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Friday, January 12, 2007

Syukur Alhamdulillah ! My Team Zainking is Doing Great!

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen! Wassalatu Wassalamu ala Rasulillahi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, Khatamun Anbiya iwal Mursalin!

All praises be to Allah, Lord of the Universe. Salutations upon the Blessed Messenger, the Seal of the Prophets and Leader of the Pious!

Assalamualaikum dear Muslimins and Muslimats. My sincere greetings to all others reading this.

What else can I say but express my gratitude to Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala for opening up the doors to my Razq and to my team members in my business.

The system there is working fine and giving me precious leads from where I am getting more interested people signing up and leaving me their contact details to follow up with them in presenting the Uptrend Network and E-Commerce business.

Several businessmen have contacted me to start their businesses with my team and today, I am meeting one of them after Friday Prayers at one of the local masjids here in KL.

Where there's a will, there'll definitely be a way and this way is the best way that I can see being practical and can do for sure for me and my team.

I have another prospect registering with me from Penang. All he has to do is to keep contact with me through Yahoochat and Gmail, and I can coach him from here ; as long as we r online and he is signed up proper under me.

He's an Engineer and he's signing up as a Platinum member. That's the way to go for by being a Platinum member , you can go on to be a Stockist and register up people straight under you and if you want to go expand the business in a new city or country, you can do so provided you are a Platinum member and have fulfilled other requirements of Uptrend Network.

Another lecturer from Melaka just spoke to me and is meeting me here in KL next Friday. Another Platinum business in the pipeline.

Some people tell me that they do not know that much people to do this business. Do all these people who have contacted me known me before personally?

No. They have yet to meet me in person but by using the internet technology, here we are establishing contacts and business relationships by phone and the internet.

Use the system and use our commonsense. If we want it so bad, we will definitely be able to get it provided we go for it. Just thinking about it but not logging on to the internet or sms'g me will never change anything prevailing today in your life.

You need to call me, sms me or email me or leave your name and contact details in my for me to follow up with you about joining this networking business.

Again, this is not an MLM business or a direct selling business.

Uptrend uses a hybrid system of E-Commerce and E-Networking based business. We do have physical products and virtual business systems for you to use and expand your business for a fraction of what it would cost you if you were to go and sign up a website system on your own.

The choice of changing your fortunes rests here with you. You need to decide if you too want to be financially free from debts and be able to live as wealthily as you wish. You need to tke the first step by reaching out to me.

The number to dial is 016-3969881. The name's Zainol Abideen. Easy as that. Can you do that?

Call me to book your place in my dynamic kick ass going for gold business team! Best package to start your business off will be the super duper 7 business lots Platinum Package!

Costs just RM2280 but you stand to make upto RM143,000 over a month once your business network reaches to a certain level with more activities and business build ups!

If you don't have that much capital, you can always start with just 1 GBE! It will cost you RM456 but with the proper business build up activities , you can do even better than me who started off with just 1 small IBP business unit but in just a month, I now have 33 business partners under me and 103 businesses registered in my team ZAINKING! How's that ?

It's all up to us. We call the shots! We decide whether we want to remain poor or go for gold!

Tomorrow, I am leaving to Batu Pahat to help one of my downlines, downline present the business to a group of interested parties there.

Remember Frowny faced Abu Hassan? Well, the man is simply growing his networks like those easy to grow instant gardens variety.

He is consistent and is expanding his group like there's no tomorrow! Imagine what even someone who was a 'Worry King' has achieved?

Success is surely contagious and Abu Hasan is severely infected by the grow rich hormone!

There's no harm in getting financially better. We just have to remember that with success comes a great responsibility.

Good halal income is beneficial to anyone in providing for their worldly needs.
Anyone who says otherwise is just being mean for no rhyme or reason except maybe being envious of others who are succeeding whereas he or she is still struggling to make ends meet.

The Prophet SAW himself was involved in sales and marketing. He went on trading missions with the caravans and being who he is , his method of doing business was very straightforward and unique.

Rasulullah SAW used to lay his wares out before him and announced to the people the costs of his wares. He stated upfront the true costs and values of the trade items entrusted to him and asked the gathering buyers to make their bids.

He always ended up selling off his entire stock to the highest bidders and made quite a handsome profit for his boss, the multimillionairess Siti Khadijah who later became his first wife.

Business done properly and straightforward is always good and will give us the fortunes that we seek to sustain us in this life.

The responsibility of extending the good fortune to all others who out of their own will and efforts, do something positive and constructive in building up for themselves and their dependants a better future, a more prosperous life without want and in abundance.

Success also means that we give our thanks to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala by keeping uptodate with our prayers and our good deeds.

We are told to share with others this golden opportunity to help improve and add value to others lifes also.

That means to work well with one another in building up a viable business and offer help and assistance to our business associates in the process of business building.

Those who do so will surely taste the rewards of networking both here in this life and in the hereafter, Insya Allah.

I am doing it. I am building my business proper and I ask you who have the capital and the desire to be successful with us to join me in this business. We can do it! Call me! 016-3969881.

Got to go for prayers and meet the prospect I told you about at the masjid near me.

Wish me luck and contact me if you want to learn more as how to be a millionaire in a year or two from today!

You need to do something extra to gain that something extra and I don't mean that kilo in your tummy. I mean $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Come earn halal income and be rich! Amin!

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Have a profitable day! Insya Allah!

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