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Monday, January 08, 2007

Religious Confusion Wreaking Havoc Amongst Malaysia's Muslims


I have been observing how through the years , there has always been all kinds of deviant teachings and movements amongst the Muslims in Malaysia. You name it ; we have it or have had it.

Yup, from the Tariqats to the various Jama'ats, Malaysian Muslims have their hands full in trying to figure out which way to go , whom to follow and idolise?

Every now and then, we hear of some fellow who gets busted together with his brainwashed members of his movement who despite being warned every now and then through the media of such wayward foolhardiness still manage to get themselves taken for a ride by these persons who by their gift of the gab or sheer charisma get these fools willing to lay down their lifes and property for the sake of the Tuan Guru, Tuan Syeikh or what the hell ever!

Who do we blame for the confusion reigning amongst the gullible masses?

Shall we blame Abdullah Badawi for coming up with his 'Islam Hadhari'?

Or should we kick Hamid Othman in the ass for leading or 'misleading' Abdullah Badawi to be made his scapegoat for such a wasteful new approach to championing Islam?

What makes me feel more enraged is the willingness of the Arabs in the Middle East to accept such a misleading way to bring Islam and its time honoured traditions from the trust left to the Ummah by the Greatest Messenger and Final Prophet of Islam, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam by these fellows from Malaysia to confuse the Muslims of the world further?

What the hell happened to all the traditionalists and puritans in Al-Azhar?

Today, the Islamic world is reeling from the effects of having so many different schools of thought and various misintepretations of what Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam, the Khatamun Nabiyyi has left for us , his ummah that it bewilders me and I am sure the many millions of fellow Muslims out there who are powerless to stop the rot!

We, the ordinary citizens of the world who do not hold 'impressive sounding ' religious PhD's, Masters of this and that, numerous degrees, diplomas and Thanawi certificates still know that Islam is perfect ; the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has completed his mission truthfully and attested by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and that ALL MUSLIMS are to submit to ONLY the Qur'an Al Kareem and the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

How then, do we account for all the idiots out there who have come up with this and that versions of Islamic teachings which have no basis at all when compared with the actual teachings of the Last Messenger of Allah?

Today, we read of this mufti saying this and that. Tomorrow, another fellow comes forth with his intepretation of a particular issue or matter. Later on, we will have another 'ulamak' make sweeping comments and coin up his own 'fatwa' against the others.

To add insult to injury, we then have the gullible, hero worshipping masses who flock to idolise anyone who seems to have an extra 'edge', an ability or a prowess in healing or misleading them and take them all in ; lock, stock and barrel, all within the knowledge and observance of the powers that be.

There is no question of nipping such deviance in the bud or even going down to eradicate the nonsense taking place in society by pre emptive corrective teachings and sharing of the true knowledge of Islam by people who are appointed to do just that.

The authorities will wait until the rice turns to porridge so to speak before they will pounce on the deviants triumphantly and announce it over the radio and television media as a sign of their victories...yet the plague of misleading and deviance spreads across the nation, sponsored by certain individuals who have hidden agendas of their own.

Why this apathy towards all these waywardness taking place amongst the Muslims especially here in Malaysia?

Why is it that these opposing parties in the Malaysian Malays political arena have to be so bloody egoistic and narrowminded , each watching the other go to ruins and refuse to join ranks to stop the Ummah here from going to hell, literally?

There are so many Jama'ats and movements cropping up here in Bolehland, that it will take hours for me to compile even a quick fix list. Yet, I know, I need to do just that in order to maybe awake the commonsense in those who need to take charge and bring some sort of correctness to the lifes of the millions of Muslims living here in this 'Ikut Suka Aku' land called Malaysia.

I will follow up with my writings on this. Maybe , just maybe, someone up there in Putrajaya or JAKIM will take note...or it will be just like a voice in the wilderness, lost in the space of 'Tidak apathy' which we are infamous for. Na'uzu billahi min zalik.