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Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Being Important" - Your Key to Achieving Success!

Assalamualaikum to all Muslim Uptrenders reading this and May Peace be upon the Rest. How are you feeling today?
I sincerely hope that you are feeling great and appreciating your still being alive and well enough to be able to read this posting and cherishing every minute of your life.
Am I being a bit Pollyanish? Well, what other options do I have?
What's the point of brooding about anything?
Life is what we make it out to be and the reality is that feeling happy and content with our situations is what we decide to feel and think about ourselves.
I meet many folks who sadly do not think highly of themselves. You can detect this by way of their miserable self depreciating manner of saying that they are useless doing business.
When they speak to me, I can sense that they are actually suffering a very severe case of being unsure of themselves and do not have self confidence.

I really want to help those who are suffering in their hearts and minds by sharing with my readers here some very important tips of how to break out of that self built prison of the mind and liberate themselves to realise their true potential and self worth. You can be a winner too!

If you want to be a successful E-Commerce and Networking Business builder, it is essential that you generate " an air of importance" when calling on your prospects.

The way you dress, carry yourself , speak and walk all carries forth an image of who you are and whether you are worth talking to , what more when you have called your prospect and stated that you have something very important to share with them.
If you do not come across as a person who is important and worth their time and effort to meet up with, what guarantee is there that this prospect will even want to listen to you and pay you any attention?

If you do what you need to do to come across as a person worth seeing, then your prospect will think : "Here is an important person...I must listen to him or her and what he or she has to offer. I know this will be important!"

Unless your prospect thinks highly of you and pays attention to what you have to share or show them, forget any chances of departing later with a signed registration of membership in your business network.

If you do not make sure that you dress appropriately, speak knowledgably, know how to project that aura of being important and act as a true professional business leader, your chances in making that appointment be fruitful and a 'win-win' situation for both you and your prospect will be pretty slim.

Unless your prospect thinks highly or respects you as a worthy business counterpart and has accepted you as an important person to deal with in their frame of mind, your tasks of signing them up as your next Double Platinum, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze team member is an uphill task. You will be facing insurmountable odds of closing the deal. You have to be important!

Everyone who works in today's business environment face a daily hassle of dealing with walk in salesmen, business proposals, this scheme, that scheme, plus their own internal daily grind with incompetent employees, bla bla bla bla.

Imagine yourself to be in your prospect's place. Will you bother to give even a minute of your precious time to someone who comes saying that he or she has a sure fire way to make a million in the next year plus just by spending a hour or so in their spare time and look like a person who is so hard up him or herself?

With this situation affecting almost every prospect we go to see, it is very important that we fit the image of a proper, true blue sales professional worth giving attention and paid respect to.

The average business owners time is very limited especially within the working hours so they will give strict orders to their secretaries and personal assistants to screen their calls and vet their appointments strictly.

No wonder that the 'gatekeepers' to the doors of the CEO's and GM's will guard the entrance to their masters with a zeal and tenacity that will scare the shit out of every greenhorn who dares to go knocking on their doors.

So, how do you, as an Uptrend business builder plan to cut through all that and manage to pass through the gauntlet of gatekeepers to the premium prospect you have set your eyes upon?

The salesperson who walks in with an air of importance about him or her almost always manages to secure the sales interview with the boss.

On the other hand, if the salesperson comes across as the run of the mill types, you can rest assured that he or she will be denied access to the prospect you want to meet.

The salesperson who represents 'failure' is simply ignored and overlooked. Nobody would want to even waste a second on anyone who looks like 'Desperate Joe'.

How can anybody benefit from being with a 'failure'? Unimportant people are uninteresting, uninspiring and a bore to be with. Unsuccessful people are depressing to be around.

Reality check. People are attracted to successful people. I am sure that you have heard the phrase ' Success breeds success!'. Remember that. To be a successful business builder, you need to keep company with those who are successful.

You will be able to feel the energy and the power of positivity emerging from the successful ones. Successful people dress a different way from the ones who are struggling to survive.

Successful people speak a different way from those who mumble and stumble with their words and spoil any slim chance of even making it through the first hellos.

Successful people present their business opportunities a different manner from the way unsuccessful losers destroy any ounce of credibility they try to put across the first chance they get to the prospect.

A professional who is sure about him or herself prepares in advance how they want to present themselves to the prospect.

They will make sure that they look sharp. Their clothes are clean, well pressed and presentable.

Their hair is brushed right and look right. They are groomed to the nines and they are a pleasure to be with. An example is Millionaire Uptrender Cikgu Amiruddin Ahmad shown above.

Their demeanour shows forth their success and they know their business well and are able to present it with a flair and impress the prospect with facts and figures that seal the deal concrete tight. You must realise your potential and change to be one. Go for it. You can do it.

Being important is all that. You want to be a millionaire or one in progress, then act as one. You need to polish up your act with a finesse that will make others take note of you as you step in to the appointment place and look important enough to do business with.

The thing you need to ask yourself is this. Are you important? Prove it to yourself. Be so.

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