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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Turning your contacts into Networking Business Partners.

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims and my sincere Greetings to all others reading this posting.

Today, I want to talk about how to turn your contacts into potential business partners?

I am surprised to hear from some people of how they say that they do not know anyone who might be interested in networking with them.

It's truly amazing how some folks either out of ignorance or plainly not realising their true potential simply delude themselves into thinking that they know nobody worth talking about this business with. It's all simply a matter of coming to uncover the vast numbers of contacts they have but have yet to realise within themselves. I will share with you tips on rediscovering them!

Let's do a quick check. We are not living in some cave by ourselves deep in the jungle, are we?

We live in big cities, towns, suburbs and rural areas all within reach of millions of other fellow citizens and with a global reach of 6 over billion people through the advent of the internet and other telecommunication services!

Nowadays, almost everyone has a cellular mobile phone which one makes calls or sends sms's practically each and everyday! Even schoolkids carry handphones on their person!

So, would you not agree with me that it is totally absurd for anyone to claim that they know no one to whom they can speak to about this fantastic true blue moneymaking business?

Those who live in apartments and condominium complexes have hundreds if not thousands of neighbours who can be their potential prospects and business partners if only the networker makes an effort to reach out and share this wonderful opportunity with them.

All it takes is a genuine, friendly, heartfelt smile and a greeting which can break the 'ice' and establish a cordial relationship amongst neighbours which in turn can become a business relationship if carried out in the proper manner. You need to be positive to do this business.

By being courteous, friendly and gracious, you will soon become a person whom your neighbours will want to speak with and exchange news and views about your apartments, neighbourhood, local events and current developments.

A good networker is a great neighbor whom everyone loves and likes to meet and engage in casual chit chats. A lousy networker is a loser who doesn't make any attempts to be social and make small talk with his or her fellow residents.

If you know how to handle yourself well and become good at making contacts , soon your smalltalks and chit chats will eventually come to dwell on the rising costs of living nowadays, what more with the present trend of the government and ruling authorities to hike up the prices of our basic necessities at every chance they get.

The higher prices of petrol and the recent toll hikes are at the top of the main hotly debated topics nowadays, won't you agree?

A smart networker capitalizes on the situation and turns it to his or her advantage. A terrific networker sees opportunity in just about every other reasonable topic being discussed!

The moment anyone starts to speak about the rising petrol prices and the extra cash one has to pay at the toll gates is your cue to start speaking about making extra income to offset such price increases!

Now, the secret lies in knowing how to talk about such matters without sounding like a bloody old faultfinder. It takes wisdom on your part to channel such discussions to your point of views.

Do not speak as if you are an overbearing soul who has been chomping at the bits and raging to go into high drive and start overwhelming the person talking to you and start downloading on him or her about this business!

Do not get yourself into arguments with your prospects if and when they hold opposing views to yours. Be a bloody diplomat and know how to ease yourself out of those hotspots! That does take some level of experience on your part. Control your ego and never lose your temper.

Take it slow and easy. The art of breaking in a prospect depends very much into knowing about human nature and how to deal with every type of personality we get to meet and engage in conversations with.

Not everyone you meet is gonna be ecstatic about this E-Commerce and Networking Business opportunity! Mankind come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, not forgetting to mention mindsets.

Many have had bad experiences of screwing up their attempts in doing similar businesses before and they will avoid you like the plague if you start opening up your mouth and speak to them about making those extra ringgits to offshoot the financial crisis we find ourselves in nowadays.

The answer lies in knowing to select and choose our prospects. There are lots of negative minded people about who harbour deep resentments about their past failures in MLM's and Direct Selling companies.

They won't admit that it is they themselves who screwed up and didn't do what the business asks of them.

Their ego's always makes them come across as people who look down on others who approach them with such business opportunities. They think that all who approach them with businesses A,B or C are just out to rip them off and rob them of their precious money!

I advice you not to waste your time on these doomsayers. Never speak about this business to people who are blinkered in their views. Such people will get to nowhere in their miserable life's!

They will live their life's and upon dying, fade away into obscurity, disappear into the annals of time and very soon be forgotten by those who knew them.

There's nothing worth remembering such folks except that they had wasted away their life on Earth and failed to grab opportunities such as this one that you tried to share with them.

Losers are always forgotten quickly by mankind because there's just too many of them in the whole wide world in every continent and every country.

The larger the population, the higher is the number of those who are deaf, dumb and blind to the chances being offered to them by Uptrenders like you and myself.

I suggest we follow the 'Some will, Some won't ; So What? Next! principle.

The Law of Averages.

I remember a saying of the leader of Omegatrend, Loren Watts , " SEE MORE PEOPLE! "

It is absolutely true with regards to this business. The more people you see and share this business with, the higher are your chances of making new business partners and growing your networks.

He gave the example of going through a pack of playing cards. There are 52 cards in a pack. How many aces are there in that pack?

There are 4 aces. Every 'No' that comes your way from going to meet people leads you closer to a 'Yes'!

Very sound observations on Mr.Watts part, I must say. It is very true that in this business, you have no options but to simply go and see more and more people.

With today's advancements in technology, you do not have to physically go and meet people who live far away or even next door to you.

Use the internet and the Yahoo Messenger service to connect to people and share with them this golden opportunity.

For every 10 people you get in contact with, the chances of at least 2 or 3 people saying yes and coming to join you in your business is very high.

I have signed up my first virtual Platinum member from Penang, Engineer Hazlan Zakaria just by doing that.

People who like Brother Hazlan who live far away from me still get to keep in touch and communicate with me using the internet and the chat systems. We have successfully established a working relationship in this Uptrend E-Commerce and Networking business.

It's entirely up to us to use the facilities available today with us by way of this wonderful internet systems.

With the latest Yahoo Messenger 8.1 version, we even get to make pc to pc calls for free and get to exchange files, documents and photos through the same window. How much more convenient does it have to be?

You can practically make contact and establish business partnerships with just anyone all over the planet who has an internet broadband connection.

Dial-ups will cost you at the end of the month! Sign up for broadband. Cheaper and faster.

Now for today's tips.

1. Always carry a large stack of your business cards at all times.

Nothing beats having an impressive looking clear cut well designed flashy business card to give out to prospects whom you meet.

Get yourself a proper business card holder and keep your cards well stacked and clean. Try getting a good, high quality, leather bound card case. It will be a sign of your taste and high standards.

Do not give out any soiled cards or those with any stain or grime on them. A crisp, clean card speaks volumes about you, it's owner and will be appreciated by it's recipient. No scented cards please. You are doing a professional business. Not out to engage in a romantic liaison with others.

2. Make sure you get a business card from every potential prospect you meet.

Always make it a point to get your prospect's card in return when you give out your's. Keep their cards properly in your card case and file it away properly in your business cards album when you get home.

Categorize your contacts accordingly and keep a profile summary on them. Note down the date and time plus circumstances of your meeting them and prepare a background detail about them.

Write about their areas of interest and the potential that they have to be amongst your business partners.

By doing so, you will easily be able to separate the most interested and potential business partners to follow up with and separate the 'grain' from the 'chaff'. Look for quality people.

Prioritize the positives from the negatives and the skeptics. Talk only to those who are interested in doing business with you. Do not force anyone to join you.

Do not beg, do not plead. If they are not up to it, them you do not need!

~That's it for now.~

Those who want to be with my winning team, call or sms me at 016-3969881 .

Send me your name and address for me to get back to you. Come, let's make money!!!!

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