazing Episode after the Conquest of Makkah.

The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam stayed in Makkah for 19 days after successfully taking over the holiest city on Earth for Muslims.

During that period, he used to define the ways to Islam and guided people back to the orthodox path that was commanded by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to mankind through all the earlier prophets and messengers before him.

To Islamic Monotheism. Worship of Allah alone and none other! La ila ha ill lall Lahh!

He ordered Abu Usaid Al-Khuza'i to restore the pillars of the Holy Sanctuary, sent missions to all quarters, inviting them to adopt Islam and break down the graven images still lying in the vicinity of Makkah, and he did have all of them scrapped, inculcating in the believers' ears his words: " Whoever believes in Allah and the Hereafter is supposed to scrap out the idols that should happen to be in his house."

Shortly after the great conquest of Makkah from the Quraish Kaffir Arabs, the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam began to despatch platoons and errands aiming at eliminating the last symbols reminiscent of pre-Islamic practices.

He sent Khalid Al-Waleed in Ramadhan 8 A.H. to a spot called Nakhlah where there was an idol of a goddess called 'Al-'Uzza venerated by the Quraish and Kinanah tribes. It had custodians from Bani Shaiban.

Khalid, at the head of thirty horsemen arrived at the spot and exterminated it!

On his return, the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam asked him if he had seen anything there to which Khalid gave a negative answer.

Here, he was told by the Prophet that it (the goddess) had not been properly destroyed and he had to return to the place again and fulfill the task!

Khalid Al-Waleed returned to the spot again and he saw a black woman, naked with torn hair.

This is the Iblis @ demon who had been enjoying the misguidance of the Kaffir Quraish and Kinanah tribes worshipping of it!

Khalid drew out his sword and cut the demon into two parts! He then returned to the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and narrated the incident to the Holy Messenger who affirmed the completion of the task and fulfillment of the mission!

Later, in the same month, 'Amr bin Al-'As was sent on an errand by the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to destroy another idol whih was venerated by Hudhail called Suwa'. It used to stand at a distance of three kilometers from Makkah.

On a question posed by the doorkeeper, 'Amr said that he had been ordered by the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to knock down the idol!

The man warned 'Amr that he would not be able to do it. 'Amr was surprised to see someone still in the wrong, believing that an idol could have any powers to defend itself, thus he went straight up to the idol and destroyed it and broke the casket besides it but found nothing inside!

The doorkeeper realised his stupidity protecting a manmade idol all these while and immediately embraced Islam! Subhanallah!

Sa'd bin Zaid Al-Ashhali was also sent in the same month and on the same idol-destroying mission to Al-Mashallal to destroy an idol, Al-Manat, venerated by both the Al-Aws and Al-Khazraj tribes.

Here too, a black woman, naked with messy hair appeared wailing and beating on her chest when the idol was smashed to the ground by Sa'd!

Sa'd immediately killed her and broke the casket and returned to report to the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam of his mission being fully accomplished!

Such is the reality of idol worshipping! Who takes refuge in them but the Syaitan and Iblis Laknatullah!

Mankind need to know that God Almighty, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is the Only Supreme Creator of us all whom we must submit to and obey His Will!

Failure to worship the Almighty will only see them worshipping the Demons and the Devils let loose on this mortal plane to mislead them to their ruin in the Hereafter!

Na'uzu billahi min zalik. Study about Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and do not let your lifes go to waste! Information is so widely available today. If you take the time to learn about Him, surely He will guide you to the Truth! Insya Allah.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What's your No.1 Priority in Life?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta'ala wabarakatuh to all Muslims reading this and May the Mercy and Guidance of Allah be upon the rest! Ameen.

My dear brothers and sisters, fellow Malaysians and Children of Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam, wherever you may be, on this planet, reading this.

When we look at what the present world is going through, in terms of political strife, disputes, wars, occupations and invasions taking place by the mighty against the weak as we can see taking place as we read this in the Middle East, certain parts of Africa, the Kashmir areas, Middle Europe, etcetera, we can't help but feel sadness to watch humanbeings being killed, injured and face devastation as a result of the greed and gluttony of the powers that be.

Every newspaper we read, every major news portal we click on to , brings up to us a scenario that is so revolting, so disgusting and so sickening as to the inhumane acts of those in power and authority to inflict and cause death and destruction to so many.....all ironically in the name of Justice and 'Democracy'!

Even here in Malaysia, we recently saw a mass demonstration of those goaded by certain quarters to gather on the roads and streets of the capital to protest the pending rising of toll charges by the highway concessionaires, who are holding the government to ransom with their MOA's.

Who do you think make up the masses of protestors out there last Sunday in front of Sunway Pyramid?

The Rich and Famous or the Poor and the Desperados?

No prizes for guessing correctly that the main mass of the folks out there last Sunday weren't your Mercedes Benz owners, or the Bukit Kiara type of crowd.

Some even brought their children and babies to protest saying that the pending toll hikes are robbing their children of their milk budgets! To that extent, huh? Wow!

Talk about playing it to the max! These folks deserve an Oscar for their dramatics! It is the bloody 'directors' of this protest in the form of the dastardly irresponsible NGO's and Political parties who have put innocent, gullible in the dark citizens like those baby carrying folks at risk of being smashed to smithereens and maimed, injured or killed in the process if the demonstration turned violent!

No amount of recompensation by any party can return the life of anyone who gets in the way of the FRU @ Federal Reserve Unit of the Royal Malaysian Police Force when they are ordered to break up the crowd and disperse the mass of demonstrators!

Is the DAP, PAS or PKR ready to come up with millions of ringgits to compensate anyone who gets injured, maimed or killed in the demonstration?

Do you even think that the FRU will ever give a hoot to anyone whom they bash up and break skulls, limbs and bones in their process of crowd control?

Why do people still over the years be so bloody stupid to think for a second that when they go demonstrate out there against the bloody government, that they will be left to run riot as they please and not get harmed by the Riot Squad?

Safety first! Always remember that you live only once here on this earth and it is of no use if you go get yourself walloped senseless over demonstrating against the increase of a few sens or ringgits to travel in relative comfort and safety on the highways of this nation.

What's a ringgit or two compared to the safety and wellbeing of your own self, your parents, spouse and children and family members or friends?

Is it worth your while to go get a bloody concussion just because some smart alec shouting into a megaphone riled you up so much that you forget for an instant as to what is your No.1 priority in life?

If being pissed off in having to pay an extra RM1.00 or 2 as a result of the pending toll hikes is what burns your commonsense to a crisp, then surely you do not know what's right and what's wrong?

Instead of complaining about the rising costs of living here in Malaysia, why not try to get additional income to offset the rising costs of living our day to day life here by doing something extra during our free times after office hours?

Instead of wasting time and money talking and arguing about Abdullah Badawi, Najib, Samy Vellu, Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim, why not channel our precious time and resources to something that is giving unlimited additional, most needed precious income to so many today in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philipphines, India, Pakistan and even in Nevada, USA?

To me, my priority in life is towards myself, my spouse, my kids, my family members and my fellow Malaysians especially those who are now growing dynamically in my Team Zainking!

Yes, even the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam asks us to get our priorities right! We are told to improve our lots by doing what's right.

What is more right than doing business the right way, the right time , using whatever resources we have in our hands and channel it to build up a sure fire way that gives us additional, halal , income that helps us to take care of all arising costs and charges that we have to pay to use whatever facilities in our life?

To those who are pissed off about the pending rising costs of using the highways or low ways or whatever bloody way, come contact me to find out how to make the extra bucks that I am talking about.

Come join me in making our lifes livable and get the income that we need to pay for all the bills choking the life out of us.

It's no 'Jack and the Beanstalk' fable. We do need to do something to gain something. We do need to follow the example given by my leaders in this business.

It is not a fly by night operation or a get rich quick scam.

This is a legitimate, sure fire, can do business that is giving unimagined before returns to those who register themselves with the company and follow the business network building system to the letter.

People are making daily income that ranges from the hundreds to the thousands in this business by just doing what the system asks of them.

Anyone who can read this can do this business. I will teach those of you who think you might not have what it takes to be amongst us who are on our way to earning lots and lots of good income to see to our needs.

If you are willing to learn and practice what I am ready to teach you, you too can see your financial situations get better and better by the days and weeks to come.

Think. What is your # 1 Priority in life?

With a good regular growing income, you can devote your life towards worshipping God Almighty as much as you please.

You can provide for yourself and your dependants in a way that you couldn't afford all these while.

You can have a better home, a better vehicle, live a better life, eat better, drink better, clothe yourselves better, give more to your beloved families, give to charity and help others who aren't that fortunate as you will be if you join me in this business I am building up so dynamically!

Visit my website here at and discover the door to your financial future!

Fill up the forms online and watch a dynamic Flash Presentation that will show you what this business can do for you. Please fill up your proper names and your contact details to enable me to get back to you. Some who do not know what's the potential for this business play the fool with the system by leaving made up names and addresses plus phone numbers.

I don't lose anything. It's them who rob themselves of a better income and future. So decide as to whether you want to find out about the business that can give you daily income ranging from RM100 to RM4788 to just wasting your time online or offline.

May you decide wisely and ensure a better tomorrow for you and those whom you love! Ameen.