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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Uptrend Network - Your Platform to Financial Success

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all Muslims reading this and May Peace be upon you Non Muslims as well. Hope you are all in good health and still be able to still strive and earn a honest living. Ameen.

Those of you who would like to have additional income to pay off your mounting bills and creditors, are invited to join me in Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd, Malaysia's # 1 E-Commerce and Networking business.

I joined Uptrend just last December 2006 and am now having 42 downlines and 141 businesses in my Team ZAINKING! How about that?

This business is not that hard to do. All you have to do is to make an appointment with me and come look at the business presentation at Uptrend Network's Headquarters located at Level 16, Menara Choy Fook On, 1B, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, 46050, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tonight, there is a GOLDPOWER session starting at 9.00pm at the Seminar Hall 1, Level 16, Menara Choy Fook On, just opposite the Dewan Sivik, PJ.

You take the exit road before Amcorp Mall off the Federal Highway and just head towards the MBPJ Tower.

The Menara Choy Fook On is just after the Shell station at Jalan Yong Shook Lin.

You can park your car along the road next to the building.

The speaker is Tuan Haji Roshdi bin Haji Sabdin, one of Uptrend's leading Multi Millionaires.

His group has done more than RM50 million in sales.
He is a very dynamic guy who talks straight, has a very strong stage presence, delivers the presentations crystal clear!
He delivers his speech with a gusto that whomsoever does not get charged up and passionate about this surefire business is really a gone case dead in the spirit has been. Si liao!

In today's world, there is no other business in Malaysia that I see offering the kinds of bonuses that Uptrend offers its business builders.

You can go try your luck in all the other businesses you see being offered to you but none comes close to achieving the results that Uptrend has to offer its members.
Log on to to see for yourself the business opportunities available to you.

The only thing you need to know is that you need a good strong dynamic kick ass leader to lead you to success and glory.

I am Zainol Abideen, the Team Leader of ZAINKING Business Group and I am such a leader.

Contact me at 6-016-3969881 to make our appointment. If you are here in KL or Selangor, call me to book your seat at tonight's super function. No admission fees charged.

Call me ONLY if you have the capital, knowledge of using a pc, and have the desire to work with me in becoming financially secure within the next few months by doing what's necessary to live a better life from now on.
People can say all that they want but at the end of the day, if you don't have money to pay off your bills, those idiots won't be coming to give you money to pay your bills, will they?

The media is full of these latter day doomsayers and spoilsports craving for publicity.

This idiot will give this fatwa, that idiot will come up with his own cock and bull story, does it change your situation? All these smart alecs know is just spew bullshit based on their own dimwitted ideas about things they do not have an inkling about!

If it concerns all those fly by night, no products, just rolling other people's money e-businesses, by all means, let them get flak from these fatwa spewing chappies.
I just don't wanna waste a second on them. The problem is when there is a blanket edict by these chaps that draw my ire.

As long as we do legitimate business utilising the E-Commerce facilities we have before us and we have product packages being sold and purchased and the company pays us a bonus from the profits it makes, I am a 100% sure that Almighty Allah blesses those of us who earn our income the halalan bi taiyibban way!

I don't wanna waste my time arguing with any idiot as it is not worth my time. Serves no bloody purpose! They are like stonewalls, deaf, dumb and blur! Total waste of energy engaging them.

If you feel as I do, then come join me. Do the right thing.

We need to earn our dollars and cents the smart, proven to be true and halal way.

Let's make money. Call me or sms your details to 6-016-3969881.

Allah SWT says "I will not change the Fate of Mankind until Mankind changes it himself!" Surah Ar Ra'ad. Al Qur'an Al Kareem.
Anyone doubting Allah SWT can go to hell as far as I am concerned.
I believe we at Uptrend are doing just that and more. We are helping others earn a better income and live better lifes by doing this wonderful rewarding E-Commerce and Networking business.
Realise the truth before you today and come join me in Uptrend Networks. Let's do it!
Those who know what I am talking about and have the starting capital as shown above, come join me to make more money than you ever have made in your life so far. I'll help you do it!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Distraction - The cause of many to fail in their businesses.

Assalamualaikum to Muslims reading this and May Peace be upon you my Non Muslim readers. Ameen.

When you write a blog to promote your business, make sure that you do not allow any other business ads or put up unnecessary links to them in your blog.

Distracting links to other businesses only tells your readers and blog visitors that you are not focused in this business.

In other words, you are telling your potential prospects' DON'T JOIN ME IN UPTREND!'.

Why do I say so? Well, what is your purpose in putting up the other business links in your blog? You put up ads or links to other businesses telling your visitors, ' Hey, this one is better. It will give you so much returns, bla bla bla'.'

That's what you are getting your visitors to think because it is there in your blog. Put up by you. So, suffer the consequences.

A blog represents it's owner. When it's owner and author isn't focused on one thing like when you use your blog to promote your business, you're giving out a signal that you aren't to be trusted.

This is the reality of the effects of the distraction you put up in your blog or websites.

You are subconsciously telling the world that you have your fingers in too many pies and that eventually, you are gonna miss eating them because frankly the one who isn't concentrating on one particular business will usually fail in all other enterprises one is in. Too many Distractions.

I don't have to name names here. Those who are doing this , be ready to accept the repercussions of screwing up your business reputation for allowing yourself to divert to this and that all at the same time.

You are the one who is telling the world that you aren't focused!

Don't do that. You do that, be prepared to face burnouts. Burnouts don't succeed in business. Trust me.

To all Team ZAINKING members, I advice you to focus on building up your business networks.
Speak to at least one person daily about Uptrend and bring him or her to the HQ's Entrepreneur Opportunity Meetings.

Let the speaker present the business for you. You just do the closing at the end of the presentation.

Do not let time pass you by without making the best of it. You want the money, you need to collect the honey.

Bees don't sit on their butts all day long and expect the nectar from the flowers to shoot up and go into their mouths.

They fly from flower to flower, busily buzzing here and there, collecting nectar and returning to the hives fully loaded. They then store the precious nectar into the honeycombs.
That honey my dear friends is the symbol of money and power. You want it ; go work for it!

You want to be rich. You want to be powerful. Well, just focus on your business and just do it!

That's all! Concentrate on learning about your business and then go tell others worth your while.

Do some homework before you go spend your money, burn your petrol and waste your funds on seeing prospects who don't have the capital to join you or the interest to be with you in this business.

Check out their background first, ask them straightforward whether they have the money and capacity to join you in Uptrend.
You need to select your prospects carefully.
Don't settle for half baked burnouts to join your team. You will suffer later when they turn into immobile tortoises who in the later stages of your business building will turn deaf, dumb and blur about the whole process.
You can't afford to have those stumbling blocks in your team. Go for quality!
Go find leaders not followers. You are thinking of becoming a millionaire and leader of a dynamic group of go getters.
You do not need to be babysitters all the time. You can't afford to do that. No sirree! Please do not force anyone who doesn't have it in him or her to join you.
Make sure that they have the capital with them before signing up the registration forms.

Their hearts might be willing but if the purse is empty, how do you expect them to pay their business registration fees?

Be smart and do the right thing. Go for prospects who have money, interest, knowledge and the desire to be a bloody millionaire by being willing to work for it.

Focus on all these and you will be successful in your business. I am telling you the facts here.

Those who want to join me to making money, the smart, proven can do way, the number is 60163969881.

The doors of opportunity is wide open here for you today.

You who have the means and the desire to turn into multi millionaires a year or two down the road are hereby invited to join my kick ass, super dynamic team.

If you can bring yourself to change your current status from whatever financial situation you find yourself in, I am here ready to assist you in becoming the best that you can be in Uptrend.

I am Zainol Abideen and I am the Leader of Team ZAINKING! Let's make money!

Focus- The only thing that produces winners!

Assalamualaikum. Greetings to you. Hope you are in the best of health, body and soul and heading towards success in accumulating good wealth and be successful in your business building efforts. Amen.

When I pray for our mutual success in our business efforts, I hope that those of you who are in my team will seriously devote your efforts in building this business and be focused in just this business alone.

If you try to be a multi pronged business builder by having too many different companies to run , I can only tell you that you will end up exhausted and burnt out in the very near future.

Some try to burn the candle at both ends and only find themselves frustrated very soon enough when they get stretched to their limits and find themselves out of breath, out of energy and depleted like a used up battery.

It's sad to say this but the only way out for them is out of the business. End of story. El finito. Bye bye.

This is the reality that many in business face after spreading themselves and their limited budgets too thin.

Too many things to do at the same time will only cause us to lose focus and not be able to give our best to whatever we have committed ourselves to doing. Business needs constant focus and attention.

You can only do so much at any one time and God has given us only two eyes and one brain.

Stereoscopic vision doesn't mean you look at two different targets and hope to hit them point blank at the same time.

You need to focus all your energies and resources towards achieving your objectives in your business. Failure to focus will see you missing your target!

Do not be fooled into thinking that just because you have tried many businesses before ; you can afford to try do many businesses same time and be a champion in each one. You will only cause yourselves to be confused and washed out before achieving any of your targets in a short time.

Focus means concentrating on one particular target or goal. When you shift your attention to too many things or flick from this or that, you can be assured of one thing, you'll definitely miss it!

If by a fluke, you do get to score one, chances are that it will be a once in a lifetime incident. You need to wake up to the fact that to be a winner in your business, you need to channel all your energies towards achieving your objective.

If being a millionaire in just a year or two is your target, do you seriously think that you can be one by not concentrating on your business build up in just one? Think seriously. Get serious.

Devote your attention to hitting your mark in short term, mid term and long term targets. If you focus on achieving them one by one, before you know it, you'll have done it. But if you let yourself be distracted by this and that, you can just forget about being the winner in your business.

This is the real life. Fantasy is just a play of the mind. Real success awaits those who focus on achieving their business objectives by zooming in on just one. My sincere wishes for you all.

Go for Platinum. Be the best that you can ever be. To be a winner, focus on your target. Do it!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Being Important" - Your Key to Achieving Success!

Assalamualaikum to all Muslim Uptrenders reading this and May Peace be upon the Rest. How are you feeling today?
I sincerely hope that you are feeling great and appreciating your still being alive and well enough to be able to read this posting and cherishing every minute of your life.
Am I being a bit Pollyanish? Well, what other options do I have?
What's the point of brooding about anything?
Life is what we make it out to be and the reality is that feeling happy and content with our situations is what we decide to feel and think about ourselves.
I meet many folks who sadly do not think highly of themselves. You can detect this by way of their miserable self depreciating manner of saying that they are useless doing business.
When they speak to me, I can sense that they are actually suffering a very severe case of being unsure of themselves and do not have self confidence.

I really want to help those who are suffering in their hearts and minds by sharing with my readers here some very important tips of how to break out of that self built prison of the mind and liberate themselves to realise their true potential and self worth. You can be a winner too!

If you want to be a successful E-Commerce and Networking Business builder, it is essential that you generate " an air of importance" when calling on your prospects.

The way you dress, carry yourself , speak and walk all carries forth an image of who you are and whether you are worth talking to , what more when you have called your prospect and stated that you have something very important to share with them.
If you do not come across as a person who is important and worth their time and effort to meet up with, what guarantee is there that this prospect will even want to listen to you and pay you any attention?

If you do what you need to do to come across as a person worth seeing, then your prospect will think : "Here is an important person...I must listen to him or her and what he or she has to offer. I know this will be important!"

Unless your prospect thinks highly of you and pays attention to what you have to share or show them, forget any chances of departing later with a signed registration of membership in your business network.

If you do not make sure that you dress appropriately, speak knowledgably, know how to project that aura of being important and act as a true professional business leader, your chances in making that appointment be fruitful and a 'win-win' situation for both you and your prospect will be pretty slim.

Unless your prospect thinks highly or respects you as a worthy business counterpart and has accepted you as an important person to deal with in their frame of mind, your tasks of signing them up as your next Double Platinum, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze team member is an uphill task. You will be facing insurmountable odds of closing the deal. You have to be important!

Everyone who works in today's business environment face a daily hassle of dealing with walk in salesmen, business proposals, this scheme, that scheme, plus their own internal daily grind with incompetent employees, bla bla bla bla.

Imagine yourself to be in your prospect's place. Will you bother to give even a minute of your precious time to someone who comes saying that he or she has a sure fire way to make a million in the next year plus just by spending a hour or so in their spare time and look like a person who is so hard up him or herself?

With this situation affecting almost every prospect we go to see, it is very important that we fit the image of a proper, true blue sales professional worth giving attention and paid respect to.

The average business owners time is very limited especially within the working hours so they will give strict orders to their secretaries and personal assistants to screen their calls and vet their appointments strictly.

No wonder that the 'gatekeepers' to the doors of the CEO's and GM's will guard the entrance to their masters with a zeal and tenacity that will scare the shit out of every greenhorn who dares to go knocking on their doors.

So, how do you, as an Uptrend business builder plan to cut through all that and manage to pass through the gauntlet of gatekeepers to the premium prospect you have set your eyes upon?

The salesperson who walks in with an air of importance about him or her almost always manages to secure the sales interview with the boss.

On the other hand, if the salesperson comes across as the run of the mill types, you can rest assured that he or she will be denied access to the prospect you want to meet.

The salesperson who represents 'failure' is simply ignored and overlooked. Nobody would want to even waste a second on anyone who looks like 'Desperate Joe'.

How can anybody benefit from being with a 'failure'? Unimportant people are uninteresting, uninspiring and a bore to be with. Unsuccessful people are depressing to be around.

Reality check. People are attracted to successful people. I am sure that you have heard the phrase ' Success breeds success!'. Remember that. To be a successful business builder, you need to keep company with those who are successful.

You will be able to feel the energy and the power of positivity emerging from the successful ones. Successful people dress a different way from the ones who are struggling to survive.

Successful people speak a different way from those who mumble and stumble with their words and spoil any slim chance of even making it through the first hellos.

Successful people present their business opportunities a different manner from the way unsuccessful losers destroy any ounce of credibility they try to put across the first chance they get to the prospect.

A professional who is sure about him or herself prepares in advance how they want to present themselves to the prospect.

They will make sure that they look sharp. Their clothes are clean, well pressed and presentable.

Their hair is brushed right and look right. They are groomed to the nines and they are a pleasure to be with. An example is Millionaire Uptrender Cikgu Amiruddin Ahmad shown above.

Their demeanour shows forth their success and they know their business well and are able to present it with a flair and impress the prospect with facts and figures that seal the deal concrete tight. You must realise your potential and change to be one. Go for it. You can do it.

Being important is all that. You want to be a millionaire or one in progress, then act as one. You need to polish up your act with a finesse that will make others take note of you as you step in to the appointment place and look important enough to do business with.

The thing you need to ask yourself is this. Are you important? Prove it to yourself. Be so.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You Tube's taking a break so don't fret just yet!

In case you can't watch any of the videos I have put up in my blog here, just take note that the You Tube system is down at the moment as shown by their notice here.

Hopefully, they will get their operations back into full swing soon.

You Tube's been great to us bloggers here to use their service to share with our readers videos worth sharing. Wishing You Tube a speedy recovery! Get well quick! Ameen.

ZAINALKAYA lives up to his Uptrend Trading name!

Well, what can I say except 'Congratulations!' to ZAINALKAYA for successfully living up to his Trading Name?

The man just got busy the other day and signed up another 2 Bronze Business Partners in TEAM ZAINALKAYA!

He is a good example of a man who walks his talk and doesn't sit around waiting for things to happen. If only all who are dreaming of becoming millionaires in Uptrend do as he does, then my wishes for Team ZAINKING will definitely come to be realised.

Let's welcome SOFIAH77 and MEGASTAR to Team ZAINALKAYA and who is one of my business networks. A big success oriented happy Uptrenders biz family.
If Zainal Azman keeps to this momentum and builds up his business as he is currently doing, he'll definitely be ZAINALKAYA very, very soon!

The same can't be said for many who are caught in the doldrums of their minds. Lethargy has infested in some of them who are just giving lip service to doing the business proper.

Some claim to be busy with their work. Some tell me stories that would be best rendered to the nursery kids half asleep for those stories are just that. The usual run of the mill sorry excuses for failure to live up to their objectives and missions.

Many who fall into these abyss of self imposed delusions of insurmountable odds against them just delude themselves into thinking that this business is hard to do!

What's so bloody hard about asking someone else as to whether they would like to earn some extra cash at the end of the day or night by just speaking to someone else about making additional income?

What makes it sooooooooooo harrrrrrrrrrrrrd to ask, " Say, would you be happy if you get paid an extra RM50 today? How about an extra RM100 in your wallet today? Would you be happy to have an extra RM100 in your pocket today?

Whom amongst you reading this now would object to having an extra RM500 at the end of this week?

Would it hurt you to have an extra 1o RM50 bills stuffed into your wallet at the end of this day?

I am pretty darned sure that everyone, each one of you, even the bloody naysayers reading this would say 'YES!' 'GIVE ME THE MONEY!'

Hell yeah! Who would say no to money eh?

I am not talking about money robbed from some bank or snatched from some poor hapless victim by the roadside!

I am talking about good, halal money earned from a business that is so simple to do yet there are those out here in the world today who think being an E-Commerce businessperson is so bloody hard to be!

Let me lay it down straight to you. By introducing a Global Business Entrepreneur to your Uptrend Network, the company will pay you cash into your e-wallets, RM38.00 straight.

For each pair of business registered under your business, you stand to make another RM57.00. No questions asked, no dilly dallying.

You do the work, you get paid the bonuses. After 24 hours of registering the businesses, you shall see your rewards accumulated and paid into your e-wallets without fail.

You can either withdraw the money through your bank accounts and withdraw them through the ATM's where a small USD$2.00 is imposed as banking fees or you can transfer the cash to your stockist mobile dealer like Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin who would then bank in the equivalent excahnge into your bank accounts.

He doesn't charge you a fee though coming to think of it he should. Being the generous leader that he is , however he overlooks that part and simply breaks out into a warm smile when we meet for he knows a good leader when he sees one and is always so supportive especially when it involves ringgits and sens.
So, those of you who wouldn't mind getting rich through this business, waste no time in calling / sms'g me at 6-016-3969881. The money's waiting for you who works for it!

Let's make money! Insya Allah.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

E-Commerce, your Fast Track to Financial Success!

E-Commerce is the business of today that launches those of us who are lucky enough to be doing it on the Fast Track to the big bucks!

If you can see this video and understand what Uptrend Network has to offer you, then ask yourself why you are not making money by using the internet as we do?

Many Uptrenders are making thousands of ringgits daily after building up their networks in time.

I am building my business networks in Team ZAINKING steadily.

I now have 42 business associates and 139 businesses after just 2 months!

Imagine where I am going to be in the next few months?

I plan to be financially free in the next few months.

What about you?

Call / sms me at 6-016-3969881 to learn how you too can capitalise on your using the internet and make money by networking with other success oriented internet users worldwide.

Check out my Uptrend Website to see a free Flash Presentation that will show you how, you too can be a bloody millionaire a year or two later if only you come join me in this sure fire proven to be true and dynamic business!

Money doesn't fall down from the sky...but if you utilise this pc and learn how to make it work for you, then money is gonna be cropping up in your e-wallets ...if you join me in Uptrend!

You call the shots! Decide whether you wanna be wasting your time here on the net or come get the big bucks in E-Commerce!

Let's make money!

uptrend2u nine series

Uptrend Networks fantastic Health Supplement Products and produced by world class scientists from DMV International, Netherlands.
Halal and beneficial to promote ideal health and reverse the ageing process.
Those who are interested to purchase them, call or sms me at 6-016-3969881. Zainol Abideen.

Wellness Industry

This is the future of business for those who want to be millionaires in the fast track to success!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese Muslims Mosques in Malaysia

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I refer to the recent denial by the Malaysian Government to allow the Malaysian Chinese Muslim community to build their own masjids.

I don't see why having mosques that cater to the Chinese Muslims in Malaysia is gonna be such a bloody problem for the 'Islam Hadhari' Government of Malaysia?

What are they scared of ? They have nothing to fear from the Chinese Muslims here.

For all I know, it's high time that we have such mosques that will enable the Malaysian Chinese Muslims to listen to the Friday Khutbah's in Mandarin.

The growing number of Chinese Muslims in Malaysia warrants the building of such mosques in every major city and town of this country.

Islam does not belong just to the Malays in Malaysia. Islam belongs to everyone who believes in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. It is not fair to restrict the building of Mosques in Malaysia catering just to the Malays, Indians and Benggali's.

In fact, the Chinese embraced Islam almost a thousand years before the Malaccan Sultanate! This is not a case of who became Muslims first but being fair to the Malaysian Chinese Muslims to be able to practice their faith and maintain their ancient Chinese cultural heritage.

Islam does not ask its followers to lose their own ethnic cultures. Anyone can be a Muslim yet hold on to their own cultural heritage and lineage. A Chinese or Indian does not have to 'masuk Melayu' to be a Muslim.

Those who embrace Islam need only not continue any practices that are contrary to the Aqeedah of Islam. Cultural practices that are not wrong from the Islamic faith are allowed to be continued and practiced by the Muslims.

If the authorities want to be seen as being fair to all Malaysians and that they truly practice what they have been preaching that Freedom of Religion exists here in Malaysia, then please do not sideline the Chinese Muslims here in Malaysia.

I for one hope to see the day when RTM will broadcast alternative Friday Prayers in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, Urdu and also in English from major mosques around the country.

Do not just use Masjid Negara or any of the other large mosques in the Klang Valley to broadcast the Khutbah Jumaat every Friday.

We have major mosques in the nation. Alternate between these mosques and allow the Khutbah's to be read in all major languages of this nation.

Let's have Chinese Mosques in the nation! I support Ustaz Haji Ridhuan Tee Abdullah's call a 100%!

The BN Government needs to listen to the people's wishes and needs if they are really sincere to all and will allocate and support the building of such mosques.

All the talk of muhibbah and cultural assimilation comes to nothing when all they do is just spew rhetoric at functions and public events. Walk the talk lah BN!

Chastity Belts for Malaysia's Women?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all Muslims and May Peace be upon the rest.

It's been quite some time since I wrote about current issues here affecting us in Malaysia.

I caught a glimpse of a report in Malaysia Today concerning a comment said to have been made by Dato Abu Hassan Din Al Hafiz, the Islamic Affairs Advisor to the Yang di Pertuan Agong, Supreme King of Malaysia.

Asking women to wear chastity belts? Why are people such as Dato Abu Hassan Din so bloody irresponsible by saying or passing stupid comments about things so sensitive such as the way injustice is being perpetrated against our nation's womenfolk?

I for one have always felt so fed up with the way our courts are playing footsie with the vicious criminals who are terrorising the women population in this so called Islamic nation.

Rapists, Sodomisers, Incest Perpetrators, Adulterers and all kinds of sexual predators are being allowed to get away with light sentences or punishments that only see them being locked up for a few years and then being released to go commit more violent crimes against helpless females in our society.

Now, we have so called 'ulamaks' and an Adviser to the Malaysian King no less calling for women to wear chastity belts.

As if the women can be safe from other sexual violations perpetrated upon them by males who are not only from the criminally maniacs out there but even at times comprised of those in uniform supposed to be the guardians of law and order themselves!

The Malays are sadly the largest number of sexual predators preying upon even members of their own families and the highest number of cases of incest are from this community!

What does Abu Hassan have to say about that? What remedial way out is he going to propose next for the society and the Ummah?

I call for capital punishment to be implemented upon all the criminals who are found guilty of sexual crimes against the women in this nation and all other parts of the world.

All this 'kid glove treatment' when dealing with vicious criminals is only encouraging the sickos in our midst to be bolder and have no fear in terrorising the life's and honour of women !

Chemical castration serves no purpose. The sexual offender will only turn to vent his frustrations upon other hapless victims and commit murder to appease his demented rages.

A bullet to the back of the head will settle the rising numbers of sex crazed criminals running wild in society everywhere.

Such an effective capital punishment will scare the bastards out there from harming the women and be a deterrent to anyone who intends to take advantage or force his sick self upon any girl or women who is not his wife!

In cases where the perpetrator is someone in authority or a parent or sibling , then the offender must be whipped severely and then exterminated to prevent any further attacks and sexual assaults upon other victims.

This kind of idiotic comments coming from this Adviser to the Malaysian King ought to be grounds enough to see him removed from his position.

He should have one installed on himself first to see whether he'd be comfortable wearing one! What utter nonsense!

Depraved ones in religious charade make up quite a large number of the rapists and sexual predators in this nation. Remember the Religious Department 'officer' who asked a 'khalwat suspect' to give him oral sex in the Department's office?

How about the police constable who had sex with the Filipino female detainees in the Royal Malaysian District Police Headquarters lock up in Ampang Jaya?

Or the Principal of a Religious School who sodomised his pupils? All wearing skullcaps masquarading as holy moly fellows who should rather have been sent to the gallows?

The nation needs to spring clean itself from such 'diarrhoea of the lips and archaic mindsets' wrongfully allowed to remain in such high positions of the government.

Will we see justice upheld in this nation or will it be another 'sweep under the carpet' scenario?

No wonder Islam is getting lambasted in this land as a result of having such screwed up sickos in position and causing more harm to the land in turn by either their useless verbal slips of their tongues or plain apathy in tackling the problems cropping up in our society?

Wonder which idiot is gonna come up with another cock and bull suggestion to curb the raging menace in this going crazy society under a clueless administration who prefer to bullshit us all into thinking that all is 'Cemerlang, Gemilang and Terbilang'?

With such limp leadership, no wonder the crooks and the crazies are having a field day in Bolehland.

When the Laws of God are watered down and only lip service to it is administered by the Justice Department of this country, what hope is there for the people to be protected against the hordes of perverts and sexual maniacs out there?

This nation is saddled with rulers who rule with their ego's and not as they are entrusted by Allah the Almighty asks of them. They will face Him in the Hereafter where they @ the titled ones will be judged according to their actions or inactions here when they ruled over this nation.

I see that in these times where criminals are getting out of hand, the people will be forced to take the law into their own hands and teach those animals a thing or two.

Women should take up self defence classes and carry pepper sprays or better still someone should invent a form of chemical acidic spray that will corrode the faces or the groin areas of those rapist bastards when they are attacked. Then they will be easy to locate and be identified for arrest and prosecution.

I ask that those who are caught committing incest be punished severely with more counts of whipping and be given the death penalty. Then those animals in human forms will think twice before taking advantage over their wards in the future.

Maybe we should have the justice system castrate these useless scum and install the chastity belts on them as a preventive measure. Now, that one I am sure all will approve.

As the human race sort of gets more advanced in science and technology, the same thing cannot be said as far as it's morality is concerned.

People nowadays commit sin without giving a damn about the consequences. Immorality is now becoming part and parcel of social life.

Malay Muslims who are living in big cities such as KL, nowadays grope, fondle their girlfriends in public shamelessly and the audacity of some of those couples doing so in public is simply so bloody sickening to watch. Most Malaysian Chinese and Indians don't do such things as openly as these idiots do.

Some do so shamelessly whilst wearing the 'tudungs'. To them, that piece of cloth doesn't mean anything. They do not give the 'tudung' it's due honor and place as a symbol of modesty. Why do they bother wearing it then? Just to put on a charade of being a 'virtuous' lady? Hypocrites!

These are the kind of idiots that warrant the emergence of the moral police like they have in some other countries.

Quite a large number of urban Malays have sort of forgotten their social customs and cultures as they ape the decadent lifestyles coming from the West day by day.

If they copy the gentlemanly conduct of Western high society, I would have no complaints. But as it is , only the rotten ways are being copied by our youngsters who seem to be nothing more than ignorant fools not knowing their self worth and weren't raised as proper members of an Asian society.

What a waste! The more people claim to be modern and educated, the viler becomes their lifestyles. I am not saying all are becoming so but just lamenting the fact that the majority of the perpetrators here in Malaysia are from the "Malay Muslims in Name Only" community.

Try arguing that?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

GONG XI FA CAI! Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Chinese celebrating this day!
I take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese friends and fellow Malaysians a very Happy New Year!
May this New Year bring about a Prosperous Year for all of us who are striving to improve our lots in all areas and not depend on the government to spoonfeed us!
May our businesses improve and we all make more and more money to provide a better quality of life for all who work for it!
I pray that those of you who are celebrating do not drink and then go drive! Keep the statistics low as far as the mishaps on our highways are concerned!
Have a great day with all your families and go easy on the Yam Seng!!! Don't go borrowing from the Ah Longs and give Datuk Michael Chong of the MCA Public Services Department more headaches!
I wish all Malaysian Chinese and worldwide Chinese " GONG XI FA CAI". Enjoy yourselves!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Uptrend Business Builders - Being the best U can be!

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims reading this and Greetings to all others. May Allah the Most Merciful grant us our needs provided we work for them. Ameen.

I sincerely hope that you are in the best of health and God willing, on your way towards achieving financial freedom. If you remain complacent and leave your life to chance, chances are you will be just as you are right now. Nothing will change in your life, believe me. I know it.

Things might even take a turn for the worse. Can you afford to face the scenario of being not only down but out? I know I can't let things be. I know I can and I am making things happen for me.

Alhamdulillah, after joining Uptrend, I now have a proven to be true, reliable source of making continuous good income and have started to pay my bills, one by one. Eventually, I will be free from my financial problems in about a few more months.

Those who are facing problems keeping up with paying your bills as many others around us, must seriously do something extra now to change your situation.

To me, who has been working since 1978, and have practically spent my entire working life , enriching my past employers now have discovered a brilliant way out for me from my financial dilemna's.

Working for a salary and then barely scraping by after paying the ever present and almost unstoppable piling up of bills at the end of every month through the years, really makes me yearn for the day when I'd have so much income coming in that I might even be able to pre pay my bills in advance and be able to live life as I have always dreamed of.

Now, I believe I can do just that by building up my business networks in Uptrend Network.
In just 2 months time, I have now managed to have 41 business partners in my Team ZAINKING and have 132 registered business networks in my team.!

With every new business registration which I personally sign up, Uptrend pays me Introducer bonuses and when my team signs up their business partners, I too get paid by the company for every pairing of business that takes place in my account in the form of Business Pairing Bonuses.
I have also been paid from the Plan B monthly income bonuses and also redeemed quality Health supplements from the points that my business has accumulated.

I have redeemed a pack of Trimm Up for my spouse, a bottle of MUDA for us, an anti ageing health supplement and a bottle of OMEGA chewables for us , for the brain and which has in fact quite improved my vision.

I can see clearly without having to rely on my glasses for farsightedness. When I drive, I can do so with comfort without having to wear my glasses. Alhamdulillah.

This business has rewarded me with coming into contact with very good success oriented dynamic individuals such as my Grand Upline Multi Millionaire Master Ahmad Amiruddin Mohamad, Master Norhaidi bin Nordin and other key leaders of Uptrend such as the ever positive Tuan Haji Roshdi Sabdin, Uptrend # 1 Millionaire Nor Azmi, Hj Shahairy Amir, Benjamin, etc.

My business team also has wonderful people and many are doing what they need to in order to be the millionaires they aim to be.

Some are as usual caught up with their daily tasks and at times get so engrossed with their schedules that building their business gets a bit too much for them to handle.

The realities are that if they want to achieve financial freedom, they have no other choice but to focus on their business buildings.

There are no two ways about it. If you do not go and speak / present this business opportunity to others, none will come sign up under you and your dreams will remain just that. Lala land.

I am here to help those who want to help themselves. We can do anything we want if we set our hearts and minds to achieving it.

All the monumental achievements of mankind over time weren't achieved or came to be built by just dreaming about it. The blood, sweat and tears that were shed by the people before us are the core ingredients that went into building all there is today before us in this life.

The realities of needing to have money is not something to be 'pooh pooh'ed' away by any sane individual in this life.

Humanbeings need to work and earn income to pay for all that we need and desire. Just empty talk without concrete affirmative and correct actions on our part will not put food on our plates and feed our hungry stomachs.

We need cold hard cash or the swipable plastic cards that have the bucks in our accounts to pay for all our needs. No money ; no honey!
A classic phrase that rings a bell to all around the world!

No matter what, we need to have money to pay for our basic necessities and also to indulge in whatever we fancy on luxuries if we can afford them.

Who wouldn't want to lay back and relax on a comfortable lounge deckchair by the crystal clear blue waters of a swimming pool, under the shade of a pool umbrella, sipping a refreshing tall cool glass of fresh orange juice, watching our loved ones enjoying themselves, playing in the pool, safe and secure in our own bungalows and mansions, living life as best as we can ever enjoy?

All that can only be achieved by sheer hard but smart work by becoming rich and wealthy.

Religious obligations can be carried out with a more contented and grateful heart and soul of a successful, rich, wealthy businessman or woman, and be able to focus on our prayers and amals.

To launch your own successful journey towards a world of fantastic opportunities and abundance that is available to those who work for it, come contact me at 6-016-3969881 or visit my website to find out how you too can be amongst the leaders of Uptrend Network which is expanding internationally by the day as we speak?

Click on the card to see it clearer in a new window. Call / sms me to learn more.
Life can be great if we do something positive and correctly by grabbing opportunities as they come our ways and to me , this Uptrend business is definitely just that!

The thing is that to be successful in Uptrend, you must sign up under the right leader and many, many people out there who are Uptrenders themselves are now contacting me and asking to be transferred to my dynamic kick ass growing team ZAINKING!

Tch tch tch...A bit too late, eh? But still, there are ways to do just that. Will share with you in person.

To those who want to join me, come get in contact with me by phone, sms or make an appointment. I am here to help show you the how's, explain to you the why's and show you the ways to success.

This is Zainol Abideen and I am the Leader of Team ZAINKING! Join me to make money!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Now, this is definitely an event not to be missed!

All you PAS haters and 'Cross my dead body' if you want to set up an Islamic state in Malaysia' slogan shouters best go book your seats at the telephone number given in this announcement.

Just click the picture here and it will come out in a larger view so you can see clearer!

Wonder if Karpal Singh will be able to make it to this 'dialogue'?'s been quite a while since we saw action at the Century Paradise Club after the last outing by Tun Dr.Mahathir. Hope he's feeling better now and will be in great shape and able to attend this latest 'dialogue' organised by none other than the main man, YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Raja, are you still sporting the 'Megat Komeng' look? I think it looks nice on ya!

At least if you get into a scuffle with any of the UTK fellows, they can't grab your head for lack of hair!!! Being free from hair has it's advantages too, eh?

Okay, so, I have registered my place at the Dialogue with the Organisers. Blogging 'kaki's' would do best to book your seat in advance for I can guarantee you that the place will be stuffed like sardines!

You need to arrive as early as 2.00pm to get parking space for your car at the Century Paradise Club failing which be prepared to park on the roadsides and walk a few hundred metres to reach the club!

I look forward to this event. Maybe we can liven it up by asking a few choice questions to the PAS bigwigs and also to the other Opposition taikors such as Lim Kit Siang and party whom I'm sure would turn up in full force!

Maybe Anwar Ibrahim might be there too, who knows?

Then the public can blast away at the 'Alternative Front' and ask them whether they have it in them to take over the Malaysian Government or is it going to be another round of empty rhetoric and a show of brimstones and hot ash spewing about for an hour or two and then all settles down as useless after effects of the haze that has set in Malaysian politics for nearly 5 decades?

We'll find out the coming Saturday, 3rd of March, 2007, won't we?

Well done Raja Petra! As usual , you always have an ace up your sleeve, so to speak!

Raja Petra for PM! Now, that would be the day!!! Hehehehehehe....

Congratulations Phan for signing up your first GBE!

Congratulations to Phan Thi Ngoc Huong, Platinum Business Owner of VIETHOLDINGS in Team ZAINKING for closing her first GBE business!

Welcome to Norliyana Binti Azmi, Global Business Entrepreneur owner of LIYANA HOLDINGS for successfully joining Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd!

I wish you both all the best in your business buildings and express my heartfelt congratulations for starting your journey to financial freedom and excellence in this E-commerce and Networking business!

Phan is a dynamic and enthusiastic business builder! She is bound to excel in Uptrend Networks and has the potential to be a Master Dealer together with Team ZAINKING in Vietnam! I will support her all the way to be a superstar millionaire in Uptrend Network!
Insya Allah! Check out her .

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Success is achievable if you organise yourself correctly!

Insight of the Day: Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition. --George Clason

Assalamualaikum to all my Muslim readers and Greetings to all others.

Pictured here with me is my friend and fellow Uptrenders Nur Izzati Lau and her husband Hilmi from Penang.

They are building their business networks well!

They were at the Cheras Uptrend Centre at Taman Bukit Cheras, Thursday night.

Izzati is a dynamic Uptrend Business Builder who emails me regularly asking for tips and ideas about building this business well. Birds of a feather do flock together, eh? Well, no harm in that.

I also get emails from many of my readers appreciating my sharing of these self development tips and articles that I write here.

It is good to know that my writings are helping many out there to arise from whatever problems plaguing them especially in their own mindsets that has set in causing them to suffer in life.

Negativity is an unseen cancer that eats away at billions of people worldwide causing them to fail in their life and in their business or careers.

Allowing such destructive mindsets to remain in yourselves will only cause you harmful effects in all that you do.

The reason why many do not succeed in their business buildings especially those who have tried to do direct sellings but didn't even get past go and collect their initial investments in such businesses is mainly due to their failing to equip themselves with the right attributes and skills.

Let's face the facts. No matter if you represent even Microsoft or Petronas, when you go see a client to do a deal, it is you whom the client sees and makes an assessment of your company or organisation based on your personality!

The person doesn't know Bill Gates in person or the Chairman of Petronas but he or she will decide whether they want or not to do business with those corporate giants depending on how you as the company's representative come across to them in the appointment.

You are the face of whatever company you represent so better make sure that you look and do your part in maintaining the good name and reputation of your company!

You need to watch what you say or share when doing the business presentations for if you screw up, your company suffers! The slip of the tongue will cause a backlash that can ruin the business of your company so control that mouthpiece in saying only facts and no bullshit!

It's all up to you to come across as a person worthy for them to deal with or just excuse themselves out of committing to you in that appointment. First impressions are lasting impressions.

Knowing all there is to the business you represent doesn't cut it if you fail to look professional and be as a professional in your business appointments.

Now, how do you do that?

Simple. Just follow the standard operating procedures.

Before you go and meet your prospect or client, please take a bath or shower. Have a good soap up or use a shower liquid and wash yourselves all over properly. Shampoo your hair and if you are a man, shave properly and brush your teeth or dentures if you wear one.

Keep your fingernails cut and trimmed short. Dirty and craggy looking fingernails say a lot about their owners. They will betray that this person is not bothered to take care of his or her own self. So, how can we expect that they will be reliable in their business dealings with us?

This might seem to be so basic but it is also a very important aspect of being a successful business person. Personal hygiene is one of the most necessary elements to be well and healthy, both in body and your soul.

One who does not care or bother to keep their own selfs well groomed, well cared for in this basic aspect of being, can't be expected to be up to mark in their other actions, can they?

So, after that basic hygiene requirement, comes the matter of dressing right for the occasion. When we are meeting someone to speak about a business such as Uptrend Network, we need to take into consideration the impact we make when we go there dressed rightly or wrong!

How would you feel if someone who made an appointment to see you about a business proposition came to the appointment looking like someone who just got up from bed or smells terrible complete with a dishevelled look?

Would you be comfortable sitting with someone whose body odor makes you want to puke?

I surely would make a hasty exit after the first initial hello's.

First impressions are surely the make or break litmus test that decides whether you will be able to be a millionaire in a year or two from now as you begin your journey to make big bucks with your Uptrend business buildings.

So, if you are serious in becoming the next Uptrend millionaire or millionairess, please do what's necessary.

To be successful in Uptrend, you have to start with your own self. You have to start with the right mindset and internal spring cleaning of what you think about yourself?

Points to remember before going for an appointment tomorrow:
  • A good night's sleep is very essential to ensuring a powerful stamina back up and ability to come across as a super dynamic business presentor.

  • If you are travelling outstation to go and present your business to a group of prospects , please remember to pack a hair brush, toothbrush, tooth paste, dentures cleaning items, shavers, small travelling iron, shoe polish and small shoebrush or buffer, your medications, lozenges, Chi Kit Teck Aun pills, Panadol Actifast, Vicks Vaporub, lozenges etc in small packs so that in the event of you being sick, you have your medications and first aid stuff handy.

  • Zips, buttons and fasteners should be pulled up, fastened and set in place before packing in your suitcase to avoid those items getting damaged and coming off during travel.

  • When you have arrived at your hotel or place of accommodation prepared for you by your appointment hosts, use your travelling iron to smoothen out the creases and look sharp in your appearance.

  • Create a fantastic first impression when you walk in to the presentation area and before your prospects. Flash that great smile of yours and show your pearlies to your audience. Be immaculate in your appearance. Make yourself look so presentable that the audience will love to look at you and be impressed with your self belief and grooming skills.

If you are the type who sweats easily, make sure that you do your presentions in an airconditioned place or where there's a fan or if you are in an open area like a balcony or a premise where the seating facilities are set outdoors.

Click the picture here to see it in a larger view.
  • Wear a jacket to hide any sweat marks under your armpits in the situations necessary in order not to draw unnecessary attention to those wet armpits areas where your shirt or blouses will be in stark contrast to the rest of yourself.

  • Your hair must be well combed and look in place. You must come across as a dynamic leader who inspires others and leads by example and not just spew out rhetoric.

  • Look good to feel good. Don't be a deadwood ; you will not cause others to aspire but only perspire!

Having said all that, it's time now to look at your business skills and marketing know how. I will write about this subject in my following postings.

Winners are not born. They are made. None out there will bother to come groom you to be a leader except maybe a few. Even then we know that in real life, no one really gives a shit about us and all are just looking out for themselves in the real sense of the world.

Yet do not despair. If you are one of those looking for a way out from your present bleak outlook especially where lack of finances are causing you to live a sorry life running here and there trying to earn that extra ringgit or dollar to pay your bills, fret no more!

I can lead you to success financially here in Team ZAINKING. I just need you to sign up as a Platinum member and business builder with me here in Uptrend Networks.

It doesn't matter if you are living outside Malaysia. As long as you are able to communicate with me through the internet, I assure you that becoming financially free from debts and able to live as a bloody millionaire is just a year or two away depending on how you adopt and adapt all that I have to teach you.

This is the real deal. Do you expect life to change for you by doing the same old thing that you do day in day out? What? Am I hitting a nerve there?

Well, good! Now you know that things won't change for you like in the rags to riches stories in the movies, what are you waiting for?

Doesn't mean you have to stay as you are because some idiot back then duped you into a business and left you high and dry without proper leadership?

Get over it. There's no use crying over it. No one's gonna bother knocking on your door and hand over a big fat cheque for you to solve your sorrows! It simply doesn't happen!

Call me now at 6-016 3969 881 anytime. I keep my phone on 24/7.

You can also chat with me through Yahoo Messenger or Skype and learn more about starting your journey to be a true blue millionaire and change the sorry state of mind and life you are in right now * (if applicable)!

You need to want to change your lot and work together with me as a willing partner! I don't have time to babysit or spoonfeed anyone. You want to be like a baby ; stay home !

Stop dreaming of being a bloody millionaire for by warming your butt at home won't bring you the dollars or the ringgits and you'll remain as you are and always be so till you kick the bucket or the bucket comes crashing down on ya!

It has to be 'action' all the way till we cross that finishing line a year or two down the road failing which just be as you are and save us all the heartaches!

Uptrend's multi millionaires such as Cikgu Amir are where they are by working hard but smart.

He stays and shares the business plans with those prospects who are serious in wanting to be financially free by doing their part and are willing to learn and earn.

You need to mix and keep company with the winners like Cikgu Amir and kick ass leaders like me if you want to see something change in your life for the better!

Fly with the eagles to see wider and do better!

You choose between listening to some jerks out there and stay as you are now or come listen to people like us who are making changes in our life and starting to enjoy a better opportunity that gives us great rewards in cash and kind when we start our dynamic kick ass race to the finishing line by 2008 or 2009!

Choose between sure proven can do kick ass success here with me or remain in the Land of Doom and Gloom that losers and half baked 'investment guru's' thrive in thinking that they are right and everyone else is wrong!

Let's do this and prove the idiot's and doomsayers wrong! Let's show those idiots that Uptrend when done properly does give us the money and better life that we seek!

I am enjoying the returns and have started settling my dues one by one since joining this business. Alhamdulillah!

This is Zainol Abideen and I am the Leader of Team ZAINKING!!! 60163969881!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Team ZAINKING welcomes Gold Business Associate ZAINALKAYA!

All praises be to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Tonight, Team ZAINKING is proud to welcome our latest Gold Team member ZAINALKAYA!

Here is the newest Uptrender Gold Business Owner Zainal Azman bin Abu Kasim who has signed up with me tonight, giving the thumbs up with Uptrend Network's very first member # 000001 and Multi Millionaire Mr.Nor Azmi.

Talk about starting his Uptrend Network Gold business with blessings from the very first Uptrender, Mr.Nor Azmi who is now a Multi Millionaire and still actively building up his business empire!

This is what differentiates winners who have proven all their faultfinders wrong and are now living a life that is free from want and yet here he is turning up every day and night registering his new business associates and keep making money everyday!

Here I am flanked by Multi Millionaires Tuan Haji Shahairy Amir on my left and Tuan Haji Roshdi Hj Sabdin, one of my favourite Uptrend leaders, on my right!

The man is a giant in Uptrend despite his being small in size! :D

May Allah SWT bless him and all other Uptrend leaders for continuing to be a fantastic example to us all that dreams can come true for us by just going ahead and doing it!

I will lead my Team ZAINKING be millionaires too just like them in about a year or so. Insya Allah! I will persevere and see to it that each of my downlines get to be so PROVIDED they too do what they need to do in building up their own businesses! It takes two to tango! :)

I am happy to welcome Brother Zainal Azman to my dynamic growing Team Zainking!

God willing, we will build our business networks and make fantastic incomes through Uptrend!

I am placing his Gold Business under Vietholdings Platinum Business 4A!

I deliver on my promises to my downlines in placing new signups under their businesses. All they have to do is to go sign up new businesses and place them on their right and immediately make income according to their number of new businesses registered.

Phan Thi Ngoc Huong was at the Uptrend HQ tonite to attend the English Entrepreneur Opportunity Meeting and she was very excited to get ZAINALKAYA placed under her business!

Here she is posing with Uptrend International President Multi Millionaire Mr Gary Gan at the Uptrend HQ in PJ.

She's a bit camera shy but I tell her that to be successful in this business, you need exposure. By that, I mean showing to the world that this business is legitimate and proven to be the best networking e-commerce opportunity here in Malaysia and our other partner countries.

Zainal too asked to be placed under VIETHOLDINGS for he has business contacts in Vietnam.

This business is rapidly expanding to all parts of the world through such business networking.

All that we need to do is to use all the facilities and opportunities available before us.

Use the internet to reach out to others who want to have additional income to help pay their bills. Who doesn't need extra cash to pay off all those bills that keep coming without fail every month?

By doing this Uptrend business, hundreds of thousands of people here in Malaysia are starting to live a better life. Many Uptrenders are now multi millionaires living a life that they could only have imagined before.

Whenever I go to the Uptrend HQ, I can't help but admire the flashy luxury cars that are parked along the road besides Menara Choy Fook On every night.

Can't wait to have my own Mercedes Benz Kompressor E240 parked there in a year or two from now! :)

If you too want to be a millionaire as me and my team aim to be and are working towards it, I welcome you to call / sms me at 6-016-3969881.

Believe me, if you are willing to do what you need to do to build this business successfully with me, we will be together up there on the Uptrend Achievers Stage as millionaires !

Let's make money! No pretences about it. Call 6-016-3969881 to start registering your own Uptrend business with me.

Let's be rich!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Surviving Marriage- The Yin and Yang of it.

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims reading this and my sincere best wishes to all others.

May your life's be blessed by Almighty Allah to be one of loving bliss and romantic harmony.

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

Just like this happy couple are on their wedding day, I wish each and every married person reading this, a blissful life with their chosen ones.

May you all be blessed with eternal love and harmony. Ameen. I really mean it.

The reality of married life is however not always as the fairy tales would want us to believe.
For some couples, marriage is not a case of living happily together ever after. It can turn to be a nightmare that many did not expect or even have an inkling that it would even take place in their life's!

The problem starts when either party starts to neglect their spouse and take each other for granted. The saying goes that familiarity breeds contempt. I somehow do not agree.

Having lived through a loveless marriage before and stayed in that marriage for 14 long suffering years, I have accumulated personal experiences that have taught me to cherish and appreciate what I now have with my present and God Willing, eternal spouse!

Couples going through crisis of incompatibility with their spouses are reduced to suffer in silence and avoid bringing their heartaches to the attention of family and friends what more to the knowledge of the public.

This unhappy and heartwrenching situation drives them nuts and those who do not have a strong self belief will resort to the easy way out and go do things that will only worsen their situations.

So what do I have to share with you about surviving the Yin and Yang of Marriage?

Lots, if I may share some thoughts with you about the pleasures and tortures present in married life.

Marriage is very, very important to mankind for it ensures the continuity of the human race that is bound within the dictates of religion and social harmony.

Those of us who are married and have children from our holy unions with our legitimately married spouses have continued the legacy and lineage of our families from Time immemorial to the Last Day on Earth, Insya Allah!

Those who go have children out of wedlock as the way things are in the West are finding out the consequences of such irresponsible sexual liaisons out of the bounds of holy marriage. Bastards born out of such unholy unions now make up a large portion of the western society.

They become social outcasts and they in turn go on and commit the same mistakes that their parents made and as a result, the social and moral structure of their societies are coming apart at the seams , so to speak.

The prestige and honor of being able to stand up in public and proudly state their name and ancestry no longer becomes the right of such illegitimate offspring and in their hearts and minds, they suffer endless mental torture having to face society with such a shameful background.

Now to the topic at hand. Marriage.

Many couples today face a serious breakdown in their marital life because they fail to nurture and grow a strong sense of mutual love for one another. It is a result of the lack of communication between husband and wife and vice versa.

Couples who are both having jobs and careers in order to make their ends meet, often grow apart as a result of spending less and less time with each other. They are more familiar with their office mates or business associates and thus get distant from their spouses by the day.

I am fortunate to have an understanding wife who allows me to be on the pc doing my business emailing, websites maintenance and updating my downlines websites for them and reaching out to so many prospects out there who are contacting me to join my Team ZAINKING and do this Uptrend business. She's a gem and I really, really appreciate her for it.

Back to the topic. :P

Unless both parties remain true to their marriage vows and remain steadfast to their promises to be true to their spouses, the eventuality of extramarital affairs and adultery is always there, ready to invade and pollute that marriage.

Lack of attention from the spouse especially when it concerns the sensitive and intimate matter of sexual gratification opens up the door to infidelity and the cause of millions of marriages to crumble and get destroyed in the process.

Both husbands and wifes are to be blamed for such a catastrophe. This reality manifests itself in so many life's all over the world.

Everyday, hundreds of thousands or marriages go up in the flames of divorce because society as a whole is already suffering from apathy and couldn't carelessness arising from the breakdown in moral and social attitudes and norms.

The root cause is failure to defend the marriage from the advances and intrusion of 3rd parties into the confines of the marriage.

Husbands who fail to maintain and upkeep their sexual drive and libido end up leaving their wife's unsatisfied with their sex life and thus create a situation where the wife's have no option but to look for fulfillment of their erotical needs with another.

The same applies to wife's who fail to cater to their husband's needs to have sex whenever their needs arise.

Failure to maintain and upkeep their attractiveness of their physical self's result in a turning off of the husband's level of arousal upon facing an unattractive vista before him. Vice versa!

All these give root to a deep rooted dissatisfaction with one's spouse and therefore opens up the doors for the dissatisfied party to go seek pleasures and sexual release elsewhere.

That's one major reason why adultery thrives everywhere here on Earth because couples fail to maintain their attractiveness and be sexually healthy for their spouses!

No one would want to go seek forbidden pleasures if there's enough halal pleasures being provided at home by their partners in life. Those who fail to take care of the sexual needs of their wife's or husband's are only asking for trouble to take root at home.

Mental, physical and spiritual torture then takes place within that marriage when either party fails to provide that sexual release that is so vital to keep a marriage going on and remain strong over the ages.

A marriage is a union of two individual souls and a joining of two hearts. Each unique and separate in their likes and dislikes yet willing to share and care for each other till death or divorce takes place in their life's.

To keep a marriage strong and able to weather the storms and tempests that wreak havoc in the days and years of being married, that marriage has to be nurtured with care and compassion by both parties.

Each party has to take care of their physical self's , mental health and spiritual strengths. They have to be sincere and genuine in wanting to live together and not put up a charade that all is well in their union.

Tips for the husband:

  • A man has to make sure that he is always attentive to his wife's needs. By that I don't mean just the sexual aspects of it but to also give emotional support to the wife when she has had a lousy day at the office or workplace.
  • A husband also must maintain a healthy lifestyle. He must always be well groomed and take care of his appearance. He must look good, smell good and feel good, always. He must take regular baths and be pleasant to be with. He must take care of his body hygiene!!!
  • No wife will love a husband who looks like shit and smells like one. Rule # 1 to be your wife's leading man- be as pleasing to HER EYES and smell good like the macho man you want to be like in the ads on the tv and cinema screens.
  • Dress well and be smart in your appearance. Nothing pleases a wife than to have her husband look like a male model with smartly pressed pants and elegantly clothed and well groomed. No matter what your financial status is , you can afford to look good and feel good. Dress to inspire. Good grooming opens up the doors to success, both at home and in business. Being average doesn't mean you can afford to look like a loser! No way!
  • Be willing to help with chores at home. Even the Prophet SAW and his Companions helped their wife's at home. You won't be less a man if you help do the dishes. Your wife will love you more if you help her out with such things. It's your mutual home. Upkeep the place together. Your wife is a trust to you from God and she is not your servant or your maid. She is your life partner. I help out at home. No problemo for me. :)
  • A man must be willing to listen to his wife sharing tales about this and that and not turn abusive to her. He is the # 1 man in his wife's life so he must be willing to be the Jack of all trades and Master of some for her.
  • He must learn how to carry out the usual handiworks needed at the house. Know some plumbing, electrical repairs, be able to repair and rectify whatever small problems that crop up at every household. Failure to do that will see your wife not respect you that much.
  • A man must take care of his manhood. He must keep his libido strong and be able to satisfy his wife if he loves her and wants her to be happy with him throughout their marriage. He must service his body just like his car needs servicing every now and then. They say you are what you eat ; so a man who wants to be able to perform well in bed needs to eat all the right foods and drinks.
  • Herbal treatments are very effective in maintaining sexual health and there is no shame to go seek treatment if a man starts to feel less powerful in that department. With today's advancements in the field of medicine and sexual therapy, no man can give the excuse that he did not know where to go for such treatments.
  • A man needs to also be good in his religious practices. Failure for a man to lead and guide his wife in matters of the faith will see the wife fail to respect her husband. If you are a Muslim, it is fard upon you to lead your wife and family in prayers . I believe the same goes for any other faiths. The husband has to take charge and teach his spouse and family in such matters.
Will be posting about the role of the wife in my next posting. Insya Allah.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

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